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Big Data

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40 Free Online Tools and Software to Improve Your Workflow. Jun 08 2011 Charts and graphs are the most effective ways to show the relationship between two different and interlinked entities. On a web page, a comprehensively designed flowchart, diagram or graph can be worth a thousand words. Creating such charts that inform your visitors about all the necessary details is a daunting task, and many designers find creating charts, diagram and graphs a difficult job to accomplish. Here, you will discover some of the best available free web services that let you create copious amounts of charts, diagrams and graphs.

A majority of these services are easy to use; and will produce results that will be comparable to what you saw on the screen. The Showcase ChartDemoIf you need to create a stacked area chart along with complete labels and legends, then ChartDemo is for you. FlowchartThis tool not only lets you create charts and diagrams but also provides you a platform to collaborate with your colleagues. (rb) Nousheen Aquil is a web graphic designer. Forrester's top emerging technologies to watch, now through 2020. Special Feature The Future of IT: A Strategic Guide ZDNet and TechRepublic draw on their community of C-level executives and business thinkers to prognosticate where business technology is headed over the next 36 months.

Forrester's top emerging technologies to watch, now through 2020

This includes advice, perspectives, and opinions on both creating and reacting to the future. Read More Technology has given your customers choices and digital predators the edge. Across the board, Forrester finds high expectations that emerging technology will help firms stay competitive amidst these changes. Unfortunately, our survey data says that enterprise architects’ ability to anticipate business needs for emerging technology is trending in the wrong direction. To help our clients, we radically rethought this year’s edition of our top emerging technologies to address these age-of-the-customer realities. Four innovation groups organize our Top 15 emerging technologies this year: Emerging business solutions enable new ways of doing business. Data Gravity.

The purpose of this site is to explore Data Gravity and Data Physics.

Data Gravity

By explore, we mean embrace with the community in open discussion with a goal of everyone in Software, Networking, Data, and Compute benefiting in the long term. Data Gravity was a concept first described in this blog post. Since that post there has been a great deal of discussion about the concept:What Data Gravity means to your DataHow the Law Dictates Data Gravity in the CloudData Gravity the reason for a cloud’s successData Gravity in a converged infrastructureDoes Data Gravity apply to a converged infrastructure?

PaaS meets Data Gravity (Podcast/Cloudcast)Data GravitySQL Server Central Forum Discussion on Data Gravity Now the Data Gravity concept/analogy is being extended, in the hopes of a formulaic approach to calculating not only Data Gravity, but all sorts of Data Physics models, formulas, Application Mass and other new areas. -Dave McCrory Like this: Like Loading... 14 numbers every developer should know. A near-term outlook for big data. 1Executive Summary Of the dozens of topics discussed at GigaOM Pro, big data tops the list these days, and the question of how to collect and make the most of that data is on the minds of CIOs and entrepreneurs alike.

A near-term outlook for big data

The following eight pieces, written by a handpicked collection of GigaOM Pro analysts, offer insights on what to consider when it comes to big data decisions for your business. Big data now touches everything from enterprises and hospitals to smart-meter startups and connected devices in the home. Hadoop, meanwhile, is fast becoming the leading tool to analyze that data, cheaply and more effectively than was previously possible. And there is the ever-lingering question of privacy and how we, the technology industry, are responsible for teaching the lawmakers and policymakers of the world ethical ways to collect and regulate our data.

These topics and more are discussed in this report. The importance of putting the U and I in visualization. 1Executive Summary Ask a venture capitalist about big data and she will probably tell you about visualization.

The importance of putting the U and I in visualization

Only it won’t be visualization in the usual sense — the pretty charts and graphics that result from traditional business-intelligence software. Instead, it will be about visualization of the user interface. We’re talking about strikingly intuitive UIs that let users visually work with data using charts and tools instead of with algorithms and code. It’s hard work to do right — especially when you’re talking about massive data sets and complex computations — but the payoff could be huge. Competition is so hot that if a startup has a good technology, it probably has its pick of investors. Why UIs matter. A programmer’s guide to big data: 12 tools to know — Data.