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hey cloud explorer... good to see you... improving your web skills? by zack263 Jan 10

Zack are you still on pearl bro, no response back, ummm not sure what happened, but just dropped by to say thanks again. Your the reason why I found this thing, hope everything is ok with you man. Hope to chat soon, by cloudexplorer Oct 9

Hey Zack haven't chatted with you in a while, hows thing going bro. I almost hit 20,000 visits bro, this pearltrees thing is phenominal, thanks again man. Hope to see you on pal soon, My screen name their is GhostDesign now. by cloudexplorer Sep 4

Hey Zack thanks for placing pearltrees on paltalk, if it wasn't for your selfless placement of this really cool site, I wouldn't have found it till probably a year later or more, or maybe not at all. Your such a cool guy & pal, tnks again your budd Mike. by cloudexplorer Jul 26

wow people are using my pearls LOL amazing stuff. by zack263 May 5

For now you can't see all the pearltrees expanded at once. But I keep your idea in mind, thanks :) by amsika Apr 11

Thank You Amsika, I'm still learning pearl tree... I was looking at youtube tutorials. I got some of the basics and will explore further. I can see someone else entire pearl tree but will it show the pearl tree with the perls open too? thanks. (all pearls open at once)
` by zack263 Apr 8