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Anthracite, Australian and US Coal in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. South African Coal Suppliers & Indonesian Coal Suppliers in India, Nepal & Bangladesh. Gaming zone in Lucknow | Enjoy Arcade Games, Virtual Cricket, Haunted house, 7D Ride, Bumper car and Bowling Alley in Lucknow. The Major Attractions of 72 Mad Street, gaming zone in Lucknow consists of— Virtual Reality Gaming: Destination Beyond Imagination When you step into the virtual reality then make sure to keep yourself safe and sound because Narnia is not going to be inside the closet anymore but in a room full of surprises. Virtual Cricket in Lucknow: When you hit the ball out of the ground even MS Dhoni bows down to your skills. Be a part of any cricket team you ever admired and hit that six you always wanted to score. The Bowling Alley in Lucknow: All pegs down and still standing. The experience of hitting all the bowling pins on your first try is not beginners luck, my friend, it is some skills.

We keep the score and you win the Brownie points. Soft Play Area: For every child, we care. If your kid is not interested in Arcade games or Virtual reality, we suggest you let your kid get lost in the puddle of balls and other foam imitations. Haunted House: “Shh!! Gaming zone in Mohali | Amusement Center | Enjoy Bowlling alley, Virtual Rides at Best Places to visit in Mohali – 72 Mad Street. : Looking for best Places to Visit in Mohali, Where you can enjoy with family, friends, and kids? 72 Mad Street is among the best places to visit in Mohali, here you can celebrate your birthday parties, team part, and corporate party. 72 Mad Street Gaming zone in Mohali is the best places to visit in Mohali to unleash your inner child. Ask your kids what makes them laugh when they enter a mall and see 72 Mad Street Gaming center in Mohali? They will tell you what is perfect outing and party should contain.

First thing first, you need to let loose of yourself. No shyness or adulting. You will just be a kid in 72 Mad Street gaming center in Mohali and go crazy playing the endless choices of the game we have. Last but not least, we don’t consider age a bar to measure the level of enjoyment you should have. . : Looking for best Places to Visit in Mohali, Where you can enjoy with family, friends, and kids?

Gaming Zone in Delhi for Everyone. Enjoy Virtual Cricket, bumper car, Virtual Rides Video Arcade & Bowling alley in Delhi. Gaming Zone in Delhi Gaming Zone in Delhi: 72 Mad Street is one of the best gaming zone in Delhi. We have our gaming centers: - Rohini & Laxmi Nagar, Mohali, Bareilly, Meerut, Lucknow, and Kota. 72 Mad Street is among the best gaming zones in Delhi, where you can have unlimited fun with your friends, family and kids.

In Rohini, 72 Mad Street has its entertainment center in City Center Mall gaming zone. In Laxmi Nagar, 72 Mad Street Family entertainment center is in V3S mall gaming zone. At 72 Mad Street Rohini city center gaming zone, here you can enjoy Bumper Car, Video Games, Arcade Games, Virtual Rides, Virtual Cricket, Outdoor Rides, and Bowling Alley in Delhi. We have specially designed kid’s zone to organize kid’s birthday party. Furniture Stores in Delhi. Visit online store to check latest designs or visit furniture shops in kirti nagar. We are the Best Furniture Shops in Delhi. Buy affordable furniture at Zuari furniture shop in Noida. Checkout the latest furniture at furniture stores in noida. Zuari furniture shop in Noida understands your need for the furniture you want to purchase because analyzing the customer and their needs have always been their strong suit.

For example, They acknowledge that durability of the furniture you wish to purchase is utmost important, otherwise, then you will have wasted your money on a product with really less Longevity. That’s why we choose only high-quality wood which makes our furniture durable. We are well known for producing high-quality furniture to increase your chances of getting sustainable furniture because the quality of the material is premium. The woods used are hand-picked by the specialist because the importance of raw material is the crust of Zuari Furniture stores in Noida. Have you ever thought, what would be the perfect dining table at your sweet little home or maybe the perfect bar in your Window View office?

Buy Designer Beds in Delhi by Zuari Furniture Bed. Also checkout latest design of Zuari Beds in Kirti Nagar. A night full of good dreams starts with a bed, which itself is the best choice for the bedroom. A bed of your choice inspires you to create new dream for a better life. Zuari furniture beds bring the best beds in Delhi & in Kirti Nagar for you. Modern design beds with the latest hydraulic system just for you to ease your lifestyle. Zuari Furniture beds are made of premium quality material. We have beds in Delhi to meet all of your demands. The beds in Kirti Nagar supplied by Zuari have the finest of material because when Europe comes to India the craftmanship gets finer. Consider this, a bed brought by you should not be anything less than what a queen or a king may deserve so, at Zuari, all the beds in Delhi and beds in Kirti Nagar are hand crafted for a king and a queen.