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Social business: the current situation and future predictions (infographic) As shown in the infographic below produced by agency Get Satisfaction, there are some astonishing figures about where executives believe social business will take us over the next few years: Over half of the 900 US based executives believe that if their company does not adopt social business then they will fall behind compared to their competition.Over 450 of the executives of leading US companies believe that social business is key to keeping up with competition.

Social business: the current situation and future predictions (infographic)

An even greater proportion of those executives interviewed believe that by adopting social business they will see a rise in their profit margins.Of the 900 executives interviewed, 71% of them have downloaded at least one web based app for their work on either a mobile or a computer.If the majority of executives believe that their companies will fall behind if they do not use social business then this gives those 16% a massive head start in terms of profit margins. Listening-and-engaging-in-the-digital-marketing-age. Employment Site Monster Starting a Network on Facebook. Monster is adapting its job search functionality to social networking with BeKnown, an app that lets users set up a professional network on Facebook.

Employment Site Monster Starting a Network on Facebook

BeKnown, set to go live on Monday, will let Monster users import their data to Facebook and set up professional networks there as well. Matthew Mund, global vice president of product for Monster, reasons that since Facebook has around 700 million members, most people are on it already. “This is the path of least resistance,” Mund says. “You can manage your professional identity and your social identity in one place.” Companies Erect In-House Social Networks.