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Hydraproject - The Hydra Project. ... user privacy, anonymity, survivability & distributed ratio maintainability.

hydraproject - The Hydra Project

Goals of THP: Maintain user privacy & anonymity (as much as possible for a private BitTorrent tracker) Survivability of the overall network in the face of a single or several (not 100%) of the network being attacked or raided Distributed ratio and user management across multiple trusted domains (a bit like OpenID, for private trackers) Development of the "spec" Hydra Project protocol (implemented in Ruby on Rails) which can be ported over to PHP, etc. Anonymity and privacy precautions: - Pimp your code! Creating OpenSearch plugins for Firefox.

Firefox 2 supports the OpenSearch description format for search plugins.

Creating OpenSearch plugins for Firefox

Plugins that use the OpenSearch description syntax are compatible with IE 7 and Firefox. Because of this, they are the recommended format for use on the web. Firefox also supports additional search capabilities not included in the OpenSearch description syntax, such as search suggestions and the SearchForm element. XXI.