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Home Built From a Ship - Decorating with Antiques. Hoare takes pleasure in composing "still lifes infused with romance, whether the objects are from nature, such as rocks and succulents, or compelling utilitarian pieces—watering cans, zinc clockfaces, and pine blanket boxes. " Mead christens the look "glorious disarray. " Hoare tends to arrange items by shared color, even a muted one: Take, for example, the mango-and-rosewood hand mirrors, which visually rhyme with a cache of Belgian wigmaker's heads, all highlighted by a tarnished brass lamp. "The shapes differ, but the earthy colors unite," she says.

In this photo: Indian hand mirrors, dog portraits, and Belgian wig molds from the 1890s converge in a charmingly offbeat installation. Mead happened upon the 1910 butler's sideboard during a buying trip in England. Bright Idea: Flank a portrait with hand mirrors to scale up the impact of both—creating a whole wall of "art. " Best Room Design and Decorating Ideas of February 2012. 21 More Creative Tree Stump Decorating Ideas. Tree Stump Coffee Tables We’ve already showed you a bunch of cool ideas how you can use tree stumps in your interior but we want to show you some more. Tree stumps are cool because you can make so many useful things from them by yourself. For example you can make chairs, side tables, trays, lamps and so on. Check out this gallery and you’ll see what are we talking about. Tree Stump Side Table Tree Stump Stools Tree Stump Coffee Table And Stools Tree Stump Chairs Tree Stump Globes Painted Tree Stump Tables Unusual Tree Stump Coffee Tables Tree Stump Flower Pot Tree Stump Pot Tree Stump Lamp Tree Stump Vanity Tree Stump Tray Tree Stump Side Tables Tree Stump Trees Painted Tree Stump Stools Upholstered Tree Stump Stools.

Romantic DIY Doily Chandelier. Doilies are tender and sweet but who could imagine a chandelier made of them? It’s amazing! You will need 3 quilting rings of different sizes, 2 packs 6″ doilies, 1 pack 4″doilies, 2 things of craft thread. Tie 4 separate strings to the top ring, tied them together and fastened it to our ceiling light so it would be easier to work on. Tie 4 different strings to the next ring below and bring them together. Fold the doilies over the very top ring to hide the knots of the threads a little better. Original and sweet chandelier is ready; it can also become an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day or for the coming Easter. A more detailed instruction is here. 31 Practical Kitchen Rail Storage Ideas. When it comes to kitchen storage there are a lot of options to organize it.

That’s great because as small as big kitchens need it. You need to find a place for pots, skillets, tableware, spices, sauces, tools, appliances and other things that can be found on modern kitchens. We already showed you a large series of ideas to organize spice storage and now we want to continue that series with cool storage solutions based on kitchen rails. Rails are easy to install and can be used to store kitchen tools, spices, cooking boards, cups, pans, knives and even tableware. 99ROOMS.COM.


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