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Homemade Decoupage Medium!!! We made some!

Homemade Decoupage Medium!!!

It was either that or skip the next mortgage payment! Savannah was very excited with how well our knock off worked! Did she take pictures of how to make it? That's okay, you don't need them. You will need: White school glue. A jar with twice the volume of your glue. 15 Awesome and Easy DIY Mason Jar Projects. As Chris mentioned a few weeks ago, mason jars have exploded (again?)

15 Awesome and Easy DIY Mason Jar Projects

Onto the craft and DIY scenes. You can't look anywhere without seeing some crazy new use for them! As it stands, we're embracing the trend here at Curbly. DeviantART: where ART meets application!


Make a Lantern out of Wire Baskets. Home » $5 and Under, Decor, From Our Readers, Headline 11 June 2010 9,997 views 3 Comments by heather Reader Bambi at Crafting Occurs alerted me to her super awesome idea for turning two dollar store baskets into a lantern, and I just knew you guys would appreciate it.

Make a Lantern out of Wire Baskets

I can imagine these decorating a garden party, funky bridal shower, or maybe a cool light fixture in a tween's room. If the colors you find at the dollar store don't work for you, there's always spray paint! Project Estimate: 2 wire baskets, $2Ribbon, on handPliers, on hand Total: $2 p.s. Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links or other forms of sponsored content. Crafting is what I do / sharpies and rubbing alcohol...who knew!? Crafting is what I do / bake marbles then drop in cold water to cause them to crack inside and then make into pretty pendants!

DIY Hollow Out A Light Bulb at TeamDroid. When I was growing up I had a keen interest in the sciences.

DIY Hollow Out A Light Bulb at TeamDroid

Mostly because of the cool gear that scientists used, you know, beakers, flasks, Bunsen burners that sort of thing. CRAFTS. Mad in crafts. DIY. Craftaholics Anonymous™ DIY maybe. DIY - Alternatives to the Infinite Marketplace. Craft Ideas. Leather tooling punches. The trickiest part of this is finding a nice design, it has to be fairly simple.

Leather tooling punches

Repeating patterns work well, squares, triangles, chevrons etc. But today I fancy... Pacman! Picture 1 File the nail head flat, then set to work on the edges... Picture 2 The second picture shows the edge of the nail head has been filed so the top is sharper. Picture 3 Then remove metal until your image is revealed. Crafty / fun with foam :) printing inspiration. Tutorials. Sewing 101: recycled paper basket. Thanks to a few recent online purchases, I had an enormous pile of long brown packing paper strips in my studio.

sewing 101: recycled paper basket

I couldn’t bear to just recycle it; it seemed to have so much crafty potential. So tasked with the challenge of creating a project to help get organized for the new year, I decided to turn that pile of paper into a woven basket. Folded into strips and edged with stitching, the paper took on a whole new quality that calls to mind upholstery webbing or even leather.

This project is super easy to do, takes only an afternoon and is a great way to give new life to leftover materials. Duck® Brand - Duct Tape, Packaging Tape, Weatherization, Shelf Liner and DIY products. Michele made me. Leaf Skeletonization. We will be using sodium carbonate (not sodium bicarbonate) to loosen/separate the flesh from the leaf veins. which contain a decay-resistant chemical called lignin.

Leaf Skeletonization

Arm & Hammer has a brand called Super Washing Soda, which you can find at your local ACE hardware store. 1/2 Cup Sodium Carbonate, aka Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda 2 Cups Water 1 Cup Liquid Bleach for whitening (optional) 1 Metal Pan Fresh leaves that have a waxy appearance similar to Magnolia leaves Dried non waxy leaves.

Tweezers Soft brush or toothbrush Latex Gloves One curious cat if you have one. SAFETY - Please wear your gloves at all times as sodium carbonate has a pH of 11, meaning it will irritate your skin badly. Also read the Caution label on the Arm & Hammer product in case you splash it in your eyes or swallow it accidently. Five Days... 5 Ways: Try-it Tuesday: Anthropologie Trinket and Treasure Candlestick Knock-Off. I have a problem paying more money. than I think I should have to for anything.

Five Days... 5 Ways: Try-it Tuesday: Anthropologie Trinket and Treasure Candlestick Knock-Off

It’s a sickness, really. Want proof? Okey doke. One time, somewhere in the midst of our house-building process, I took a little jaunt to Lowe’s to pick up some nails for my husband. My good friend, Stef, accompanied me because she’s awesome like that. I quickly found the brand my husband had described and reached for the box. But then I froze. Because right below it, for $6 less, was the exact same thing…I thought. Make It: Chalkboard Paint. Mich L. in L.A. Mad in crafts. Paper Roll Wall Art. This is probably one of my favorite DIY Projects.

Paper Roll Wall Art

It took me a little while to collect the paper rolls, but it was well worth it. Who knew paper rolls could turn into sweet wall art!! This project is very versatile, so don't be afraid to get creative on it. Lets get to it....