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Accessories. 24 Free Apron Patterns {Pictured Instructions. I just love the way I feel in a cute apron!

24 Free Apron Patterns {Pictured Instructions

I’ve been wearing my Great Grandmother's vintage aprons around the house and would love a free apron pattern to make some more. So, here are 24 free apron patterns with pictured instructions so you can make one too. Enjoy! Free Apron Patterns 1. 5. Half Apron 9. 13. Vintage and Retro Apron Patterns 17. Kids Apron Pattern 21. Sewing Projects: 24 Beautiful Purse Patterns. We just learned how to sew the perfect pleats and today's sewing projects are beautiful purse patterns.

Sewing Projects: 24 Beautiful Purse Patterns

{{squeal in delight}} Hopefully, you'll love these purse patterns as much as I do. Many of these purse patterns are very easy and even no sewing projects. Lace sunglasses. Revamp old T-shirt into Cute Bra Strap! Yay!

Revamp old T-shirt into Cute Bra Strap!

I saw a lot of T-shirt yarn projects in the blog land recently, DIY 20 Minute Beach Cover Up. ** NO SEW VERSION CLICK HERE!

DIY 20 Minute Beach Cover Up

****HIGH-BACK VERSION/STREET WEAR- CLICK HERE****HALTER VERSION- CLICK HERE****MAXI WITH THICK STRAPS HERE** Need more help? Click HEREProbably my favorite 'la vie' project... ever. DIY: No-sew Beach Cover + How to Use a Pareo/Sarong. Wow!

DIY: No-sew Beach Cover + How to Use a Pareo/Sarong

Back in February I made a DIY beach cover up that has had a crazy popular response. I've been meaning to make a no-sew version, but I haven't been able to. A lot of people have criticized my dark brown color choice for the original post, but in the winter there weren't tons of bright colored jersey fabrics being sold in stores. I went again this past weekend and *still* couldn't find a good shade to use for this no-sew version. So- I'm going to show you how to make it two different ways, one of the ways will use the pictures from the original post and then I'll draw in the differences.

The second way involves a pareo (I got mine at for $6/each. 1.75 yards of jersey or stretchy cotton material* How to cut a pair of socks and make them lace up the back. I love to cut things up, no surprise there.

How to cut a pair of socks and make them lace up the back

And I have cut my fair share of socks but always horizontally, but today I have my first vertical cut (also known as "steeking" in the sweater/knitting world). I was inspired by this page in the wonderful knitting book Wendy Knits Lace: Essential Techniques and Patterns for Irresistible Everyday Lace. This page features a pair of socks that have a line of lacework up the back center that is so beautiful. I thought I could steek a pair of socks and add some lace trim to make them lace up the back. How I made my lace-up the back socks: I tried the socks on and marked the spot I wanted to cut down to and I also measured the socks while they were on me from the bottom to the top edge.

So all I did was cut from the top edge down to the back of the ankle. "With 20 original patterns for gorgeous lace shawls, sweaters, hats, gloves and of course socks, popular blogger and author Wendy D. DIY Turband. DIY Gretchen Jones Necklace A couple of months ago, while visiting New York, we met the lovely Gretchen Jones and were fortunate enough to spend an entire day crafting in her über charming Brooklyn apartment. Not only is she […] DIY Woven Chain Bracelet Chain link bracelets, with colorful threads woven through them, have been popping up here and there. We adore Aurèlie Bidermann‘s Do Brazil bracelets and thought it was about time we graduate to the ultimate “grown-up” friendship bracelet. […]

Feathered Shoulder Shirt. Make this super cute t-shirt – No sewing skills required!

Feathered Shoulder Shirt

Photos: Hannah McKenzie Photography and Mackenzie for we heart this Hey there we heart this readers! I’m the new girl on the block, Mackenzie and I’m so excited to be joining the team. How to Make Ribbon Trim. Recently I purchased a stole at a vintage shop.

How to Make Ribbon Trim

I had to have it, just to get an example of this extraordinary trim, which I then had to figure out how to make. This post presents the results. Don't miss other Threads techniques like this by purchasing a print subscription which comes with FREE access to our tablet editions. Here's a detail, that shows how this sweet little trim can be used to good effect.

When explaining this trim, as well as other kinds of ribbon work, I will refer to the unit of measure as "ribbon width". Using the width of the ribbon as the increment of measure, makes any work easily scalable, either larger or smaller. Since you will lose 25% of the ribbon length when making this trim, make sure to cut your ribbon length 125% of the finished length you need. Begin the stitching at the lower end of the ribbon and work upwards. Repeat the process all along the length of the ribbon to create the trim. View Scarves by boobsRus. A Fabulous Fur Handbag. Profile for KennethDKing.