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Metal Sculptures at Northern Crescent Iron / Metal Butterfly / Butterflies / Signs / preying mantis / cobra / metal snakes / manora / metal dragonfly / sculpture. DeWALT Grinder Parts - Tool Parts Direct. Forge Chimneys. (Home) (Back to Forge Design) Presenting the theory and design of chimneys for the blacksmith's coal forge.

Forge Chimneys

Properly designed forge chimneys make the smithy comfortable to work in. Time and again I see or hear about beginners and first time forge builders having trouble with smoky chimneys, or worse yet, they have a smoky chimney and have begun to accept it as normal. Each time they make the same mistakes. Below are construction tips and some do's and don'ts. January 22nd, 2011. There is more than smoke flowing up the chimney! Chimneys draw more than just the smoke from the fire, a fact most often overlooked by many chimney builders.

My own preferences for flue size. The closer that the chimney or forge hood is to the fire, the less ambient air will displace smoke entering the chimney. Keep the hood or chimney close to the fire. Charcoal Forge. Charcoal Forge T his is a charcoal forge designed by Tim Lively of the Neo Tribal metalsmiths. He sent me the plans and instructions and I am posting them here for everyone. This is a really neat looking forge, inexpensive to build and capable of welding heats. It would be perfect for heat treating and general forging. "This charcoal burning adobe forge is very Neo-Tribal in the sense that it combines ancient techniques and natural materials with modern materials that are readily available at an affordable price. The forge is a little slow for the first few heats but once the crucible gets hot it will easily heat up to ¼”X 2”X 12” steel in less than 3 minutes.

The first thing you need is adobe. First gather up about twelve large prickly pear cactus pads and burn off all of the needles over a campfire. I found the clay portion of the mix in the bank of a nearby wash. 1-1”x8” nipple (threads on both ends) 2-1”x12” nipples. Knife Network : Workshop - Build a Charcoal Burning Propane Forge. Plains Indian Tepee - How to Make, Erect, and Decorate a Tepee (Teepee, Tipi) Here's a teepee pattern to print, cut out, and tape together.

Plains Indian Tepee - How to Make, Erect, and Decorate a Tepee (Teepee, Tipi)

Here are pages of decorations to add to the teepee, and more decorations. Here is an example of a teepee made using this pattern, by Logan Alexander, a young New Zealander. Plains-Indian Tepee The tepee of the Plains Indians is a fine dwelling, where poles are available and a permanent camp is in order. It is a roomy structure in which a fire may be built, and is comfortable in extremes of heat or cold. When the tepee is erected, it forms a *cone shape; and the straight edges, where the smoke flaps are sewed, overlap and are held together with wooden pins.

A half-circle door opening (E) is cut at both ends so that when the edges are brought together a complete circular door opening will result. Little pockets are made of three-cornered pieces of canvas and sewed to the tips of the smoke flaps (B). How to Build Teepees: Make Indian Teepee; TePee Making, Natve American Tee Pee, Tipi, Tipis, miniature real. Making a Teepee Many famous campers have said that the Indian teepee is the best known movable home.

How to Build Teepees: Make Indian Teepee; TePee Making, Natve American Tee Pee, Tipi, Tipis, miniature real

It is roomy, self-ventilating, cannot blow down, and is the only tent that admits of a fire inside. Then why is not everywhere used? Because of the difficulty of the poles. If on the prairie, you must carry your poles. A 10-foot teepee is the smallest size worth having for practical use. It requires 22 square yards of 6 or 8-ounce duck, heavy unbleached muslin, or Canton flannel (the wider the better, as that saves labor in making up), 100 feet of 3/16 inch clothesline, string for sewing rope ends, etc. Get your material machine run together 20 feet long and 10 feet wide.