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The best Boston Globe photos of 2016. The best Boston Globe photos of 2016 Staff photographers share the stories behind the year’s most powerful pictures, selected by the editors of the Globe Magazine and the Boston Globe photo department.

The best Boston Globe photos of 2016

The year 2016 in pictures:Part II. The year 2016 in pictures: Part II.

The year 2016 in pictures:Part II

這些攝影師的Instagram 你追隨了沒有? Instagram作為一個免費提供在線圖片及影片分享的手機社交應用程式,超過5億的用戶遍及全球。

這些攝影師的Instagram 你追隨了沒有?

Photographing the things homeless people in California own. Huang Qingjun spent nearly a decade travelling to remote parts of China photographing families outside their homes with all their household possessions.

Photographing the things homeless people in California own

Now he has done the same for homeless people in California. "In 2010, the first time I stepped on American soil, I saw lots of homeless people on the streets of New York, but didn't dare approach them, because I'd been told many of them were linked to drugs, robbery and violence," says Huang Qingjun. During a visit to the Los Angeles in 2015 with a film crew, he saw dozens of tents erected on the roads near the crew's offices - a homeless encampment. Sina Visitor System. Winter is coming soon by Andy Seliverstoff - Photo 136673823 - 500px. Furious bride by Andrey Golovachev - Photo 136678155 - 500px. 陶大的相册. Migrant crisis in Europe. Migrant crisis in Europe Record number of migrants, most of them refugees fleeing war and crisis in the Mideast and Africa are seeking asylum in Europe.

Migrant crisis in Europe

The countries are grappling with what to do with the unprecedented numbers as the crisis escalates and measures are implemented to control the masses. Many have died on their perilous journeys across land and sea. Looking skyward - The Big Picture. Looking skyward Photographers often look up to capture an amazing aspect of our world.

Looking skyward - The Big Picture

The sky can be a compelling subject or backdrop in a photograph, emanating many sources of light. Here is a collection of images depicting upward phenomena around the globe. Tumblr_nqtq3ih0Vg1ree7oao7_540.jpg (JPEG Image, 536 × 810 pixels) Google 相簿無限容量上傳 1600萬畫素照片 1080p影片 -電腦玩物. The Voigtländer Nokton 40mm f/1.4 [short review]. [Disclaimer: Similar to my Voigtländer Nokton 35mm f/1.2 write-up, this is not a comprehensive review, but one user’s experience.]

The Voigtländer Nokton 40mm f/1.4 [short review].

(photo courtesy of Voigtlä The Voigtländer Nokton 40/1.4 is an inexpensive, light, and compact little gem of a lens that begs to be carried everywhere. The families revealing everything they've ever bought online - BBC News. Photographer Huang Qingjun is famous in China for his photo series, Family Stuff.

The families revealing everything they've ever bought online - BBC News

Since 2003 he has been asking subjects to pose with everything they own, neatly displayed in front of their homes. Huang has eyes that crinkle at the sides when he smiles. Bernardo Ricci Armani - PortfolioBernardo Ricci Armani — P h o t o P o r t f o l i o. The Iraq War 2003 – 2011. 伊拉克戰爭2003年 - 2011年。 REUTERS/Jeff Mitchell.

The Iraq War 2003 – 2011. 伊拉克戰爭2003年 - 2011年。

Proof That Dogs Love You No Matter How Much Money You Don’t Have. Once a dog forms a close relationship with a caring owner, their loyalty can be unbreakable, and they will stick with their owner through thick and thin.

Proof That Dogs Love You No Matter How Much Money You Don’t Have

And unlike us, dogs don’t pass judgment on people who are down on their luck or homeless. This post is a tribute to homeless dogs, who love and stick with their homeless owners no matter what. Pet dogs offer vital help to the homeless. 26 Dogs Hugging Their Humans. To celebrate International Dog Day, we collected this list of 24 adorable dog hug photos to remind us all of just how wonderful our four-legged companions are. Whether it’s search & rescue, security work, or plain old friendship, their inexhaustible loyalty and friendship are worth more than gold. So please consider taking this opportunity to donate to or adopt from your local dog shelter or rescue center.

And if you’ve already got a furry friend, give them a big hug and submit your pic below! (h/t: Stylish Eve) Image credits: Kyle Mackillop Source: imgur Image credits: unknown Image credits: Steve Garner Source: imgur. Syria conflict intensifies - photos of civil war fighting in Damascus and Aleppo. War-torn Iraq facing massive refugee crisis. The humanitarian crisis in Iraq is dire. Destabilized by a catastrophic civil war across its border in Syria, facing a genocidal threat to minorities at the hands of Sunni militants and divided by sectarian tensions within, Iraq is now home to about 1.6 million refugees and asylum-seekers, according to United Nations estimates.

Nearly 1 million of those refugees are internally displaced Iraqis, many fleeing the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). For tens of thousands of minorities in northern Iraq, including Christians and Yazidis – an ancient Kurdish sect with ties to Zoroastrianism – ISIS presented an existential threat: Convert to Islam or die. Some chose to convert, as recent ISIS propaganda videos appear to document. Most fled into the Sinjar Mountains without food or water, where their plight brought the attention of the United States.

World Refugee Day 2014. The forgotten victims of the Iraqi conflict. « Philippe Brault – Documentary photography & film. Tour de France 101st edition. Ebola continues to spread in West Africa. Conflict continues in Gaza. Photos of the week. Thought-Provoking Photographs Of People Living Alone In The Wilderness. Despite the technological advances that we use every day to bring each other closer together, there are still some that choose to leave everything behind and live in total solitude. In his photo series ‘Escape,’ Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko traveled through Russia and Ukraine in search of hermits living in self-imposed exile, far away from any city or village.

30 years old jewish male

Cross.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 600 pixels) SB-O. SB-O. 12956175315_24980979a3_b.jpg (1024×680) The impossible cool. Photography Project Takes "You Look Just Like Your Mother" to a New Level. Think you don’t look like anyone in your family? 2014 Sony World Photography Awards’ Shortlist Photos Unveiled. The shortlist photos for the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards have finally been unveiled. This year, the award competition received a record-breaking amount of submissions – 139,544 images from 166 countries. The submissions were split into three large groups – Professional, Open and Youth – each of which were split into a wide range of sub-categories. The Professional and Open groups had the most diverse set of sub-categories, ranging from architectural and conceptual photography to nature and wildlife photography. We’ve made our own selection of images, but we definitely suggest checking out the World Photography Organisation’s website and browsing the images for yourselves.

2013 National Geographic Photography Contest Winners - Photos - The Big Picture. Urban Photographer of the Year 2013. The Best Photo-Sharing Sites. Digital cameras and smartphones mean that most of us have a ton of photos scattered everywhere from phones and computer hard drives to Facebook and Instagram profiles. But what happens when you switch phones, upgrade computers, or simply want to search all your photos at once? Uploading pictures to a photo sharing site is a simple way to answer all those questions—and the services offer lots of other benefits, as well. You can organize large photo collections, make it easier for friends and family to contribute to shared albums and ensure your pictures stay with you no matter what device they came from. What Is Your Job Today? Follow Emily Kolkin. Photographer Teaches Composition Via Perspective Shift. Autoplay Slideshow Flickr. Step 1. Adding images to autoplay slideshow flickr. From the Images menu, select Add images....

Browse to the location of the folder you'd like to add and select the images.