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Global Catholic population up, number of priests down since 1980. The Catholic population of the world increased by 57 percent, or 445 million souls, between 1980 and 2012, but the number of priests declined by 17 percent, or 20,547 priests, according to a study released June 1 by CARA, the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate.

Global Catholic population up, number of priests down since 1980

Granted the church's theology, which requires a priest for most sacraments, this presents a serious problem for the church. In 2012, there were 1,228,612,000 Catholics in the world and 393,053 priests. Catholic News Asia.


Lifesitenews. The Mass Explained. Contents IntroductionChrist's actionLove for the MassFaith The purposes of the MassThe first purpose: adoration The second purpose: to give thanks The third purpose: to make up for our sins The fourth purpose: petition ReadingsGospelCreedPresentation of the giftsPresentation of the giftsOrate, fratresSanctusConsecrationConsecration-CommunionThe Our Father Preparation for CommunionCommunionHoly Mass: self-givingOpening prayer, prayer over the gifts, Prayer after communionMass: presence of God Sorrow for one's sin Thanksgiving Introduction To judge the "quality" of the Christian life of a community is always a difficult task, and perhaps a foolhardy one.

The Mass Explained

There are so many factors that should be taken into account. And the most important of them are hidden! The Power of the Mass. The Mass is the most perfect form of prayer!

The Power of the Mass

Pope Paul VI For each Mass we hear with devotion, Our Lord sends a saint to comfort us at death. (revelation of Christ to St. Gertrude the great). A single Mass offered for oneself during life may be worth more than a thousand celebrated for the same intention after death. St. "If someone said to us, "At such an hour a dead person is to be raised to life, " we should run very quickly to see it. One Mass before death may be more profitable than many after it. St. 350,000 Catholic Masses a day! Now This is Communion AUG. 31, 2010 ( - There is an estimated (at least) 350,000 Catholic Masses celebrated every day on planet Earth.

350,000 Catholic Masses a day!

It is celebrated in every nook and cranny on the planet, by every race and nationality, and using every language. And each of these Masses is celebrated (generally) using the same scripture readings and the same prayers. Every single one of these 350,000 Masses is actually doing exactly what Jesus said to do in scripture (Luke 22:19, 1 Cor 11:23-29) when he said “Do this in memory of me.” Many alleged abusers left off church list. Robert M.

Many alleged abusers left off church list

Burns pleaded guilty to raping and sexually assaulting five boys while working as a priest in Jamaica Plain and Charlestown, earning an eight- to 11-year sentence that he is still serving at the Old Colony Correctional Center. Even before Burns went to the Bridgewater prison, the Boston Archdiocese paid several of his victims - including two who later died of drug overdoses - more than $2 million to settle claims of abuse after their lawyers discovered that church officials had assigned Burns to parish work knowing he had a history of molesting children.

VATICAN In 50 years of Catholic-Jewish dialogue, opposition has given way to a 'deep friendship' » 12/10/2015VATICANIn 50 years of Catholic-Jewish dialogue, opposition has given way to a 'deep friendship'A "theological reflection" of the Commission for Religious Relations with Judaism to summarize and clarify the issues that have surfaced in recent decades in Catholic-Jewish dialogue.

VATICAN In 50 years of Catholic-Jewish dialogue, opposition has given way to a 'deep friendship'

The importance of revelation, the relationship between the Old and the New Covenant, the relationship between the universality of salvation in Jesus Christ and the belief that God's covenant with Israel was never revoked, the evangelizing work of the Church in reference to Judaism. Vatican City (AsiaNews) - In 50 years, since the Second Vatican Council's Nostra Aetate changed the Catholic vision of Judaism, relations have gone "from opposition to a fruitful collaboration, from the potential for conflict to an efficient management of conflicts, from a coexistence marked by tensions to a solid and fruitful coexistence ", a" deep friendship ".

西班牙19世纪壁画惨遭81岁老太最悲催修复 - 微陆地. After fresco is destroyed by old lady's restoration attempt, masterpieces of the art world are given an internet makeover. Masterpieces by Da Vinci and Munch are transformed by internet jokers after an elderly woman's botched restoration of a 19th century fresco became a sensation By Kerry Mcdermott Published: 16:34 GMT, 26 August 2012 | Updated: 16:06 GMT, 27 August 2012.

After fresco is destroyed by old lady's restoration attempt, masterpieces of the art world are given an internet makeover

Mychal Judge. Early life[edit] Mychal Judge was born Robert Emmett Judge on May 11, 1933 in Brooklyn, New York, the son of immigrants from County Leitrim, Ireland, and the firstborn of a pair of fraternal twins.

Mychal Judge

His twin sister Dympna was born two days later. ***How the Catholic poet Dante healed this ex-Catholic. Rod Dreher is author of "How Dante Can Save Your Life" But spending four long years writing as a journalist about the sex abuse scandal destroyed my ability to believe in the Catholic Church's claims.

***How the Catholic poet Dante healed this ex-Catholic

I didn't lose my faith suddenly; it was torn from me bit by bit, like a torturer ripping out his victim's fingernails. I had never believed that the Catholic Church (or any church) was perfect, and had full confidence that the arguments for Catholicism would enable me to withstand any challenge. Chinese Mary Page. History – Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. The Community of Franciscan Friars of the Renewal was begun in 1987 by eight Capuchin friars desiring to work more definitively for personal and communal reform within the Catholic Church.

History – Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

The life and apostolate of the friars are rooted in the ideals and spirit of the Capuchin reform born in the early 16th century. When standing beside some ancient monastic orders, such as the Benedictines or Carthusians, we Gray Friars are rather insignificant. When compared to the robust apostolic and influential religious societies, such as the Jesuits or Salesians, we are very weak and spindly indeed. Church historians might well be quick to point out that the ink is still moist on the first page of our chronicle; while others in time-tested communities might wonder whether we are actually seaworthy.

These latter may strike a let’s- see posture, watching from a distance to see whether we survive the high seas, being only at the start of a voyage. -Fr. 反對宣布為基督教國家. 哈爾濱!你一定是瘋了! @ 聖索菲亞大教堂與她的朋友們 (4) @ 寶島李的愛碗亭. Confined bishop Ma Daqin of Shanghai 'sent to political classes' Thaddeus Ma Daqin, the Catholic bishop who was placed under house arrest last year after announcing his resignation from China's Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA), is now being 'sent to political classes', according to the BBC. He has not been seen in public for 18 months. The CPCA renounced the auxiliary's title last December in response to an ongoing dispute between the state-controlled CPCA and the Vatican over the control of China's Catholics.

Shanghaiist reported: Ma Daqin announced his resignation from the CPCA in July at his ordination mass to a congregation of 1,000 who applauded his announcement. WorldView: The world in 2050. By Erich Bridges RICHMOND, Va. —The number of Muslims in the world will nearly match the number of Christians by 2050. 建築的光 - 空間與鑲嵌玻璃工作坊. 天主教組織首次倡四旬期為氣候變化禁食. 【天亞社.香港訊】「全球天主教氣候運動」昨日(二月十六日)宣布,逾四十五個國家將為氣候公義禁食,亞洲區負責人指行動可配合農曆新年。

中國教友人數調整後下降逾百萬,宗教信仰比例全球最低. Hong Kong Cardinal rejected from Synod for being 76. Skip to main content Hong Kong Cardinal rejected from Synod for being 76 Joshua J. McElwee | Sep. 2, 2015 NCR Today Hong Kong Cardinal John Tong Hon has said he has been told by the Vatican he will not be allowed to participate in this fall's hotly anticipated Synod of Bishops on family life because he is 76-years-old, one year past the normal retirement age of bishops. Hon, who leads China's largest Catholic diocese, said in an interview with Asian Catholic news agency UCA news: “Now I know that I am not going to the synod.

" The cardinal said he was told by a Vatican representative that the Vatican "does not want to make any exceptions" regarding age. As UCA news reports: Cardinal Tong said he was unaware if another representative from Hong Kong was chosen in his place. [Joshua J. Enjoy this article? Show comments NCR Comment code: (Comments can be found below) Before you can post a comment, you must verify your email address at Be respectful. Search form NCR Email Alerts.

Faith Matters

Cruxifix. 大台北教堂. The Creed and Schism. Bible Study 1. Bible Study 2. Bible Quotes. Kingdom Comes. Papacy & the Vatican. Via Dolorosa. Persecution-Arameans/Coptics/Pakistan/Libya/Niger.

Persecution - Syria/Iraq

Pope Francis makes missionary Junipero Serra a saint. Petition Text. The Doctrine of Discovery, 1493. Bartolomé de las Casas. Bartolomé de las Casas (c. 1484[1] – 18 July 1566) was a 16th-century Spanish historian, social reformer and Dominican friar. He became the first resident Bishop of Chiapas, and the first officially appointed "Protector of the Indians". His extensive writings, the most famous being A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies and Historia de Las Indias, chronicle the first decades of colonization of the West Indies and focus particularly on the atrocities committed by the colonizers against the indigenous peoples.[2] Arriving as one of the first European settlers in the Americas, he initially participated in, but eventually felt compelled to oppose, the atrocities committed against the Native Americans by the Spanish colonists.

In 1515, he reformed his views, gave up his Indian slaves and encomienda, and advocated, before King Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, on behalf of rights for the natives. Life and times[edit] Doctrine of Discovery. What is it? In 1452, the Dum Diversas Bull, a papal bull (aka an edict), was issued by Pope Nicholas V, granting the blessing to "capture, vanquish and subdue the Saracens, pagans and other enemies of Christ and put them into perpetual slavery and to take all their possessions and their property. " 彌撒程序及其意義. 認識彌撒. 《怎樣參與彌撒》 Clifford Howell著,孫茂學譯. DAILY PROPER (holymass.htm) The Truth About the Dark Ages. I’m Still Not Going Back to the Catholic Church. It’s not hard to understand why people are so excited about Pope Francis.

The Horrors of The Church and its Holy Inquisition. 眷村二三事~玫瑰堂 @ 眷村回憶窩. The German Catholic Collapse: The Priests confess once a year, if at all. <一男一女的婚姻為何如此重要?>作者Ryan T. Anderson, William E.... - Songshan OurLady. 同性婚姻是基督信仰的「試金石」 同性婚姻是基督信仰的「試金石」 黃春生牧師. 基督教教會同性戀立場列表. Stripping a city of its churches: the greater act of iconoclasm that is "Making All Things New" Church of the Holy Sepulchre.