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International Licensing - 7-Eleven Corporate. 7‑Eleven Around the World 7‑Eleven, Inc., its parent company, Seven-Eleven Japan; master franchisees, licensees and affiliates operate more than 48,300 7‑Eleven and other convenience stores in 17 countries outside the U.S., including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and United Arab Emirates. 7‑Eleven has announced plans to open stores in Vietnam. 7‑Eleven has been the leader in franchising and licensing in the convenience store industry for 51 years.

International Licensing - 7-Eleven Corporate

The company entered franchising in 1964, signed its first United States area licensing agreement in 1968 and signed the first international licensing agreement with Mexico in 1971. The following details 7‑Eleven's licensing operations as of August 18, 2015. International Licensees + A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of 7‑Eleven, Inc. *ATTENTION: Links are intended to navigate you to the website of a 7‑Eleven Area Licensee.

7 Eleven Franchise Cost & Fee, 7 Eleven FDD & Franchise Information. Date of Incorporation: 1927Franchising Since: 1964Headquarters: Dallas, Texas Business Description: 7-Eleven stores are extended-hour retail convenience stores that emphasize convenience to the guest and provide a broad array of products, including many not traditionally available in convenience stores, to meet the changing needs of guests.

7 Eleven Franchise Cost & Fee, 7 Eleven FDD & Franchise Information

These products include an assortment of high-quality fresh food, hot food and proprietary beverage offerings, and private brand items. 7-Eleven stores are generally open every day of the year, with the vast majority open 24 hours a day, and are located in neighborhood areas, on main thoroughfares, in shopping centers, or on other sites where they are easily accessible and have parking facilities for quick in-and-out shopping. Financial Assistance: The franchisor may finance the Down Payment and Initial Franchise Fee in certain situations. This financing may not be offered to all applicants. Estimated Number of Units: 56,450 Investment Tables:

How 7-Eleven is Taking Convenience to the Next Level - Convenience Store Decisions. Sephora’s Market Segmentation Responsible for its Retail & Online Strengths. Sephora is an innovative skincare, beauty, and fragrance retailer catering to customers who want quality, freedom, and a positive shopping experience.

Sephora’s Market Segmentation Responsible for its Retail & Online Strengths

The following is a paper by Justin Tung about Sephora as part of coursework from the “Creating Consumer-Oriented Merchandising Programs” course at University of Toronto. Sephora’s in store design indicates several target market segments/personas including women and men. Specific sections of the store show pictures of women of all cultures from 20-30, 30-40, 40-50+ and men 20-40+ (see Appendix for store pictures). The segment of women attracted to Sephora would be those who value fashionable/quality skincare, beauty, and fragrance products and are open to a medium to high price range. Strength: Self-Service Environment The freedom a Sephora store provides allows customers to navigate the store as they please, try products on their own time using demos, and ask for service if needed. Lack of Success in Germany and Japan Chaffey, D. (2009). Sephora, cosmetics, fragrances - Selective Retailing - LVMH. Founded in 1969, the House has always focused on making shopping a unique experience.

By offering beauty fans around the world the chance to touch and test the products, Sephora has transformed the customer experience into an exclusive opportunity to indulge, fostering strong relationships with the brand and its products. The House ethos remains unchanged: to present a leading beauty selection and always be on the lookout for what’s new.

The brand also relies on the quality of its advice teams. These are professionals in perfumery and cosmetics who, through their energy and enthusiasm, ensure exceptional service, where customer satisfaction is priority number one. With its designer stores, innovative “Made In Sephora” products and unique tone, the enterprising brand is never short of surprising new ideas. Inside Sephora’s Branded Beauty Strategy. NEW YORK, United States — In the year leading up to the August 9th launch of Marc Jacobs Beauty, developed in collaboration with beauty retailer Sephora, the lauded American designer was generous with the press.

Inside Sephora’s Branded Beauty Strategy

Lengthy profiles appeared in outlets from New York magazine to Women’s Wear Daily, in which Jacobs praised the line, declaring that he was “surprised by how delighted I am with the results.” The collection of shiny lip vinyls, gel eyeliners and high-gloss nail polishes — comprising 122 skus (stock-keeping units) in total — was an instant hit with beauty magazine editors, offering the just right mix of compelling back story and appealing product to fill the pages of their September issues. In contrast, Sephora was only briefly mentioned in these write-ups and the beauty retailer has declined to comment on the collaboration.

Founded in 1969 by Dominique Mandonnaud and acquired by LVMH in 1997, Sephora’s rise is well-documented.