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Yvonne Allen & Associates

Australia's Leading Matchmakers and Personal Search Consultants Since 1976. Unlike dating agencies and websites, Yvonne Allen™ and Associates provides consulting, matchmaking and search services for the discerning business and professional single. Our founder, Yvonne Allen, has a background in psychology and is a well-known and respected public speaker, media personality and author. Over the many years, she has earned an unrivalled reputation for her work in the sensitive and challenging area of human relations.

Yvonne Allen & Associates Products - Matchmaker Consultant. Why Waiting for LOVE to Make you Happy is a TERRIBLE Idea. A lot of people think finding a partner is their best chance to be happy.

Why Waiting for LOVE to Make you Happy is a TERRIBLE Idea

RomComs are a lie. Yvonne Allen – Curriculum Vitae. Tertiary Qualifications / Education 1969 – Graduated from University of NSW, BA (Psychology Distinction)1973 – Diplomate District Officer, Department of Child and Social Welfare, Sydney1992 – Registered as a psychologist Some Highlights Current projects include developing online services for singles that incorporate the professional and educative approach of the Yvonne Allen and Associates consultancy.

Yvonne Allen – Curriculum Vitae

Books Published Successfully Single, Successfully Yourself, Heinemann, 1987Living and Loving in the AIDS Free Zone with Dr Harry Michelmore, APC, 1987Chapter entitled – A Singular Life, in Singular Women edited by Jocelynne A. Ebooks Winning with Women, UnoDuo Publishing, 2016Working with Women…Having It All! Funny Online Dating Experiences. Gone are the days where only tech enthusiasts and socially challenged singles were hanging their digital hats on dating sites.

Funny Online Dating Experiences

Celebrities are creating online dating profiles and children are now signing up their parents for Internet dating. If your friends are no longer setting you up, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Have you tried online dating? Did you have an unusually funny or disturbing experience? Well.. here are some funny experiences from those people who tried online dating. At the end of the digital day, online dating is a numbers game.

Reduce stress to find more fulfilment in life! It is a year since I shared my last insight.

Reduce stress to find more fulfilment in life!

At the time I was in a difficult and uncomfortable situation as I could not use my right arm or hand without causing pain. My neck and shoulder complained during the day and I was unable to sleep without waking on several occasions. In retrospect it is obvious that I had become quite depressed. Like so many of us with demanding careers, I had been leading a very busy, lop-sided lifestyle without really taking stock of the toll this was taking on both body and mind… and the quality of my personal life.

Professional and Executive Dating Services for Women. Since 1976, Yvonne Allen has been highly regarded in the media as a matchmaker and social commentator who understand the challenges of finding and keeping love today.

Professional and Executive Dating Services for Women

She knows about the demands and stress that can be experienced by achieving women today – both personally and professionally! In today’s high pressured social environment, it can seem impossible for the professional woman to take the time to meet likeminded men – men who they know to be genuinely wanting to share life with a partner. While the business environment often brings potentially compatible men and women together, the circumstances can prevent us from revealing our availability and interest in a personal relationship. At Yvonne Allen we are an introduction agency and search consultancy that truly understands the needs and challenges experienced by many single women who have demanding careers. Our results speak for themselves – read some of our many genuine testimonials. In short, the answer is no. Sound like you? Communication is key to a great relationship! Recently I sent the following letter to the editor of the Australian in response to an article by Bettina Arndt re international research that has revealed a dramatic change over recent decades in women’s interest in sex.

Communication is key to a great relationship!

Bettina Arndt’s report re the increasing lack of desire for sex in many women does not surprise me. Blog Archives - Yvonne Allen & Associates. Yvonne Allen and Associates' Members Area - Dating Agency. Yvonne Allen & Associates. Matchmaking service or dating agency. Rather than a morbid exercise, reflecting on how we would like to be remembered can be a valuable key to creating more fulfillment in our lives.

Matchmaking service or dating agency

In seminars I have led over the years, many participants have said that taking time to think about this simple question has led to their making decisions that were positive and life changing. All too often we can get caught up in the ‘busyness’ of our lives. This is frequently driven by the desire to meet expectations that are held of us by family, colleagues, friends and the world at large rather than what really matters to us. For many today it is a career focus that is all consuming, leaving little time ‘to smell the roses’ let alone nourish our need for love. I recall ‘Jasmine’, an attractive woman in her early 50’s, who came to my match making consultancy to meet a potential partner. Yvonne Allen & Associates. Do your first dates usually end in disappointment? Meeting more than once can have many benefits!

Do your first dates usually end in disappointment?

This is not what I had imagined! After talking with thousands of men and women about their frustrations with dating, it seems that many a potentially great relationship ended before it had a chance to begin. All too often it seems that a first date is viewed as determining whether ‘it is on, or not’, rather than an opportunity to uncover possibilities – including the potential to find romance and love. As a matchmaker running Australia’s longest standing professional dating service and consultancy, I always encourage clients to go on at least two dates. Instead of having expectations – or looking for ‘what is not there’ when meeting someone for the first time – why not focus on what you appreciate in the person who has agreed to meet you. Expert Speaker and Author on Relationships. Yvonne Allen is an author, public speaker, matchmaker and relations consultant.

Expert Speaker and Author on Relationships

Over the many years, Yvonne has been recognised in Australia and abroad for the work of her consultancy and as one of Australia’s leading businesswomen. In 2000 she was profiled by BRW as one of Australia’s leading innovators. Author and contributor to several publications on social issues, Yvonne is also a public speaker and sought after media commentator. Successfully Single, Successfully Yourself, Heinemann, 1987Living and Loving in the AIDS Free Zone with Dr Harry Michelmore, APC, 1987Chapter entitled – A Singular Life, in Singular Women edited by Jocelynne A. Numerous topics have included: Professional Introduction Agency. Yvonne Allen is Australia’s most elite and longest standing introduction agency.

Professional Introduction Agency

Our reputation is unrivalled! We have specialised in assisting business and professional individuals achieve their relationship goals for over 37 years. By meeting with each person for an in depth consultation we are able to understand what their unique needs and are able to tailor a program to help them reach their goals. As each person’s bona fides are established upfront, our consultants feel confident that they can represent our clients as genuinely as possible. This means meeting the Yvonne Allen way is safe, time effective and can be an overall enjoyable experience.

We don’t just introduce our clients, we help them reach their relationship goals! Our introduction agency offers a boutique customised service, meaning that we tailor our approach to suit your needs and your expectations. Step 1. Step 2. Professional Executive Dating and Introduction Agency.