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Free online timeline maker. PLE or PLN or LMS or OLN? – Linking Learning. So many acronyms!

PLE or PLN or LMS or OLN? – Linking Learning

Before I begin: PLE = Personal Learning Environment PLN = Personal / Professional Learning Network LMS = Learning Management System OLN= Open Learning Network What these all mean is the subject of some debate, but my (current) interpretations of these terms will become clear in the blog post below!

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Five Stage Model - Gilly Salmon. Edmodo. DIGITALA VERKTYG – LÄNKSAMLING. Edpuzzle. /CELV > Resources > Inventory of ICT tools. Evaluation criteria: Added value: What is the potential of the tool for achieving learning objectives?

/CELV > Resources > Inventory of ICT tools

Usability: How easy is the tool to use and to adapt to your teaching context? Interactivity: What possibilities does this tool offer for communication and collaboration amongst learners? Sök distansresurser. /CELV > Resources > Inventory of ICT tools. Digitala verktyg lista version 2020 02. How to Add Narration to Google Slides Presentation? - For Beginers > 13 Tools to Record Audio on Chromebooks and Other Devices. How To Add Voice Over On PowerPoint and Google Slides. Voice-over presentations create a better learning experience because it’s a more engaging way to learn.

How To Add Voice Over On PowerPoint and Google Slides

Some students learn through visual cues, others learn by listening, but adding voice-over narration to your presentation will give your students the best of both worlds. It allows you to add important information and context to explain what’s on the slides – as if your students were attending a live lecture! Adding voice-over to your presentation may seem isn’t as difficult as you think! Fem sätt att cirkla. Sida för lärare – LITTERATURBANKENS SKOLA. Språklärarnas riksförbund. Meme better, the modern Meme Generator. Cmap Cloud. Free Tools for Teachers and Students. Digitala lärresurser. Digitala resurser.