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Game Development

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ColoRotate: Colors come to life in 3D. Mac & PC Motion Controller for Games, Design, & More. Independent game developer. 50 Tips for Working with Unity (Best Practices) About these tips (Edit: August 2016.

50 Tips for Working with Unity (Best Practices)

I have revised these tips. You can find the new list here.) These tips are not all applicable to every project. They are based on my experience with projects with small teams from 3 to 20 people.There’s is a price for structure, re-usability, clarity, and so on — team size and project size determine whether that price should be paid.Many tips are a matter of taste (there may be rivalling but equally good techniques for any tip listed here).Some tips may fly in the face of conventional Unity development.

Process 1. 2. 3. 4. Life of a Design Monkey. Random Encounters in Imaginary Realms. Level Design. A plethora of level-design related texts and pieces from my brain.

Level Design

Pixelnest Studio — we craft games and apps. 2D game development in Unity. Stunning Pixel Art Created by Waneella. Polygon. Game Development Stack Exchange. Free Indie Games. Screenshot Saturday. Indie Statik - A Community For Indie Games - Game by Zara Stein on Prezi. Vfx, mograph, and production news. Le blog de Jerom. Infra Arcana ... ...nous emmène dans des dédales souterrains, le repaire des membres de Starry Widom Cult (le Culte de la Sagesse Étoilée) regroupant des adorateurs de Nyarlathothep aka Le Chaos Rampant (une divinité maléfique).

Le blog de Jerom

Une relique malfaisante et d'un âge invraisemblable, le Trapézoèdre Éblouissant, y serait caché aussi caché, au milieu d'autres horreurs innommables ; son pouvoir, atteindre des dimensions cachées et de lointains univers en fait un portail d'entré parfait pour les avatars de Nyarlathothep... L'aventure démarre dans une forêt : vous entendez les loups hurler alors qu'une église en ruine se profile derrière des sapins rabougris... Mais abrégeons cette introduction! Le background est évidemment un pretexte à explorer un dongeon interminable peuplé d'ennemis féroces et impitoyables!

Le level-design, généré aléatoirement est très réussi et labyrinthique à souhait. Pour discuter du jeu ou télécharger la version 14.1 d'IA, direction le forum officiel : Ludum Dare. For this mini-LD challenge, I decided to try to create a game for the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Ludum Dare

This was the first game console that I ever owned as a kid, so creating a game for it was something that I had always wanted to do. Unfortunately, to create an NES game, everything has to be written in assembly. When I was at Georgia Tech working on my computer science undergraduate degree, I did have one project where I had to write assembly code for an emulated MIPS system. The emulator was called SPIM (MIPS spelled backwards), and it looks like it is still available for download today. While writing assembly is not completely foreign to me, it definitely is not one of my favorite things to do. Indie PC game. TIGSource.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - so many of clowns. RGCD. Tag Search - Walkthrough Guides, Reviews, Discussion, Hints and Tips at Jayisgames. Games Featured: • elarel • Jerry Clouds • Amulets and Armor Nothing like a little nostalgia to start the weekend!

Tag Search - Walkthrough Guides, Reviews, Discussion, Hints and Tips at Jayisgames

Be warned, though. This nostalgia comes with a price. That price is your sanity. Because the games are difficult. Ironclad Tactics is a turn-based strategy game created by Zachtronics, the studio behind The Codex of Alchemical Engineering and SpaceChem. I think we should have some bonding time. Zombies and Cheepies and Succubbi, oh my! Games Featured: • Gemdancer • Don't Move • Super Amazing Quest Everyone can relax, Friday the 13th has ended. OrangePixel has done it again! Coming next year to PC and consoles if this Kickstarter has anything to say about it, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero stars Shantae, who, after having a nightmarish vision of an ancient evil about to rise, embarks on a platforming action adventure to stop it using her unique abilities. The wind at your hair. Make Games - Making it in Indie Games: Starter Guide. Visualizing the Creative Process.

As I coach new developers, I've taken to scribbling out the same useful diagram for visualizing the creative process again and again on coffee-ringed napkins.

Visualizing the Creative Process

In order to limit my future abuse of culinary paper wares, I've reproduced my images in a more formal fashion in this essay. Using Potential Fields in a Real-time Strategy Game Scenario (Tutorial) Editor’s note: This in-depth article was submitted by Johan Hagelbäck, lecturer and Ph.D. researcher in adaptive game AI.

Using Potential Fields in a Real-time Strategy Game Scenario (Tutorial)

If you’d like to join Johan and myself (Alex J. Champandard) for a live online masterclass (public) on Wednesday, February 4th at 21:00 CET Europe, 15:00 East Coast, then go to for more details. You’ll learn about the key concepts in this tutorial, but also learn how potential fields fit in with high-level AI strategy, dynamic navigation in crowds, and optimizing traditional pathfinding. (These sessions are normally for members only, so don’t miss it!) Bots for RTS games may be very challenging to implement. This is a tutorial about an unconventional planning and navigation method that uses multi-agent potential fields.