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Yupple Technologies is one of the leading digital marketing company based in Delhi with expertise in services such as SEO, SMO, online marketing, digital marketing, and web and mobile software services etc.

The Best Facebook Marketing Strategies for 2019. The most popular website, Facebook welcomes an approximate of 2375 million of users.

The Best Facebook Marketing Strategies for 2019

It’s one of the most popular social media platforms that helps businesses to generate leads and sales. The ultimate reason is that millions and billions are online which allows businesses to target their niche audience. If you’re in business, you can’t ignore digital marketing, especially on Facebook. RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN KEEPING THEIR GAME STRONG ON THE INTERNET. Responsive web design uses fluid grids.


Each and every element of the website are sized by portion, rather than pixels. Website Optimisation: 5 Steps to get more Organic users. Google searches & recommendations alone contribute to over 50% of conversions online.

Website Optimisation: 5 Steps to get more Organic users

Ain’t it a great way to get some for your business? Consumers tend to search all their questions online and major answers are sought through Google & other search engines The easiest way to be on every query asked by the customer is running an expensive Adwords campaign. Digital Marketing Expert :- Yupple Blog. 6 Reasons to Hire Branding Agency when you can hire an experienced brand manager.

Digital Marketing Expert :- Yupple Blog

Every branding campaign is crucial to the business. The success depends on aspects such as: 1. Technical knowledge of how branding works. 2. HOW INSTAGRAM CHANGING THE GAME OF FASHION INDUSTRY? Almost ten years after tech entrepreneur Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched the photo-sharing app – INSTAGRAM!


There is no other platform that has defined visual culture, with such visceral omnipotence, and especially fashion. It has become a circle for photography, retail and media, fashion design, a 24/7 stream of content both intimately personal and subliminally commercial. Beyond the endless artfully composed still lifes, selfies, and inspirational quotes Instagram has become a digital mill of quirky and informative content. There are many reasons to be #grateful and #blessed for Instagram. The very first thing is that Instagram is fun. Who doesn’t like the mindless scrolling and discovery of humour, access and imagery? 7 SKILLS A PRO NEEDS TO SUCCEED IN DIGITAL MARKETING. A digital marketer is like a singer.


Huge competition, a lot of shiny noise instruments and a big audience. Digital marketing simply means understanding the nuances of the new web paradigms and how they interact. It’s about knowing how each of the social and digital platforms operates and interacts with each other and the synergies that create. It raises numerous questions. INTERNET MARKETING TIPS THAT CAN TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL. THE HOW AND WHY OF EXPLORATORY MARKETING: 7 TIPS TO DO IT RIGHT. Exploratory marketing has hit its stride.


What was once viewed as risky or experimental in terms of ROI (Return on Investment) has officially proven its legitimacy with several high-end brands, investing heavily in the field of marketing and achieving massive returns. Experimental itself is giving marketers a chance to become super creative in their approach and engage their target audiences like never before. Do you know there is a right and wrong way to connect with your target demographic? So whether you’re organizing a campaign, immersive pop-up, installation of on-site virtual reality, or a live event, here are a few things that should be kept top of mind to make it work more appropriately, and ultimately deliver out the numbers you’re looking for.

Focus on people and relationship One of the best benefits that often associated with experimental digital marketing is the sense of brand loyalty it creates among its target demographic. Experiences make people happy! Human connection! Watch The Update: New Face Of SEO Linking In 2019. The link building world is dynamic as new tools are continually introduced to the online market, with SEO experts ready to discover that what works the best.

Watch The Update: New Face Of SEO Linking In 2019

In 2019, you need to learn a lot about new tools and ways of link building. Previously link building involves emailing hundreds of people a week, guest posting on numerous sites, and raking in 20–30 links per week. If anyone has been in the game long enough, they’ll know that’s an insane amount of backlinks. So, the question is who is the best SEO provider in India? TEMPLATIZED CONTENT PROMOTIONIn 2015 outreach program, pitching the same three to four topics again and again and especially when the content is written was always original, there was nothing to worry about the articles that had been putting out there.NUMBER GAMESMost of the SEO was using a similar “number games” strategy. Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate Trick For Instant Business Growth. If you own a business, chances are that you’ve already considered using social media marketing to help in the growth of your business.

Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate Trick For Instant Business Growth

In fact, many business owners use sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter to help grow their businesses. And if you are standing on the social sidelines, there’s never been a better time to get started. Social Media Helps In Increasing Brand Recognition. Instagram Marketing: “Fashionista” Turns t “Fashion-Insta”? Instagram is the mobile application designed for story telling which is the Perfect Combination for Fashion and mostly relies on eye catching visuals and graphics. 71% of the Instagram user are under the age of 35 and have a high spending power which works in the favor of Instagram Marketing.

Instagram Marketing: “Fashionista” Turns t “Fashion-Insta”?

Every day over 95 million photos and videos are shared on the Instagram platform on daily basis ultimately leading to audience engagement and developing relationship between brands and their audience. Hashtags, here, play the most important role of audience engagement with the post (the more are the relatable hashtags, the more is the reach and engagement). ADAPTIVE VS RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN- WHICH IS BETTER FOR YOU? Nowadays, responsive web design has become a catch-all term for making the website work well at low resolutions.

Smartphone revolutionized the mobile web. Also, these days tablets are throwing another wrench into the gears with their growing popularity in this dynamic market. With everything being considered, the latest website could be experienced on a low-resolution smartphone, a high-resolution desktop or laptop, or a medium resolution tablet. When you put retina displays into the mix, the screen sizes will start dizzying. Ideally, your website will function gracefully on all of the screen sizes, at any resolution. In the last few years, the website design company has collectively developed a shortlist of common best practices of web designing. Responsive web design is the process of making a website work on very small screens, very large screens, and at any resolution in between.

5 Mind Blowing Web Design Techniques To Attract 100% Web Traffic 2019. Copywriting Guide: SEO Approach Using Keyword Stemming. A hawk-eyed content marketer is synonymous to a sneaky spy who’d try to enter through any window that provides them with a way through the top SERPs.” Keywords are the wheels of search engine optimization. It’s the essence of tying an idea with the result in a meaningful manner. Here are the examples of a business selling a property on an Island: “Revive your soul in the mystic cottage near the shores.” #SocialMediaCreatives : 7 Designing Trends To Follow in 2019. Ensure Success for Your Client: Building PPC Strategies from Scratch. Companies of all sizes pay quite a bit for pay-per-click conversions.

The average cost-per-action (CPA) on Google Ads is $48.96 for the search network and $75.51 for the display network. The companies that are paying these high CPAs are in a variety of industries, but many of them have something in common: they are victims of a paid SEM strategy that creates low conversion rates, missed opportunities, and lost goals. It’s called a template. I know what you’re thinking: Templates are a good thing! How to Multifold E-commerce Conversion Rate? [ 16 GREAT CRO Techniques Explained ] Making It Count- 'Avengers: Endgame' is Inspiring Ultimate Success in Digital Marketing. Surprised, are you? Well, don’t be! We have actually found a tenacious connection between this box-office megahit and digital marketing strategies that every marketer plans around in this world. This awesome cinematic experience that Marvel has presented the viewers with, has surely soared the excitement to a million times. On the other hand, we cannot leave the amazing zealous characters of the series who have special and unique traits to show off.

But where’s the connection? BRANDING 101: 4 Highly Effective Branding Strategies for Small Businesses. “Hey! Congrats on your new business venture that you’re not able to take your mind off from. We get you, pal. It’s getting overwhelming by each day and branding your company’s name is one of the biggest concern you’re highly entailed in. Hence, this article will only talk about how you can significantly impact your business’s popularity. Keep Reading!” Copywriting Guide: SEO Approach Using Keyword Stemming. [2019 Update] Boost Subscribers on YouTube with These 7 Techniques. 5 Digital Marketing Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Do for You. Avoid These 6 Mistakes in your E-commerce Website Development. If there’s anything that is ruling the internet these days it is the E-commerce business. Users today are constantly on a search for their favorite products and e-commerce has given them a way out.

4 Ways to Build A High-Performance Digital Marketing Plan with AI. Suffering Lower Organic Reach on Social Media? This is how you can fix it! Build A Powerful Social Media Influence for Your Brand With 7 Useful Tips. Tips to Keep Your SEO Team Relevant and up to Date with Latest Trends. SEO is often considered an easy field but that doesn't mean that anybody can do the job. Moreover, the field is constantly changing and requires mastering the very many finer details in order to stay relevant. Hence, the importance of the first-hand experience cannot be denied for a better performance. However, weekly tracking, monthly reports, and discussion meetings leave very little or no time to devise and implement a real strategy or learn new practices. By profession, SEO should be considered digital experts but given the huge data in such a less time, makes it difficult to learn the newer techniques in the field of seo.

5 TIPS TO DEVELOP MOBILE APPS FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS. 7 Best Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools - Yuppletech. Power-Packed Combination of Social Media and SEO for Your Business? 10 Year Challenge and The Changing Face of Digital Advertising. Boost Up Your Advertising with Optimization of These Mobile Marketing Trends. Essential Social Media Tips to Grow Your Small Business. How WhatsApp Business App Can Help Improve on Customer Service? Step by Step Guide to Food Delivery App Development.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Every Advertiser Wants to Know. Drive More Organic Traffic To Your E-Commerce Store With SEO Tips. Marketing Tips to Grow your Movers and Packers Business. 7 Best Web Hosting Platforms for Small Business in 2019. New and Improved App Marketing Strategies That will Give You Results. 4 Definite challenges of digital marketing: How an Online Marketing Agency. List of Best Websites to Get Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Fast. How to Pick the Right Web Agency for Your Business Needs? Facebook Ads for Dentists: Bring in More Patients to Your Dental Practice.

What is Growth Hacking? Should It Be Included in The Current Marketing Strategy? 8 Things You Should Never Miss in Your E-commerce Website Design. Get Ready! All New Digital Marketing Trends of 2019. How SEO can Improve Your Hair and Beauty Salon Business? The Complete Guide To Digital Marketing Strategy for Restaurants & Bars. SEO for Photographers: What’s the Game Plan to Stay at The Top? How SEO for Travel Companies can Help you Stay Relevant and Earn Profit? The tour and travel business is flourishing at an unexpected rate.

In fact, it happens to be one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Thanks to the rise of the travel-loving millennial generation, the travel industry has become very competitive. Hence, there is an increased need for SEO for travel companies. so as to get greater visibility and improve the user experience. The Benefit of SEO for Travel Companies Travel SEO can help travel businesses in more than one ways. Get More Customers at Low Cost With the help of SEO, you can easily target customers with travel-related keywords. Better Customer Relationship SEO can also help improve customer relationship. Greater Brand Awareness Your travel website plays an important role in building brand awareness. Perform Local SEO With These Triggering Changes to Your Website Today. Local SEO is like a hot potato these days.

Video Optimization - A Neglected SEO Path for Achieving Higher Ranking. Whenever we hear the word SEO the very first thought which comes in the mind is optimizing the “written content”. 9 Ways You can Use Wearable App Development - Yupple. Given the technological advancement, wearable app development is the latest big thing. Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media Marketing?

How To Get Your Local Business Noticed Online? The evolution of a brick and mortar shop into an online one is fastly gaining its pace. With billions of customers out there, it’s no wonder that every businessman wants to be a part of this online realm. The Importance of Digital Marketing and Why You Need A Strategy for The Same? View. 4 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018 - Yuppletech. Benefits of Professional SEO for Your Company. Alert You have 0 notification.Click details for more information. Why You Should Hire an SEO Company? Seo is an extremely important factor for the success of any company. It is also one of the most misunderstood terms in the world of marketing and perhaps that is the reason why most companies choose to outsource their SEO so as to get the maximum benefit from it. An experienced SEO company India will help you improve your ranking on search engine result pages, increase sale as well as the number of customer. Create a Powerful Digital Marketing plan in 8 Simple Steps - Yuppletech.

The Importance of Digital Marketing and Why You Need A Strategy for The Same? Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Online Business. Turn Leads to Customers: 5 Digital Marketing Hacks for Every Business. Is Social Media Marketing Truly Effective for A Small Business? Grow Up your E-commerce Business with these 12 Incredible Strategies. Social Media Marketing Companies in India. Social Media Advertising - Yupple Technologies. How to Get Customers For Your Business. Social Media Advertising - Yupple Technologies. How To Find The Best SEO Provider For Your Business Needs?

Transform Your E-Commerce Fashion Business with digital marketing tips. Landing Pages & Its Importance in Google AdWords. SEO Techniques That Should Never be A Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy. 10 Advanced Tips for Website Speed Optimization. Yupple Technologies Offer the Best Web Solutions. 6 Marvellous Tips to Drive Customers Towards Your Online Store. The Science Of Performing Search Engine Optimization.

Yupple Technologies has got Your Business Goals Covered. Internet Marketing Strategies For Your Business. 10 Easy Steps to Boost the Sale of Your Product Online Before Even Create It. Yupple Technologies Ushers Improved Conversion Rate Optimization For Brands. Yupple Technologies - Web development, E-commerce, iOS, Android and Digital Marketing, SEO. Bring your dermatology practice into limelight with these 8 marketing techniques. Look out for these 10 useful tips to apply to perform law firm SEO. Which CMS Platform is Best for E-commerce? Which is the Best E-commerce Platform for your Store? Find Out Now.

How to Line up Your Business with Customers through Digital Marketing Methods? How LinkedIn Hashtags Help in Doubling Up Your Business Visibility? How do I Develop a Mobile Application for an Online E-commerce Web Store? Innovative Ways To Promote Hospitals Online – Marketing Strategy. Want To Hike Up Your Hotel Business? Consider These 10 Useful Marketing Tactics.