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I Make Money Online By Telling People How I Make Money Online. Hot In Yuma Arizona. Earn Money with Niche Marketing and Affiliate Programs. Earn Money with Niche Marketing and Affiliate Programs.

Earn Money with Niche Marketing and Affiliate Programs.

This week let’s talk about driving sales through niche marketing, The first key to successful niche marketing is reaching your prospective customer at the right point in their decision making process. Your Social Media Hanshake Should Be Firm. When dealing with people who are just getting started in their social media marketing you will have people come along who have maybe been online a couple years and they have added countless people through peer discovery to their friends and follow list.

Your Social Media Hanshake Should Be Firm

Peer discovery in social media is when Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest show you groups of people followed by people you already know. For many they have gotten in the habit of clicking through and sending the friend request despite the warnings without actually knowing the other person. The major problem with this is that neither you or this other person are vested in the relationship. You can’t tell from searching on Facebook for people with network marketing mentioned on their feed or interest if the person will genuinely connect with you or be interested in more than showing you the business they are already in. How To Get Results From Traffic Exchanges. I have owned two traffic exchanges and used them somewhat for over a decade and I can tell you that they are a challenge for getting results out of.

How To Get Results From Traffic Exchanges

Getting the traffic is easy, you trade 3 times the effort for 1/3 the return or you upgrade for a better surf ratio. You can surf around 240 sites an hour in the average Traffic Exchange and as a free member with a 1:3 surfing ratio you will earn 80 visitors to your site per exchange per hour. Creating Social Media Engagement and Going Viral. This week we are going to talk about content creation and how to draw followers and friends to your profile and get them to engage you and share your content.

Creating Social Media Engagement and Going Viral

See social media can be a great place to meet people who are interested in your business but the fact is 9 of 10 people you meet in your first 30 days will not be right for your business or ready for your product, but they may know someone who is. Your Social Media Handshake Should Be Firm People do not pass along advertisements to each other with Social Media. People do however share thought provoking questions, informative quotes, amazing stories, funny meme, photos, music, and feedback on current events. SEOPressor V5 released with Facebook Open Graph Update. Upgraded WordPress SEO Plugin Released to Send Marketers to the Top of Google Searches After 2 years, SEOPressor has decided to step up its game with 5 new features.

SEOPressor V5 released with Facebook Open Graph Update

Apart from bringing websites of any niche to the number 1 position on Google, it now offers more for on-page SEO. SEOPressor had caused quite a stir in the Internet market because of its claims since its release 2 years ago. To be able to bring any WordPress website of any niche to the coveted #1 position on the Google search engines is a bold claim but to date, SEOPressor has justified that claim by becoming the most highly rated plugin for over 40,000 satisfied WordPress users on the Internet. The newly released SEO WordPress plugin, now offers 5 new features to give online marketers a greater competitive edge for on-page SEO. The updated SEOPressor also comes with Facebook Open Graph tags and Twitter card integration, which apparently helps in social SEO. Follow these topics: Blogging, SEO, WordPress SEO. Free Online Marketing Training. Not to brag, but for the last 10 years I have been a pro blogger, online marketer, money-making affiliate, webmaster, SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing specialist.

Free Online Marketing Training

In short a Jack of all trades while being co-owner of multiple social media networks, a search engine, and a PPC Advertising Network. My articles and mentoring have led countless marketers down the path to varying degrees of success when they applied my training. OK, for many those numbers don’t mean anything because you simply don’t know that a top 40K website on Alexa generates around 2 Million monthly page views worth of traffic. Featured Arizona E-store - Grandma's Lullabye Loft. Is Google Plus working for you?Hot In Yuma. Are you repeating your social media mistakes with Google Plus or have you learned the lesson of Social Media Engagement?

Is Google Plus working for you?Hot In Yuma

As a marketer and online business owner I bought and borrowed my share of e-books on Social Media and went after fast results cheap. My MySpace at it’s peak had 2900 friends, my tagged over 8,000, my Apsense several hundred, like my LinkedIn which promised 5 generations of connectivity putting this guy’s voice on the wire to millions. I was even near capacity on Facebook Friends and have accounts on hundreds of smaller networks and forums. I followed all the best gossip rags, news feeds, and quotes on Twitter and got me 7K+ Followers. Social Media Is Selfish Dude. Some people fail to grasp the concept that social media is best for business when it’s not about business at all.

Social Media Is Selfish Dude

They go through their days posting advertising and articles describing the sites they use and get paid from and wonder why the last 5,000 post didn’t make them a success. I mean isn’t quantity worth anything these days? Am I failing at Social Media Engagement? People don’t go onto Facebook or MySpace to shop, buy, join, etc.. They come to share. 4 Quick Methods to Monetize Blogs. First off we need to discuss what a blog is for those who do not know.

4 Quick Methods to Monetize Blogs

A Blog is like a online diary of thought and blogs are widely considered the New Media allowing the average person to become a source for news, opinion, and invention. Bloggers are working hard to turn ideas into workable plans to solve a wide range of social and political issues. As a result blogs and bloggers build a following of subscribers who share similar thoughts and feelings to the author. Monetizing a blog takes time as traffic and readership increase. The methods however are as follows. Pay Per Click Advertising – Google Adsense will display ads related to the content on the blog and when a reader clicks on the advertising and is sent to the advertisers website the blogger is credited with a portion of the bid price for that click.

In addition to the blog based earnings I am currently developing a website to offer social media marketing and search engine optimization services. Follow these topics: Blogging. Bridging the Gap in Yuma Arizona. Make money with affiliate marketing. … I Make Money Online By Telling People How I Make Money Online – John Chow dot Com.

Brawley Eartquake has Yuma Rocking. Sunday afternoon at 1:58PM the ground shook for many Yuma residents.

Brawley Eartquake has Yuma Rocking

While I didn’t feel it my oldest daughter did and we all just thought she 89 World Series interrupted by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in San Francisco California. My wife was one of the survivors having been tossed to the ground from the hood of a car she was sitting on. imagined it because everyone else was too busy to notice the earth move. The earthquake was centered 2 miles south to southwest of Brawley, or about 11 miles northeast of El Centro California. An earlier quake of magnitude 5.3 hit at 12:32 PM 3 miles northwest of Brawley and throughout the evening there were aftershocks ranging from magnitude 2.5 to 4.9 on the Richter Scale. Yuma and Lake Havasu flooding leaves 1 dead. 7 Flares 7 Flares × Police Sgt. Joe Harrold says the death occurred Friday night as heavy rain and flooding hit parts of the city. West Nile Virus in Yuma County Arizona. According to the report in the Yuma Sun a recent study by the Yuma County Public Health District has found 42% of tested Mosquitos to be infected with West Nile Virus.

A series of special traps were place, 14 in all from the Cocopah Bend to Dome Valley. Some of the traps were damaged by recent thunderstorms and flooding in the area so the percentage of Mosquitoes in Yuma County with the virus may be less or more than 42 percent. West Nile Virus is a serious illness that has become a seasonal concern of epidemic proportions in North America. The outbreaks occur mostly in the summer and early fall each year. While most people experience no ill effects being bitten by infected Mosquitos about 20% of the population is at risk. Symptoms include fever, abdominal pain, muscle aches, lack of appetite, diarrhea , Swollen glands, vomiting, and nausea.

Yuma County Arizona Job Fair. Wednesday August 29th from 9AM to 1PM YPIC will host a Yuma Private Industry Council Job Fair. There will be over 50 employers in attendance and taking applications and doing interviews on the spot. For a county with 31.2% unemployment this is music to many ears so come early. Job fair location: Pivot Point Conference Center.