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I love playing with my 3 dogs - ginger, tummy, and honesto.

8 Fun Summer Activities to Do with Your Kids at Home. How to take care your sunglasses? - I love Sunglasses. 11 Tips on How to Handle Outsourcing Security Risks. Hiring an outsourcing company has become the norm.

11 Tips on How to Handle Outsourcing Security Risks

However, one of the still overlooked problems of outsourcing is security. It is not just a simple “ceremony” of giving the reign to your chosen outsourcing provider and letting them do as they please. Hold up. Don’t expect everything to be smooth sailing if you let them call the shots. Mismanaging or totally leaving the management of outsourcing suppliers out could be the biggest mistake that vendors could make according to Paul Simmonds, a global information security director at a chemical supplier company, on an interview for ComputerWeekly.

How are you going to manage your outsourcing provider? Here are the tips to mitigate security risks of outsourcing: The items above lie on the technical side of outsourcing security measures but did you know that these countermeasures are more effective once you try everything in a holistic approach? “Just because you outsource, it does not mean the problem has gone away. The Pitfalls of a Miscalculated Outsourcing Relationship. BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) companies are not all created equal.

The Pitfalls of a Miscalculated Outsourcing Relationship

They have their own strengths and weaknesses that may cause a ripple effect in your business. Their strengths are fully-welcomed but the weaknesses can be landmines waiting to detonate once you’ve set a wrong foot on it. Failing to detect the weaknesses of your chosen BPO company is an instant ticket to your downfall and one of many probable causes to close your business. And that’s just one of the landmines or mistakes you should avoid; here are the other pitfalls of outsourcing you must be aware of: Choosing the cheapest provider. Storage Warehouse: 5 Factors to consider when finding Warehouse. In trading business, stock is one of the important pieces to make the company operates.

Storage Warehouse: 5 Factors to consider when finding Warehouse

This is why business finds warehouses where they will place the supplies. This is one reason why it is important in this kind of industry. Mostly, space and location are the primary factors does the businesses consider when dealing with a secure storage facility. But sometimes they on those two features and forget the other requirements.

There are lots of quality needs to be considered to secure that you got the right storage and it will discuss it below. Advantages of Working from Home and Establishing an Ideal Home Workstation – Office Menu. Executive chairs, in today’s time, are not just pieces of office furniture that we can find in an workplace environment.

Advantages of Working from Home and Establishing an Ideal Home Workstation – Office Menu

As we move forward to the internet age, we can now find them in the comforts of our own home as working from home has become a convenient option for businesses and job hunters alike. Online shops and freelancing have become very relevant because accessing the internet has become easier with the boom of smart phones and mobile data service in the Philippines. Social Networking Sites has also become a venue in establishing online businesses with its amazing features. Facebook has even introduced sale groups that allow users to put up items for sale for other users to see. 7 Rules Every Outsourcing Relationship Must Abide by to Avoid Fallout - BPO Centro. Outsourcing services to another company, especially, to a foreign one is a hard pill to swallow.

7 Rules Every Outsourcing Relationship Must Abide by to Avoid Fallout - BPO Centro

It is one of the hardest business strategies to implement and maintain. Who wouldn’t be apprehensive to entrust a function of your organization to a complete stranger, even though that stranger is a well-known company in the outsourcing industry? Outsourcing is all about taking you have to set pre-emptive measures to be able to handle those risks.

Are there rules or guidelines that both parties could follow to have a healthy and proactive outsourcing relationship? In ComputerWeekly, Martyn Hart posted a ten-point rule for successful outsourcing. Eye and Checkup // Interesting Facts You might not have Known about... How to become a Seafarer or Seaman? The Tetris Effect: Eye-Poppin’ Mind-Bogglers – EyeWanders. No eye checkup could ever fathom this bizarre medical/psychological condition.

The Tetris Effect: Eye-Poppin’ Mind-Bogglers – EyeWanders

It may be a trick of an eye or simple case of hallucination or mere illusion, yet it has some sort of scientific explanation. Maritime Adventure on the Sea: Maritime Schools Accredited by MARINA and CHED. Maritime Schools in the Philippines.

Maritime Adventure on the Sea: Maritime Schools Accredited by MARINA and CHED

It’s More Than a Philippine Science Review. Taking up a Philippine Science review program at one of the credible tutorial centers in the Philippines is not just a ticket to enter the number one secondary school in the country – the Philippine Science High School—it may also be one of the avenues to join (and win) the world’s largest international pre-college science competition, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF).

It’s More Than a Philippine Science Review

It is an annual program facilitated by Society for Science & the Public (SSP). Every year, Intel ISEF gathers many young aspiring scientists—high school students—from 75 participating countries, regions, and territories to showcase their extraordinary science projects. The students don’t just compete for the prestigious title and the $4 million worth of prizes. The selection process starts from the local, regional/state, and lastly, to the national level where every high school participates in a SSP-affiliated science fair. Is our country an active participant in such events? Dive all over the Philippines: The Hidden Paradise of Iloilo. Have you booked a promo ticket at Air Asia or Cebu Pacific for your Iloilo Adventure?

Dive all over the Philippines: The Hidden Paradise of Iloilo

You should, there are lots adventures waiting for you. Don’t forget to find affordable hotel in Iloilo. Iloilo is known as the heart of the Philippines and when you visit the province, you will be inlove to its exotic beauty. Top Maritime Schools in the Philippines. Summit Circle Cebu. The hotel is conveniently located on top of Robinsons Fuente Mall and is within short driving distance to Cebu’s key attractions: Magellan’s Cross, Basilica del Sto.

Summit Circle Cebu

Nino, Taboan Market, Cebu’s pristine white beaches and diving sites, just to name a few. At Summit Circle Cebu, every effort is made to make you feel comfortable. While staying at this newly refurbished property, you can enjoy the business center, an ala carte restaurant, airport transfer, room service, and free Wi-Fi. The hotel is also ideally located for those who want to experience the city’s bustling nightlife, from cheap & cheerful street food vendors to chic cosmopolitan nightclubs and lounge bars and Cebu’s local products. Summit Ridge Tagaytay. Of the 108 rooms with stunning views of Taal Volcano, eighteen (18) suites feature two bedrooms, living room and kitchen area.

Etch Coatings. Water Activities in the Philippines: How to enjoy Catamaran boats. Catamaran boats are designed for fishing purposes, but as the days go on, their uses are getting broader. Real Estate Agent for Philippines Properties. Corporate and Luxury Car Services in Sydney. Customized Furniture For You. Best Place to live.: Advantages of Owning a Condo. Antibody mRNA Sequencing - Creative Biolabs. Creative Biolabs has established a solid platform for DNA sequencing of both IgG and IgM types of monoclonal antibodies produced by mouse and rat hybridoma cell lines. The sequences of a monoclonal antibody are important for patent protection and therapeutic approval.

Tents 4 Events - Gold Coast / Brisbane Marquee, Tents & Party Hire. Wireless ISP (WISP) Billing and Automation Software. 9 things should be check on an vehicle. A car is one of the rewards someone could receive unexpectedly. We often use this type of vehicle when we are going to work and even on weekends to spend time with our family. We feel safer when we drive or travel our own car, but it requires taking good care of it in order to have a smooth travel and to keep it running in a perfect condition.

Modern Wedding Invitations - Huetopia Design - Huetopia Design. Modern themed weddings are the big thing in wedding preparations and motif nowadays. As with any themed wedding, the most important thing is consistency of style and concept. Huetopia Designs makes sure this consistency is always met through the unique wedding invitations you’d send to get your guests in the themes vibe. The best Wedding Videographer in the Philippines.


Picture: Beyond Imagination. Superior Auto Styling – Rims / Mag Wheels & Tires.