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Download Python - Iceweasel The current production versions are Python 3.4.0 and Python 2.7.6. Start with one of these versions for learning Python or if you want the most stability; they're both considered stable production releases. If you don't know which version to use, try Python 3.4. Some existing third-party software is not yet compatible with Python 3; if you need to use such software, you can download Python 2.7.x instead. For the MD5 checksums and OpenPGP signatures, look at the detailed Python 3.4.0 page: For the MD5 checksums and OpenPGP signatures, look at the detailed Python 2.7.6 page:
My little python based game - YouTube - Iceweasel
Python Tutorial (1) Installing - YouTube - Iceweasel
Python Tutorial (2) Variables - YouTube - Iceweasel
Python Tutorial (3) Functions and Help - YouTube - Iceweasel
Python Tutorial (4) | Creating Functions - YouTube - Iceweasel
Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute and sell this software and its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without fee, provided that the below copyright notice appears in all copies and that both the copyright notice and this permission notice appear in supporting documentation. Silicon Graphics makes no representations about the suitability of this software for any purpose. It is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. Copyright © 1994 Hewlett-Packard Company Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide

Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide

Learn C++

Learn C++ Welcome to! is a totally free website devoted to teaching you to program in C++. Whether you’ve had any prior experience programming or not, the tutorials on this site will walk you through all the steps you’ll need to know in order to create and compile your programs. Becoming an expert programmer won’t happen overnight, but with a little patience, you’ll get there. And will show you the way. Don’t miss the new tutorials on C++11 in Appendix B!
C++ Language Tutorial

C++ Language Tutorial

Search: Not logged in C++ Language These tutorials explain the C++ language from its basics up to the newest features introduced by C++11. Chapters have a practical orientation, with example programs in all sections to start practicing what is being explained right away.
Instructions for use Instructions for use The essential tools needed to follow these tutorials are a computer and a compiler toolchain able to compile C++ code and build the programs to run on it. C++ is a language that has evolved much over the years, and these tutorials explain many features added recently to the language. Therefore, in order to properly follow the tutorials, a recent compiler is needed. It shall support (even if only partially) the features introduced by the 2011 standard. Many compiler vendors support the new features at different degrees. See the bottom of this page for some compilers that are known to support the features needed.
Vectors are sequence containers representing arrays that can change in size. Just like arrays, vectors use contiguous storage locations for their elements, which means that their elements can also be accessed using offsets on regular pointers to its elements, and just as efficiently as in arrays. But unlike arrays, their size can change dynamically, with their storage being handled automatically by the container. vector vector
The C++ programming language consists of a vocabulary of commands that humans can understand and that can be converted into machine language fairly easily and a language structure (or grammar) that allows humans to combine these C++ commands into a program that actually does something (well, maybe does something) The vocabulary is often known as the semantics, while the grammar is the syntax. What's a program? A C++ program is a text file containing a sequence of C++ commands put together according to the laws of C++ grammar. An Introduction to C++ An Introduction to C++
Expressions and Declarations in C++ Programming Expressions and Declarations in C++ Programming To perform a calculation in the C=++ program you need and expression. An expression is a statement that has both a value and a type. In the C++ program, a declaration is statement that defines a variable or it’s a “holding tank” for some sort of value like a number or character. Expressions Expressions take one of the following forms:
Working with Functions in C++ Developers often need the ability to break programs up into smaller chunks that are easier to develop. "Real world" programs can be many of thousands (or millions!) of lines long. Working with Functions in C++
Cheat Sheet C++ is not an easy language to master. Only through experience will the myriad combinations of symbols start to seem natural to you. However, this Cheat Sheet can give you a few hints to help ease that transition from C++ beginner to C++ guru. How to Read a Complex C++ Expression Beginning Programming with C++ For Dummies Cheat Sheet
C++ Tutorial 1: Intro to the C++ Language
C++ Tutorial 2: Variables in a program
C++ Tutorial 3: Operators Pt. 1
C++ Tutorial 3: Operators pt. 2
C++ Tutorial 4 pt. 1: Decision Making with if statements
C++ Tutorial 4 pt. 2: Decision Making with if statements
C++ Tutorial 4 pt. 3: While statements and looping
C++ Tutorial 5: Intro to For Looping
It was originally formulated in 1965 by Edsger Dijkstra as a student exam exercise, presented in terms of computers competing for access to tape drive peripherals. Soon after, Tony Hoare gave the problem its present formulation.[1][2][3] Problem statement[edit] Dining philosophers problem
The ABCs of Writing C++ Classes
Tips and Tricks for Using C++ I/O (input/output)
Getting Started with Visual Studio | MSDN
Walkthrough: Working with Projects and Solutions (C++)
Visual C++ Guided Tour
Visual C++ Walkthroughs
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