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Out of Eve Out of Eve is a web application which allows you to keep complete track of your Eve characters and corporations, when you're not in Eve. Because it's web-based, all you need is a browser and internet access to keep tabs on your market orders, transactions, assets, manufacturing jobs, training, starbases, etc. Out of Eve supports multiple characters across as many Eve accounts as you'd like, supports a full range of Eve personal and corporate API data, full item and ship reference, as well as a number of useful out-of-game utilities. Out of Eve
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Seriöser GTC Shop - EVE Online Zitat von Sto VoKorIch steh auf dem Schlauch. Wie ist das mit 100 Tage gemeint? Im Shop sehe ich nur die Standards. Seriöser GTC Shop - EVE Online
Prometheus Production LTD.
s Musing: The EVE Online Blog Pack Getting A Great Smile With Dental Veneers February 11, 2014 Ever wanted perfectly white teeth? Dental veneers can help you achieve this goal. A dental veneer is a thin shell made of ceramic or other materials that are applied on the teeth. They make the teeth look white and in some cases straighter. s Musing: The EVE Online Blog Pack
» Eve in 2d… See the Eve Universe in all its glorious 2d goodness.“…demystifies the EVE universe.” - EveMag Easier to use than the in-game map, you can easily find whatever information you require. From simple asteroid belt counts in systems near you, to an alternative route to avoid that gatecamp. Download the .pdf, and you have all the regions at your fingertips. Get the latest version (v3.65) here. » Eve in 2d…
Map of military development indices in Tribute. I mentioned in passing in the last article about ratting that some systems are better for it than others . All 0.0 systems in EVE are characterized by “development indices” on three axes: military, industrial, and strategic. The first two indices directly effect how well you can farm in the system. The higher the military index, the more cosmic anomalies will spawn in the system. Jump On Contact | The fascinating world of EVE Online, explored and explained. Jump On Contact | The fascinating world of EVE Online, explored and explained.