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Artistieke kaarten en netwerken - Jeroen Hollander Art. Jeroen Hollander. Adresse:

Jeroen Hollander

New York City. Accueil / Twitter. Accueil / Twitter. Accueil / Twitter. Accueil / Twitter. Accueil / Twitter. Home - They Draw & Travel. China (Seen from the direction of Guam) (1) incredible map - Recherche sur Twitter / Twitter. Imgur. Untitled. Untitled. Japanese Map of the World from 1932. Untitled. EQsAb nUwAEqBLt. Test de «map art» avec mes élèves de seconde pro, à mi chemin entre la cartographie et le land art! Élèves impliqués, passionnés, étonnés! @lyceeaderbernay… Vanessa Barragao. Gorgeous vintage (1976) map shows the reliefs of the ocean floors and the land cover. Great work by @AmericanGeo. I would love having this in my living room. Source. #tbt my 6th graders' cardboard #topo models before Thanksgiving break □ #cartography4kids #learnbydoing #GISteacher… Untitled. Color By Number: The Gorgeous, Obsessive U.S. Maps of Paula Scher.

Maps are a supremely satisfying, intuitive way to understand the world—something about connecting information to a sense of place, in context of where we live or what we think we know about our surroundings, is remarkably powerful.

Color By Number: The Gorgeous, Obsessive U.S. Maps of Paula Scher

Though we tend to expect maps to be purveyors of location-based truths, that's for sure not the only way to experience them. For Paula Scher, a graphic designer and longtime partner at design firm Pentagram by day and obsessive map painter the other half of the time, maps aren't necessarily a way to convey literal information, but an opportunity to evoke emotions and deeper thought. Scher's latest show, U.S.A. —featuring 10 U.S. maps frenetically painted through provocative lenses like population demographics, extreme weather, real estate prices, and more—has deliberately touched down during a presidential election year.

And they're the kind of maps that really get people talking. Antoine Corbineau - Antoine Corbineau. Nostalgie du #FIG2018? Replongez dans l'ambiance des pays nordiques avec ma nouvelle carte sur l'#Islande #STINARTO #lagéocasedessine. Retour sur un des ouvrages de Jules Vernes : le tour du monde en 80 jours #STINARTO #lagéocasedessine. This is not an atlas. □✂️□ — Un atlas où toutes les terres ont été découpées, par Fabio Morais (2007)… GIS Day and PostGIS Day Coming Up #gisday #postgisday GIS. Who says #GIS is not fun?! □□❤️… Urban-lights. Un métro sous la peau. YouTube. Radicalcartography. Pablo Raison a dessiné une incroyable carte de France et depuis c'est l'engouement sur les réseaux sociaux. A seulement 19 ans, @RaisonPablo est la nouvelle star du dessin.… Don't know if it has been posted, but I think it's pretty cool. Que la montagne est belle...! ♫ #lagéocasedessine… Je suis fier de vous présenter la ville de Pummel Éen, une ville fictive, sur un format raisin (50×65), le tout en 2 semaines... Petit thread ci dessous, pour vous raconter l'histoire de cette ville⬇️…

Stinarto. La carte de France est enfin terminée et elle est trop belle !… Untitled. Justine vignat. Cartothèque. Cyowari. Untitled. Flowing City Map on Behance. I started this series for an exhibition on the theme of the identity of cities and their inhabitants.

Flowing City Map on Behance

The exhibition took place in Venice, in December 2014 (website). The final pictures are 70cm square, printed on acrylic glass.I wanted to represent the influence of cities on their environment as a kind of invisible fluid that overflows from the city to its surrounding.I retrieved city maps which I then used in World Machine as if they were 3D terrain. I've mixed the maps with procedural terrains in order to get the erosion flow I wanted. I then retrieved the "erosion flow map" and I postworked it in Photoshop to give a unique identity to each city. Edit:After the Venice exhibition, I've been requested to make a bigger exhibition, who requested more pieces. Paper Sculptures. Mapping and Visualization - Scott Reinhard.

Shrill Mapping and Visualization Exhibition Identities Demonstrating Augmented Reality Shape Shape Shape Shape This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s Algorithmic Aesthetics.

Mapping and Visualization - Scott Reinhard

Arlin Ortiz. Arlin Ortiz, l'artiste qui dessine des cartes imaginaires. Un artiste publie sur TumblR des cartes de mondes imaginaires.

Arlin Ortiz, l'artiste qui dessine des cartes imaginaires

Les cartes ont toujours eu un rôle central dans les histoires impliquant des mondes fantastiques. Du Seigneur des Anneaux à la saga vidéoludique de Warcraft, chaque monde nous a fait rêver avec une cartographie variée et fascinante. Untitled. Priscilla Spencer. DVbYPdXWsAALkS. EC vfgTUEAAexDz. Maposaurus Rex… Bear projection #Map #Maps #TerribleMaps #Terriblemap… United states of Pixelated. Ha. This Map Charts the Complex Landscape of an Artist's Face. It isn’t unusual to come across maps of fictional worlds or mistaken regions explorers once thought were real.

This Map Charts the Complex Landscape of an Artist's Face

But in the case of the map above, the creator intentionally charts an entire land that—literally—only exists in his head. On November 8, 1973, the Israeli artist Michael Druks mapped Druksland, a cartographic display capturing his life story. Outlining the shape of his head, Druks’ conceptual map incorporates features you would see on a topographical map, including coordinates, bodies of water, and a map legend. Yet the map also serves as an unconventional self-portrait, the coordinates corresponding to major life events, significant people, and important institutions. Druks shows how the contours of a face could be a more complex terrain than any geology on Earth. “In this work, Druks’s head turns into a topographic expanse,” wrote Galia Bar Or for the Michael Druks: Travels in Druksland exhibit at the Museum of Art Ein-Harod. Human Geographies by Ed Fairburn. What's your favorite kind of map and where do you source them?

Human Geographies by Ed Fairburn

I like a map that's easy to fold away, but I don't let that influence my choice. I'll either source my maps from charity shops or old book shops - we have lots of both here in the UK. If I'm working on a specific commission I'll usually source a map on the internet to make the most suitable choice, in terms of the location. Ed Fairburn » Luner See/Austria. Ed Fairburn. This #map charts the complex landscape of an artist's face! DOATzXjWAAEiTSw.