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How PTSD Affects Veterans and Their Families. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a persistent psychological disorder in which a person who has recently been subjected to an extremely traumatic experience is involuntarily reliving the traumatic event.

How PTSD Affects Veterans and Their Families

It is the mind’s natural defense mechanism that allows us to “prepare” so we can react adequately the next time it happens. However, mental health services in Pennsylvania will attest that this persistent recalling of the traumatic experience is actually counter-productive. In the case of war veterans, a sudden loud noise may suddenly trigger the traumatic memory of combat due to its similarity to sounds of battle. As a result, they may start being agitated or suddenly act out the memory as PTSD makes one forget where or he/she is.

In their minds, they’re thrust in the middle of battle once again and not in a peaceful setting. This can be very stressful to the veteran and the people around him or her. The Stress Brought About by COVID-19 in Children. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside-down.

The Stress Brought About by COVID-19 in Children

Our daily routines became quite different than they used to be, and the suspension of businesses found many without jobs. As expected, a pandemic on this scale will affect all of us mentally. So much so that some of us may need mental health services in Pennsylvania. Your young children and teenagers are not exempt from mental health issues brought about by the pandemic.

They are particularly susceptible to the mental stress of having to deal with sudden change. We at , in our capacity as a provider of psychological services in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, provide you with the following tips to help your children cope: How Stress Affects Mental Health. People often ask us at what things that affect mental health.

How Stress Affects Mental Health

In our experience as one of the leading providers of mental health services in Pennsylvania, we can say that stress is one of the primary determinants of mental health. Stress can either be one-time events or repeated, routine occurrences. People, generally, can cope easily with stressors that are one-time and short-term. The danger lies in long-term chronic stress. Long-term stress can cause disruptions in the body’s various functions – immune, circulatory, cardiovascular, and mental. There are many ways to deal with stress, including but not limited to regular exercise, timely breaks, time management, and socialization. The Marriage Advantage. Marriage is one of society’s oldest contracts.

The Marriage Advantage

It is a contract between two individuals to spend the rest of their lives together in support of each other. But why should couples marry? Well, any competent psychoanalyst will tell you that there are plenty of benefits to getting married? Including better mental health. But why is this so? Are you and your partner thinking about tying the knot? Overcoming the Pain of Infidelity. Finding out that your spouse has an illicit relationship with someone else can already cause you to go into a tailspin, according to a psychoanalyst in Pennsylvania.

Overcoming the Pain of Infidelity

You will experience a myriad of despairing emotions that you practically see your dreams of a happy home and everlasting love crumbling into dust. Some victims of the affair respond to the unthinkable situation by blaming themselves for not being enough. Others blame the one who committed the act and the third party involved in doing the deed without much thought or consideration for the ones they can hurt in the process. While some married couples work things out, others decide to end their relationship. Whichever may be the case, they must seek professional counseling so that they can cope with the trauma and move on to living a healthier life as better and happier individuals. How Grief Leads to Depression. Losing a loved one is never easy and it’s natural to feel pain and grief.

How Grief Leads to Depression

It will probably take a lot of time for us to heal from grief and sorrow. However, in some cases for other people, they chose to stay in the same phase and let grief take over their life where they began to feel hopeless and worthless. Thus, it starts to affect their life and create great damage not just physically but also mentally. Reasons Why You Should Seek Couples Counseling. Many believe that only couples on the brink of divorce seek couples counseling.

Reasons Why You Should Seek Couples Counseling

Although some people think couples counseling as the last resort, seeking the professional help of a psychoanalyst is not a sign of losing hope in a relationship. Sometimes, couples just need help to sort out their problems no matter how small. Here are some reasons to seek couples counseling according to Negative communication If you find that you and your partner find it difficult to initiate positive communication or either of you feels insecure, depressed, or withdrawn, you can call a couples therapist in your area.Roommate situation A roommate situation is when a couple shares a living space, and their romantic relationship turns to becoming “roommates.”

Is Self-care Important? In this modern day and age, almost everyone is busy with so many different things.

Is Self-care Important?

Because we lack time, we tend to put our health and wellness last on our list of priorities. It is often neglected. Self-care may sound a little selfish and inconsiderate for some people but it is truly very important.