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5 Essential Things to Consider When Purchasing a pH Meter. A pH meter is an instrument that measures the acidity or alkalinity in water solutions, and is typically found in all laboratories, from schools to commercial and industrial labs.

5 Essential Things to Consider When Purchasing a pH Meter

Used in various sectors including agriculture, healthcare, food and beverages, water analysis and more, pH meters are essential for checking and ensuring a product’s quality and consistency. Accuracy pH meters typically range from ±0.1 pH to ±0.001 pH, and it’s valuable to know which type of accuracy you’ll need. For example, schools may need less accurate pH meters than actual research laboratories. This is due to the fact that research labs need the most accurate results to ensure their solution readings are where they need to be. 2. Every pH meter needs to be calibrated before use to ensure accurate readings. Making Bathrooms More Accessible. Across the globe, companies and businesses are increasing their awareness of meeting the unique needs of individuals regardless of their abilities.

Making Bathrooms More Accessible

In order to help reach every possible customer with professional service, businesses must update their facilities to serve thoseneeding extra accessibility. To help companies adapt their facilities to help customers, stainless steel manufacturing company Britex offers a wide range of accessibility-focused bathroom warehouse, bathroom fixtures and products.

Understanding Urinals & Their Flushing Systems. For men, urinals are commonplace in life.

Understanding Urinals & Their Flushing Systems

They exist in restaurants, sporting venues, and various commercial locations around the globe. Yet few understand how urinals operate. For business owners and property managers, understanding the ways that urinals and flushing systems operate – and the ways that their functionality can be increased – is important for ensuring that utility costs remain low. A durable urinal can also help increase the lifespan of your bathroom, helping you keep business overhead low.

While you may have never considered researching systems, researching the available options can help you make informed decisions for your property. Exposed Cistern Urinal Systems vs. Modern urinal systems are installed as one of two styles: exposed or concealed cistern. Concealed Cistern Urinal SystemsFor those wishing to hide the sparge pipes from view, concealed cistern urinal systems are built directly into the wall or backing material itself. What is the Difference Between a Close Coupled Toilet and a Back to Wall Toilet? When selecting the right toilets for your industrial or commercial space, you must decide between a few options.

What is the Difference Between a Close Coupled Toilet and a Back to Wall Toilet?

Toilet Suites & Taps for Bayside Council NSW Public Amenities. Britex recently had the opportunity to work with Bayside Council NSW on two projects in Sydney.

Toilet Suites & Taps for Bayside Council NSW Public Amenities

AS Tanner Reserve in Sydney’s southern suburb of Monterey was due for an upgrade, which included four public toilets, an accessible toilet with baby change table, an ambulant toilet, an Indoor/Community Space, external handwash and bubbler, covered area, and an operational lunch room. Over at Ador Ave Reserve in Sydney’s southern suburb of Rockdale, the construction of a new amenities building included six unisex public toilets including one ambulant toilet, an accessible toilet with baby change facilities, service corridor, referee’s room with shower and toilet, canteen, two change rooms with toilets and showers, a concrete hand wash trough, bubblers, and other facilities.

The following bathroom accessories were used: Britex S.S. Centurion Accessible Toilet Pan (PCD) Black Vandal Resistant Closed Front Toilet Seat (SVRC-B) Britex S.S. 90 Degree Ambulant Grab Rails (BTR-01-058) Why You Need Regular Scale Maintenance. Scales are relied upon in many different industries and internal processes from weighing food in factories to calculating delivery costs in warehouses.

Why You Need Regular Scale Maintenance

If you rely on scales in your business, keeping on top of maintenance should be a key part of your operation as doing so can eliminate many problems. Like all major pieces of equipment, scales also require regular maintenance so they continue to perform well and benefit your business operations. Reduce costly downtime The last thing you want is for your operation to be put on hold due to poor maintenance. To ensure that your entire business is running smoothly, you must schedule regular maintenance of your equipment. Save money Make sure you take care of small repairs so you don’t end up with a costly bill. Maintain accuracy and quality. 5 Reasons Your Business Needs X-Ray Inspection Systems. Today, X-ray technology and equipment provides reliable solutions to a range of industries including food processing, packaging and pharmaceutical.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs X-Ray Inspection Systems

In these lines of work, ensuring that your products are free from contaminants is your responsibility and X-rays can help byidentifying foreign materials. X-ray inspection systems, such as our ProteX series, are precise and reliable pieces of equipment that for many businesses prove to be essential. Considering an X-ray inspection machine for your company? Here are five top reasons why your business might need one. Improves quality control Did you know that foreign contaminants can make their way into production lines? Avoids recalls If dangerous materials contaminate your products and you only discover this later down the line, your only option may be a product recall. Improves customer satisfaction. Understanding Digital Scales. Digital scales are commonly used to weigh objects, people, animals, and more.

Understanding Digital Scales

There is a wide range of digital scales available, with different features and functions designed for various applications. In this article, we’re going to discuss different kinds of digital scales and how they work. How do digital scales work? Digital scales work with the use of load cells, which work like a sensor. The most commonly used load cell in most weighing devices is the strain gauge load cell. Digital scales also have a display to show the measurement digitally, and require either power mains supply or batteries to function.

Domestic Scales vs. Industrial Scales vs. Commercial Scales. When it comes to weighing scales, there is quite a surprising number of different types and models available in the market.

Domestic Scales vs. Industrial Scales vs. Commercial Scales

Some scales are specifically designed to measure coffee; others are able to take on products that weigh in the tonnes. Understanding CNC Fiber Laser Cutting. As a process, laser cutting is now one of the most widely used manufacturing methods in the world.

Understanding CNC Fiber Laser Cutting

This type of processing is found across a range of industries including electronics, aerospace, automotive and medical sectors. However, there are many different types of lasercutting machines and types, with CNC fiber laser cutting becoming one of the most commonly used options. Here’s all you need to know about this method. What is CNC fiber laser cutting?

Compared to other cutting methods, fibre laser cutting is fairly new technology. How does it work? Before using CNC cutting, a design will be drawn out based on the customer’s needs then a piece of metal or other material is placed on the cutting surface. Why are Yawei cutting machines a good option? The Yawei high speed fiber laser cutting machines are suitable for processing a wide range of materials, making them a great all round machine. Which materials can be used? What are the benefits of this process?