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Handbook Magazine Handbook Magazine Attention New Yorkers November 8th-10th… If you live in or will be visiting New York November 8th-10th, come on by the Leslie Lohman Gallery (Prince St. project space) to view my work. This is a collection of images from the pages of Handbook that spans the past seven years. Please come by and take a look.
Destroyer Magazine I’ve decided to take the Destroyer book off Amazon, for the reason that Amazon has changed the way they stock books. It works like this with Amazon: As a publisher, I have a little stock at Amazon’s various inventories in the US. The books are legally mine until they are sold, but by having them stocked up in their own inventory, Amazon can ship them quickly to customers. In the case not all books in the inventory would be sold, they would be returned to me. However, even though my book didn’t sell at such a high pace, eventually all copies in the inventory would always be sold, and in total, Amazon has sold almost 100 copies of it. Destroyer Magazine
serwis plotkarski DIK Fagazine [English version below] Kochani, DIK postanowił otworzyć się na dziewczyny. Startujemy zatem z nową Panią Redaktor – Katarzyną Szustow, która dla DIKa przeprowadziła rozmowę z fenomenalną Julią YULA Kasprzak. Na razie krótko, ale spodziewajcie się więcej już w niedalekiej przyszłości. I wpadajcie na koncert w sobotę! serwis plotkarski DIK Fagazine
QUEER ME NOW : The Hardcore Gay Porn Blog - Gay Porn Stars, Muscle Men, Anal Sex, Gay Porn News, Free XXX Pics and Videos QUEER ME NOW : The Hardcore Gay Porn Blog - Gay Porn Stars, Muscle Men, Anal Sex, Gay Porn News, Free XXX Pics and Videos As I mentioned in “Gay Porn Party in New York” last week, the first NASTY porn party were held this past Tuesday at G Lounge in Manhattan. It featured live performances of gay porn stars Adam Killian, Drew Sumrok and Blue Bailey. Next Magazine and Wilson Models were there with cameras to cover the event.
Beautiful Beautiful Jeff Lynch is a 28 years old choreographer living in Chicago, IL. He was born and raised on the east coast, in northern New Jersey and Albany, and spent his formative years in Cincinnati, OH. Here he attended Northwestern University, where he graduated with a BA in theatre, focusing on dance and choreography. Jeff loves exploring masculinity through dance and has done so since college with concert dance and movement theatre pieces, and now mostly burlesque. Jeff Lynch’s life revolves around the shows he produces, directs and choreographs.
Poet, painter and puta Marcel of Colombia has gotten himself in a vulnerable position in the back of this Toyota coupe. Photo by Marcel Alcalá and Richard Hawkins. Friday, 17 January 2014 at 09:25:22 P.M. Revista ‘online’ para maricones BUTT BUTT
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Family Suspects Gay Bashing in Brutal Death of Teen in Sao Paulo, Brazil The family of a 17-year-old whose body was found near a bridge less than a mile from the stadium where the World Cup will be hosted in downtown Sao Paulo is disputing police reports that call the teen's death a suicide, saying the details are far too gruesome for that to be the case. Family members and friends believe that Kaique Augusto Batista dos Santos, who was found badly bruised all over his body and with his teeth pulled and injuries from an iron rod in his leg, was the victim of a gay bashing. They said they believe gangs are responsible. Said Kaique's sister Tayna: Gay Blog Towleroad: More than gay news | gay men. Gay Blog Towleroad: More than gay news | gay men.