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Yhmdeitems allow you to buy and sell handmade products like paintings, madhubani art and gifts, designer handmade Jewellery online from India.

Security Check Required. Packaging Your Handmade Etsy Items. Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies. Handmade to sell. How To Sell Your Handmade Items. Here are our top 10 tips for perfect product photos: Shoot against a plain background that will complement your item.

How To Sell Your Handmade Items

Large pieces of drawing or watercolor paper work well. Use the macro mode (flower icon) on your camera when shooting close-ups or small objects. If the photo is blurry, try adjusting the zoom, or getting closer to or farther from your subject. If you’re shooting small items like jewelry, simple props can help show scale. If you sell items that can be worn, always use a live model. Use soft natural lighting. Never use flash. Go beyond the overhead or straight-on shot. Success: Reevaluating Your Prices. Before the holidays hit, and your shop is all abuzz with gift givers looking for that perfect item, you might consider digging a little deeper into your pricing process.

Success: Reevaluating Your Prices

Wouldn’t it be a shame to sell all that stock and subsequently do the math, only to find out you don’t have any money left over to reinvest in your small business? So today, in our next Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp post, I want to chat about reevaluating your prices. Brass Calculator Adding Machine Necklace by michaelandsabriney Figuring It Out. A Simple Formula for Pricing Your Work. Imagine this: a beautiful jewelry studio, a soldering station, an anvil on a nice old worn wooden stump, a handmade jewelry bench, and on top of all this lie piles of finished pieces.

A Simple Formula for Pricing Your Work

Behind the bench sits a jeweler who has yet to sell a single one of her creations. What’s holding this talented artisan back? Promote your handmade items! - Etsy Teams. Email, Phone, and Technology Details. Product Tags for Handmade Items. How to Sell Handmade Arts and Crafts Online. The handmade home. 29 Places to Sell Your Handmade Creations and Goods. The word “handmade” evokes feelings of warmth, of comfort, of craftsmanship.

29 Places to Sell Your Handmade Creations and Goods

Earlier this summer, I mentioned some cool niche sites serving the artisan community in my 19 new additions to a large ecommerce list. Amazon and eBay are certainly well known marketplaces among those looking to sell just about anything, but niche marketplaces and communities are growing quickly. These 29 Marketplaces offer a way to buy and sell handmade goods.

Etsy is probably one of the best-known marketplaces for artisans and craftpeople of all types. You’ll find new and vintage goods on Etsy. ArtFire is a well-known indie marketplace with a great community feel to it. Supermarket offers an elegantly simple marketplace. eCrater is both a free Web store builder and an online marketplace. Craftly is one of those hot, new startups that earns points for online marketing savvy. Free Craft Fair is less a marketplace and more of a Yahoo-type directory. Folksy is a U.K. Misi is a U.K. online craft marketplace. The Keys to the Store: Selling Handmade to Retailers and ... Marketing Strategies for Handmade Items. Handmade items are synonymous with beauty, quality and attention to detail, taking the user back to a time when life was slower and gentler.

Marketing Strategies for Handmade Items

Exquisite handmade clothing, pottery, jewelry and household items enrich our lives and create a sense of well-being that isn’t found with mass-produced modern products. It’s challenging to develop successful marketing strategies for handmade items, however, particularly for creative people and artists whose strength lies in the production aspect instead of the business side of the industry. Website An online presence is vital in the age of the Internet.

Sell on Zibbet: Set up your own online shop in minutes, for free. Selling on Etsy: Turning Your Hobby Into a Profitable Business eBook: Megan Kutchman: Kindle Store. How to: Pricing Your Handmade Goods & Products. One of the most frequent questions I hear from crafty sellers new AND old is “How much should I be charging for this?”

How to: Pricing Your Handmade Goods & Products

A lot of beginners make some common mistakes and misjudgments, so here are some things to consider when pricing your goods, as well as a formula to figure it all out. Here’s a big beginning mistake I see all too often: Pricing your item way below “competitors” (which I prefer to think of less as competition and more as similar shops, but that’s for another time). The reality is that pricing too low can actually discourage sales because people assume it’s of poor quality. Another mistake is thinking of yourself as the target customer. If you base your pricing on what YOU can afford, you’re probably under pricing. Silver coin ring by silvercoinrings Handmade goods mean attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and a significant amount of TIME and SKILL, all of which mean HIGHER PRICE. How to price your products - are your handmade product prices too low?

How to Decide a Price for Your Handmade Products: 5 Steps. Zibbet: Buy unique handmade products, fine art, vintage and craft supplies. 55 Personlized Iron On Clothing Labels for ... Tips for Pricing Your Handmade Goods. Many artisans are overwhelmed when it comes to pricing their handiwork.

Tips for Pricing Your Handmade Goods

How do you put a price on all the time and effort that goes into the creative process? Here are some of my tips from running my own online business selling handspun yarns and fibers for 8 years. These tips may not work for everyone in every craft, but they have worked well for me and so I am sharing them with you. Caro Sheridan’s WebForm mini quilt 1. Price Your Handcrafted Goods. (Editor’s Note: Lauren is the Co-chair/Programming Director for the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs, which is happening this weekend in San Francisco.

Price Your Handcrafted Goods

If you’re local, you can still register for three days of crafty business education like Lauren presents in this article.) Image by The perceived value of your products does not determine their price. No, my friends, it is the other way around. The way you price your products (along with your packaging, branding, etc.) determines how people perceive their value. A lower price, therefore, does not always lead to more sales. Image by Gilgongo, via Flickr To figure out the right price for your products, you can take one of two approaches: the bottom-up approach or the top-down approach. Let say, for simplicity’s sake, that you only make gold spiderweb earrings.

Always have a contract. Image by Peagreenchick, via FlickrShall we pause for questions here? About the Author. Forum for Artisans (@handmadeuniverse)