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What Causes Esophageal Cancer? There are several things that can cause esophageal cancer.

What Causes Esophageal Cancer?

It is important for us to know these causes for us to avoid the risks of contracting the illness. According to professionals from the industry of pharmacy in Tampa, Florida, here are the things you need to watch out for: High alcohol consumption and smoking tobaccoYour diet is low in fresh fruit and vegetables Eating too much smoked, salted, or pickled foodDrinking very hot liquids frequently Exposure to certain chemical fumes or a family history of gastrointestinal disorders If you are doing more than one of these on the list, it may be time for you to start changing your lifestyle.

Lifestyle factors such as poor nutrition and high body mass, smoking tobacco and high alcohol consumption significantly increase the risk of esophageal cancer. The Dangers of Drinking Hot Beverages. It may feel good to drink hot drinks, especially during colder seasons but just like everything else on this earth, drinking these beverages holds their risks.

The Dangers of Drinking Hot Beverages

Esophageal cancer is a malignant tumor found anywhere in the esophagus. It is most commonly found in the lower section of the esophagus, adjoining the stomach. The main types of esophageal cancer are: Squamous cell carcinoma which starts in the cells that line the esophagus and is very common in Asia.Adenocarcinoma which starts in the glandular tissue of the cells lining the esophagus. Selfie-Safety. Generic vs Brand-Name Drugs.

There has been a lot of debate about generic versus brand-name medication.

Generic vs Brand-Name Drugs

Are generics really as effective? Gut Bacteria: Athlete's Secret to Running Faster. Could an infusion of bacteria from the guts of professional athletes help inactive people to exercise and achieve other strenuous physical activities more easily?

Gut Bacteria: Athlete's Secret to Running Faster

A recent study on marathoners, mice, and their respective intestines proposes its possibility. What Is Depression Really All About? The way you think, feel, and act is affected when you are in a depressing situation.

What Is Depression Really All About?

Though this is more psychologically related, our pharmacy in Tampa, Florida wants to give you some information that you might need to understand depression. SymptomsDepressed people commonly feel empty, hopeless, and sad. They lose the interest to play, work, and do habitual activities. They have a hard time sleeping, which could cause restlessness and loss of energy. Harmful signs include unwanted loss of weight and suicide attempts.

How-To - Traveling with Your Medication. FAQs on Stroke Prevention. Being familiar with the prevention guidelines of stroke is a very important key in raising the awareness and inhibition of obtaining the disease, especially during the advanced years.

FAQs on Stroke Prevention

These guidelines intend to cover all kinds of strokes. What is a stroke? Stroke is described as an injury to our brain created by a blockage of the blood supply. What are the types of stroke? An ischemic stroke occurs when a blood vessel inside or heading to the brain is clogged.A hemorrhagic stroke happens when a blood vessel rupture creates a non-ischemic/bleeding stroke.A transient ischemic attack appears when the blockage is transient but can be deemed a major risk factor for a larger stroke. As a result of old age, older adults may face challenges in following the healthy guidelines in preventing a stroke and the essential health products needed to support this guideline.

Take Charge of Your High Blood Pressure. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is the most common cardiovascular disease.

Take Charge of Your High Blood Pressure

This can affect your arteries, and it may also result in life-threatening conditions, such as stroke or heart disease. A Discussion About Diabetes Myths. Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of Americans.

A Discussion About Diabetes Myths

The Ins and Outs of a Pharmacy. There comes to a point where a person may find themselves needing to get medical supplies in Florida, especially if they happen to live in the state.

The Ins and Outs of a Pharmacy

When those times find themselves arising, choices can be made. Your Choice Pharmacy can be your first choice; we’re here for the community, and the wide range of products and services we offer are tailored for the needs of the community. The Finer Points Of a Local Pharmacy. Sometimes, a person finds themselves in a position where they need to get health products.

The Finer Points Of a Local Pharmacy

Joint Health Fitness Tips. Exercise, with proper diet and vitamins, is a very good way to keep joints strong, flexible, and healthy. It is also a very good way for us to achieve and maintain a healthy weight because a lighter, healthier weight takes the pressure off of our aching joints. At an advanced age, exercise will be more effective if partnered with vitamins for immune boosting and proper medical supplies in Florida and mobility aids to ensure safety. These are a few of the exercise routines one can include achieving active living and healthy weight. Warm up with gentle and fluid movements.Try cardio and aerobic exercises for heart health. Add weight training to build and strengthen muscles that support joints.To condition joints and muscles, you may also do body stretches like: Tricep StretchLat StretchQuadriceps StretchGroin StretchHamstring StretchCalf Stretch.

5 OTC Medicines You Might Be Using Wrong. People regularly use over-the-counter (OTC) medications as a quick fix for many everyday illnesses. But did you know that you might be using them the wrong way? As your caring community pharmacy in Tampa, Florida, we have listed some ways you might be using the following OTCs incorrectly: Cough, cold, and flu medication According to Michelle Yagoda, MD, ENT and voice care expert, medications that relieve sneezing, fever, sore throat, headaches, and the like are abused easily. “They could raise blood pressure, exacerbate asthma, and cause urinary retention,” she said.

3 Things Men Should Consider Before Taking Viagra. Ever since its invention in 1998, men have relied on Viagra to treat their erectile dysfunction and improve their sex lives. But many have also used it in ways that put their health at risk, like trying to improve athletic performance or boost sexual satisfaction. Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction. Due to gender differences, there are some health conditions that are only present in females but not in males. Your Choice Pharmacy. A Guide for Safe Opioid Intake. When it comes to pain relief, Opioids are among the most popular medications. Your Choice Pharmacy. Age and Nutrition - Nutrients Older Adults Should Have. Adults at the age of 50 and above are more prone to malnutrition because aging most often affects the body’s need for several nutrients.

Although the provision of most of these nutrients can easily be introduced through food intake, practical problems arise. First, an older adult’s nutritional demands are not well determined. Second, as we get older, our bodies may become less efficient at absorbing these essential nutrients. Why Consulting with Your Pharmacist Is a Good Idea. Medication Safety Guidelines: 5 Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist. Whenever a patient is diagnosed with an illness/disease, one of the first lines of treatment are medications and medical supplies in Florida. Healthy Living: Types of Food to Include for a Well-Balanced Meal. Having a balanced diet is important to maintaining optimum health. Being well-nourished keeps the body functions work effectively. The Silent Signs of Depression. Professionals on 2 Types of Cholesterol. Cholesterol is widely known for being associated with the increased risk for heart diseases. For people who want to reduce the risks of having heart diseases, they avoid eating foods which are rich in cholesterol.

Diabetes Management Guide: Best Foods for Diabetics. Diabetes is a disease that is important to manage. Helpful Tips in Managing Allergies.