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Accountants Email List | Mailing Addresses | Accountant Database. “A lot of labels are hiring a lot more accountants than people that know music.” – Taylor Hanson And the reason is simple. Accountants are required in every business, and fortunately organizations are aware of it. The demand for accountants will never ebb, making it all the more necessary for marketers to be able to approach them in a planned manner.

At Lake B2B we offer our clients a comprehensive and detailed email marketing list of Accountants and CPAs for easy and timely communication. Lake B2B’s Accountants business email list is a niche compilation of data on practicing accountants from accountancy firms and in private, and can prove to be a powerful tool for brand promotions and business networking with decision makers. Click here to get a FREE quote NOW! Get access to unique and valuable marketing database NOW! Attributes of Lake B2B’s Accountants Mailing List: How businesses can leverage with our Certified Public Accountants Email Addresses NEED HELP?

IT Users Masterfile | IT User Email List. "The new information technology…Internet and e-mail…have practically eliminated the physical costs of communications. " - Peter Drucker And that's only the beginning to the rise of Information Technology. In the 21st century, Information Technology drives businesses and people, and has moved beyond its initial scope to the level of social engineering as well. For technology marketers therefore this means, that if they want to maximize from growing market opportunities, they need to secure for their campaigns a suitable email marketing list of IT users and customers. What is Information Technology? Information Technology or IT involves the use of computers, networking, infrastructure, storage among others, to create, process, store and exchange all forms of electronic data.

This means that the market scope for technology marketers trying to tap IT users, is not limited but infinite. Click here to get a FREE quote NOW! Get access to unique and valuable marketing database NOW! NEED HELP? Marriage & Family Therapist Email List. Over 98% of families and couples that have attended therapy reported they received good or excellent couples therapy - American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists So let real time statistics guide your business plans and help in achieving excellence.

With the email lists of marriage and family therapists to support b2b campaigns, now is the right time for you to take your business and services to the right audiences. Our marriage & family therapists email marketing list with data on over 30,798 MFT therapists is the right tool to give impetus to your campaigns. Systematic and timely use of our marriage and family therapists database has significantly aided marketers in getting closer to achieving their goals. Click here to get a FREE quote NOW! Get access to unique and valuable marketing database NOW! About MFTs and What you get in the Marriage and Family Therapists Email List When business communication is lacking, even the most authentic plans will fail to deliver results.

Marriage & Family Therapist Email List. Fortune 500 Companies Email List | Fortune 500 Marketing Mailing Lists. (Total Counts=1,785) “Rule No. 1: Never lose money; Rule No. 2: Don’t forget Rule No. 1.” – Warren Buffett And that holds true when you think of revenue! Revenue – the key factor that makes an organization a contender for making it to the list of Fortune 500 companies. The Fortune 500 is an annual list compiled by Fortune magazine of the 500 largest U.S. corporations by total revenue. Though originally it was limited to U.S corporations, presently it has been extended to Fortune Global 500 as well! It goes without saying that procuring an email marketing list of Fortune 500 companies will help your business campaigns immensely. Fortune 500 B2B Mailing Lists Features When marketers choose the direct mailing list of Fortune 500 companies for rolling out their campaigns, they expect deliverables in the form of improved lead count, sales and conversions, new customer acquisition, fostering growth through market expansion and more.

Being a Fortune 500 corporation is a mark of prestige. Massage Therapist Email List | Mailing Addresses | Massage Therapists Database. Between July 2013 to 2014, there were roughly 32.6 million adult Americans who had a massage at least once – AMTA Consumer Survey It’s not surprising therefore that marketers no longer doubt the need to invest in authentic email lists of massage therapists for their campaigns! Considering that even with the widest network it’s often challenging to allocate time and resources appropriately between developing campaigns and acquiring data, it’s alarming how much marketers miss by not investing in an appropriate massage therapist database. At Lake B2B we can help marketers with our massage therapists email marketing lists as a proven way for reaching out and connecting with over 55,269 massage therapists in a planned manner.

With verified, accurate and up-to-date data, our massage therapists email lists are easy-to-access and affordable and offers data that is aligned to client campaign specifications. Click here to get a FREE quote NOW! NEED HELP? Contact our data consultant NOW! B2B Healthcare Marketing ROI. Addiction Medicine Specialist Email List. By 2011, there were 2555 physicians certified in addiction medicine, while about 2000 psychiatrists have been certified in addiction psychiatry – ASAM The idea behind sharing those numbers is to make marketers aware how niche their medical products and services are, and how well planned their campaigns and strategies have to be.

Of course adding Lake B2B’s email marketing list of addiction medicine physician will be of great help! As you are probably aware, business data is dynamic, with an approximate 25% business data getting lost or obsolete every year. So do you still feel very confident of your in-house email lists of addiction medicine specialists? Let us boost your confidence with our addiction specialist email database.

The fact is that at Lake B2B we recommend targeted campaigns and solicited communications and our mailing address lists of addiction medicine specialists are designed keeping that in mind. Click here to get a FREE quote NOW! NEED HELP? Medical Oncologist Email List | Mailing Addresses | Database. (Total Records-2,134) In 2015, it is estimated that there will be 1,658,370 new cancer cases and approximately 589,430 deaths due to cancer in the United States – American Cancer Society There are facts that drive action – and this is one of those facts.

For medical marketers, CME program providers, pharmaceutical companies or any others, this exponential rise in the number of patients suffering from cancer, is the right time to invest in a relevant email marketing list of medical oncologists, to reach out to specialists who would benefit with the right medical supplies and services. At Lake B2B we can be of help here, by providing clients with verified and validated data on over 1,125 medical oncology specialists with our medical oncologist database. Designed for the smart marketer, ready to take action and roll campaigns, our mailing address list of medical oncologists is niche, customer focused, customized and designed for channelized multichannel communications. But wait! Sleep Medicine Specialist Email List | Mailing Addresses. It is estimated that 50 to 70 million people suffer from sleeping disorders or intermittent sleeping problems that directly affect their alertness and safety and also diminish health – National Institutes of Health If you convert those medical figures to potential business opportunities, then there are over 50 million cases who could gain from your pharmaceuticals and medical offerings.

By deliberating over investing in a suitable sleep medicine specialist database you are as such only stopping your business’s growth! So be proactive and choose to invest in Lake B2B’s sleep specialists email marketing lists as a means for taking your products and services to specialists who will make the best use of them. With permission based data on over 414 specialists our email lists of sleep medicine specialists is your way to secure market position and get noticed for the right reasons. It’s not enough for medical marketers and pharmaceutical companies to be able to identify their audiences. Recreational Therapist Email List | Mailing Addresses. There were almost 18,600 jobs for recreation therapists in 2014, with an estimated rise of 12% in the forthcoming years – BLS And those numbers are just an indication to medical marketers, pharmaceutical companies and CME providers of what they could be missing out on without the support of an appropriate email marketing list of recreational therapists.

Data-driven campaigns though cost-effective and profitable for marketers, come with the challenge that data is dynamic. With approximately 3% business data getting obsolete every month, what chances of success do you have with your old recreational therapist database? Instead switch to the recreational therapy marketing list by Lake B2B for accurate and up-to-date data on over 503 certified recreational therapists.

Click here to get a FREE quote NOW! Get access to unique and valuable marketing database NOW! About Recreational Therapy Specialists and What you get in the Therapeutic Recreational Therapists Email List NEED HELP? Family Medicine Specialist Email List | Mailing Addresses. The AAFP as one of the largest medical society dedicated to primary care opined that their team of family physicians conducts approximately 214 million visits annually! It’s actually foolish therefore not to acknowledge the potential that the specialty presents to healthcare professionals and medical marketers.

But b2b communication is not easy and poses several challenges of varying degrees. At times like these a comprehensive and authentic email list of family medicine specialists will prove beneficial, especially one that is researched and developed by Lake B2B! With the family medicine specialist email database with data on over 72,119 specialists, our database is developed for the contemporary marketer. At Lake B2B, marketing database is our forte and the family medicine specialists email lists is proof of how systematic and result-oriented campaigns can achieve campaign success when supported with the right tools.

Click here to get a FREE quote NOW! NEED HELP? Chiropractors Email List | Chiropractic Mailing Addresses. “…there is a vast difference between treating effects and adjusting the cause…” – Dr. D.D. Palmer Medical marketers targeting chiropractors, often make the mistake of thinking that their campaign ROI is stable and customer base loyal. We don’t want them to be disappointed, but by adding a targeted email list of chiropractors to their marketing budget is going to deliver returns manifold. Markets are continuously changing, and the fate of a business is never static. Click here to get a FREE quote NOW! Get access to unique and valuable marketing database NOW! About Chiropractors and what you get in the Chiropractor Email List According to the American Chiropractic Association, there are more than 31 million cases of individuals experiencing low-back pain, with the BLS estimating the job outlook for chiropractors at over 15%.

So be proactive and take your brand and services to the right audience with the chiropractic specialist mailing database! NEED HELP? Acupuncturist Email Lists | Acupuncture Mailing Database | Email Addresses. A survey carried out by the NCCAOM revealed that almost 30 million Americans have tried acupuncture, making it more popular than homeopathy and ayurveda. As a medical marketer therefore, how far do you think your existing mailing list of acupuncturists will take you without appropriate assistance?

The idea of investing in an acupuncture database is an intelligent campaigning step that a smart marketer would make. Not only will it save time and money, but aid marketers to optimize resources and work towards developing their business strategies and core competencies. At Lake B2B we can aid marketers in taking their business success to the next level by leveraging from targeted data-driven campaigns with our acupuncturists email list. With 13 years of experience in the business of collating data for b2b communications, we have the necessary expertise and capabilities required to develop a database that is delivery-driven and result-oriented.

Click here to get a FREE quote NOW! NEED HELP? Audiologist Email List | Mailing Addresses | Audiologists Database. “Blindness separates us from things; deafness separates us from people” – Helen Keller As a marketer what chances of survival do you have if you are blind or deaf? You need to see what’s happening around you and hear what your customers are demanding. At Lake B2B we can help you with that. We develop exclusive marketing databases for clients that support their campaigns and aid them in staying connected with their audiences. The audiologist database for instance is one such list that facilitates business communications between marketers and audiologists in a cost-effective and systematic manner. Our email list of audiologists contains verified and up-to-date data on over 7,853 audiologists. Our lists are cleansed, validated and updated on a regular manner, so as to ensure data authenticity and accuracy.

Click here to get a FREE quote NOW! Get access to unique and valuable marketing database NOW! About Audiologists and how the Audiology Database will aid campaigns NEED HELP? Physical Therapist Email List | Physical Therapy Mailing Addresses. The Physical Therapists industry is presently progressing towards its peak, with the industry’s industry value added (IVA), anticipated to grow at 3.8% annually – IBISWorld, 2015 Rapid popularity has made physical therapists one of the most sought after medical specialists, making it often a daunting task for marketers to identify potential physical therapists and connect with them – something what we at Lake B2B can help with by providing the physical therapist email database.

The right marketing tools will aid marketers work constructively towards making their medical supplies and brand the first choice among targeted physical therapists. Our physical therapy mailing lists have been developed with precision and client specifications and will complement your marketing strategies for regional, national and global b2b campaigns. Lake B2B’s Physical Therapist Mailing List Features At Lake B2B we understand that rising marketing costs is a matter of concern for medical marketers. Google App Engine User Email List , Customer Mailing Addresses. Innovation distinguishes between a Leader and a Follower – Steve Jobs And though Google’s market presence for public cloud usage has been in a competitive situation all the time, it’s steadily gaining pace.

As a marketer therefore, how about being all set to lead and reach out to users and customers of Google App Engine? And to assist you, let us help with our Google App Engine user list! Growing market presence with Lake B2B’s Google App Engine client list Imagine a situation when even with the right technology services your campaigns fail to achieve its goals? The name Lake B2B is synonymous with campaign success and excellence. Click here to get a FREE quote NOW! Get access to unique and valuable marketing database NOW! Getting to know Google App Engine and our GAE Users Email Lists Since data-driven campaigns have better response rate and conversions, at Lake B2B we recommend our clients to use the Google App Engine customer mailing database for targeted campaigns instead.

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