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How to Customize Your Icons in Windows. Personalizing your icons is a great way to make a PC uniquely yours.

How to Customize Your Icons in Windows

Let’s take a look at the different ways Windows lets you customize your icons. Windows has a number of built in icons you can choose from, but there is also an untold number of icons you can download from sites like IconArchive, DeviantArt, and Iconfinder—all of which have loads of free icons. How to Migrate Your Windows Installation to a Solid-State Drive. Many older (or cheaper) Windows laptops come with traditional mechanical hard drives—which these days, are pretty outdated and slow.

How to Migrate Your Windows Installation to a Solid-State Drive

Upgrading to a new, super fast solid state drive (or SSD) is the surest way to speed up an old computer. There’s one problem: moving your Windows installation can be tricky, especially since SSDs are often smaller than their traditional hard drive counterparts. However, there is a way to migrate your Windows 7, 8, or 10 installation to an SSD without reinstalling Windows. It takes a few extra steps, but a lot less time. How to Back Up and Transfer Settings for Your Windows Programs to a New PC with CloneApp. How many times have you migrated to a new computer, or reinstalled Windows, and lost all the little settings in your Windows programs that you had finally tweaked perfectly?

How to Back Up and Transfer Settings for Your Windows Programs to a New PC with CloneApp

The good news is that you can easily save and restore the settings for lots of Windows programs, including Microsoft Office, so you can transfer them to another computer in one fell swoop. Microsoft Office versions 2003 and earlier included the Save My Settings Wizard that allowed you to back up your Office settings, in case you had to reinstall Office on your current or on a new computer. Office 2007 and later versions do not include that useful tool. Why? Unfortunately, the reasons behind this decision remain a mystery.

However, there is a free program, called CloneApp, that allows you to easily back up configuration files in program directories and the Registry for many popular Windows programs. How to Migrate Your Windows Installation to a Solid-State Drive. VIDÉO. Que se passe-t-il lorsque vous cliquez sur une vidéo YouTube? Chaque minute, près de 400 heures de vidéo sont publiées sur YouTube.

VIDÉO. Que se passe-t-il lorsque vous cliquez sur une vidéo YouTube?

S'il fallait regarder toutes les vidéos postées en une journée sur la plateforme, rendez-vous serait pris en 2081! Mais que se passe-t-il exactement lorsqu'on transfère la vidéo de notre chat facétieux sur YouTube? Ou que l'on clique avec avidité sur «play» pour lancer notre chanson préférée du moment? C'est ce que Natalie Hammel et Lorraine Yurshansky, employées du Google Creative Lab, se sont attelées à expliquer.

Les deux vidéastes réunies sur la chaîne YouTube NatandLo ont, en effet, décidé de créer une série de vidéos sur l'envers du décor de Google, dont YouTube est l'une des branches les plus prolifiques. How to Use Your Smartphone as a Home Security Camera. Setting up a simple home security camera is a great way to keep tabs on your house while you’re away.

How to Use Your Smartphone as a Home Security Camera

A dedicated system is great, but in a pinch, you can use an old, spare smartphone that you have lying around. You could, of course, buy an indoor security camera that’s ready to set up and actually made for such a purpose. Something like the Nest Cam is a good option, but $200 can be a little steep. Instead, if you upgrade to a new smartphone every year, it’s likely that you have an old, spare smartphone just collecting dust in a drawer somewhere. How to Free Up Space Used By Your iPhone or iPad’s Mail App. Apple’s Mail app doesn’t provide a lot of control over how much storage it uses. it wants to download and store a lot of emails so they can be indexed and searchable with Spotlight.

How to Free Up Space Used By Your iPhone or iPad’s Mail App

But the Mail app may sometimes use a large amount of space, which is particularly onerous on storage-limited 16GB iPhones. This is similar to the problem with the Mail app on a Mac. On both iOS and OS X, the Mail app may take up gigabytes of storage space because it wants to store a complete offline copy of your email. How to Improve Gaming Performance with Intel HD Graphics Chips. Intel’s integrated graphics have improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years, but they still aren’t as speedy as dedicated NVIDIA or AMD graphics hardware.

How to Improve Gaming Performance with Intel HD Graphics Chips

Here’s how to squeeze some more gaming performance out of your Intel HD Graphics. Onboard graphics like Intel HD Graphics aren’t designed for high-end gaming, so expect to turn they settings way down if you want to try playing modern games. But a surprising number of games are playable, even if you have a low-powered laptop with Intel HD Graphics built-in. Update Your Intel Graphics Drivers Like NVIDIA and AMD, Intel releases regular graphics driver updates. Windows 10 should automatically be updating your drivers, but it may not update your Intel graphics drivers frequently enough. Comment chiffrer ses emails ? (Thunderbird + GPG)

Depuis un moment, je chiffre sérieusement mes emails et dès que quelqu'un avec qui je souhaite échanger, dispose d'une clé PGP, je l'utilise pour lui écrire.

Comment chiffrer ses emails ? (Thunderbird + GPG)

Ce n'est pas que je sois un affreux terroriste ou un cryptobarbu, mais je m'y suis mis, juste pour dire fuck à Cazeneuve et à sa loi à la con. Une bête question de principe. Oui je suis souvent très con :-) Et aujourd'hui je suis tombé sur un article plutôt intéressant sur le blog de Thunderbird, le client mail de Mozilla qui pose une question simple: Avec nos moyens limités, devons-nous nous battre pour que le support des mails chiffrés de bout en bout devienne une priorité dans Thunderbird ?

Enfin ! Depuis des années, je n'ai eu de cesse d'utiliser Thunderbird. Alors les gens font ce qu'ils savent faire de mieux : Rien. Intégrer des fonctionnalités de chiffrement directement dans le core de Thunderbird serait donc un excellent moyen de démocratiser encore un petit peu plus le chiffrement de nos échanges. Mais reprenons la technique... What to Do When Your iPhone or iPad Won’t Turn On. iPhones and iPads are supposed to “Just work,” but no technology is perfect.

What to Do When Your iPhone or iPad Won’t Turn On

How to Make Google Chrome Use Less Battery Life, Memory, and CPU. Chrome isn’t the minimal web browser it once was.

How to Make Google Chrome Use Less Battery Life, Memory, and CPU

Originally named Chrome because it was designed to get out of your way, Chrome is no longer just a minimal browser — it’s an entire application platform. Google’s browser seems to eat quite a bit of battery life, particularly on Macs. It’s also very memory hungry, which can hurt PCs with low amounts of RAM. Accélérer votre connexion et baisser votre Ping avec DNS Benchmark - Blogs - Republic of Gamers par ASUS. Bonjour tous le monde,Aujourd'hui je vais vous apprendre à accélérer votre connexion internet et baisser votre Ping pour de meilleurs résultats dans vos jeux en ligne.Alors tous d'abord il vous faut télécharger le logiciel DNS Benchmark qu'on retrouve ici.Ensuite après avoir installer le logiciel ce qui est très facile, il vous suffit de il vous faudra aller dans l'onglet "NameServers" et cliquez sur le bouton "Run Benchmark" en haut à droite.

Et voila le tutoriel est fini, avec cette méthode vous devriez augmenter votre débit internet et baisser votre ping pour mieux profiter de vos jeux online, si en revanche vous avez des problèmes avec les serveurs DNS trouvé il vous suffit de cocher la case "obtenir les adresses des serveurs DNS automatiquement, dans l'étape précédant, même si cela est très peu probable.Amicalement Alboss07. Changer de dns manuellement. How to Make Any Computer Boot Up or Shut Down on a Schedule. Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux all allow you to schedule boot-ups, shut-downs, and wake-ups. Stupid Geek Tricks: Hide Data in a Secret Text File Compartment. In today’s edition of Stupid Geek Tricks (where we show off little-known tricks to impress your non-geek friends), we’ll learn how to hide data in a text file that can’t be seen by anybody else unless they know the name of the secret compartment.

Note: This article was originally written a couple of years ago, but we’ve updated and polished it for Windows 7, and we’re sharing it with all the new readers again. Here’s How it Works Ever since Windows 2000, the NTFS file system in Windows has supported Alternate Data Streams, which allow you to store data “behind” a filename with the use of a stream name. It’s not detectable while browsing the file system, or anywhere within Windows… you can only access it with the “secret key” which is really just the name of the stream. How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files on Windows. Duplicate files waste precious space on your computer’s hard drive — especially if you have an SSD — and make your computer’s backups bigger for no good reason.

Here’s how you can free up some disk space. Every program we recommend here comes with a clean installer that won’t try to install toolbars and other junkware on your system. We hate that, too, so we spent time finding the good programs. Find and Delete Duplicate Files the Easy Way. How to Use Miracast Screen Mirroring from Windows or Android. Miracast is a wireless display standard included in Windows 8.1, Android 4.2, and newer versions of these operating systems.

With a Miracast receiver plugged into a TV or another display nearby, casting your screen should be easy. This feature is also available on devices running Amazon’s Fire OS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 and newer. Bear in mind that Miracast is notoriously finicky and problematic. How to Use OpenDNS on Your Router, PC, Tablet, or Smartphone. Most home networks rarely have one single type of client connecting to it. Usually, there’s a blend of Windows, Android, iOS, and maybe even Macs. How do you keep all these clients connected while keeping younger users out of trouble? We’ve talked about OpenDNS in past articles and just recently, we discussed the possibilities of using your router for basic parental controls. In that article, we mentioned that our example router actually defers to OpenDNS as its designated “parental controls”. What is a Windows Domain and How Does It Affect My PC? Windows domains are typically used on large networks — corporate networks, school networks, and government networks.

They aren’t something you’ll encounter at home unless you have a laptop provided by your employer or school. A typical home computer is an isolated entity. What is Miracast and Why Should I Care? Miracast is a wireless display standard designed for mirroring a smartphone, tablet, or PC’s screen to a television without requiring any physical HDMI cables. It’s becoming more widespread with each passing day. The Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick recently gained support for Miracast.

Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV stick also do Miracast. Microsoft it even selling two Miracast dongles of its own, for some reason. Using Your Router for (Very) Basic Home Network Family Safety. Magic Numbers: The Secret Codes that Programmers Hide in Your PC. Ever since the first person wrote out 5318008 on a calculator, nerds have been hiding secret numbers inside of your PC, and using them to negotiate secret handshakes between applications and files.

5 Ways to Stream a Game From Another Computer (or the Cloud) Game-streaming solutions have evolved from the “cloud gaming” services we examined last year. How To Make Your Computer Read Documents to You. How to Integrate Google Apps with Windows 8. Windows 8 is designed to push Microsoft’s web services: Bing, Internet Explorer,, and more. Stupid Geek Tricks: How to Make Your Computer Talk to You. Intelligent machines capable of speech are often the stuff of futuristic sci-fi movies, but you can turn any computer into a chatty Cathy. How to Clear the Google Chrome DNS cache on Windows.