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How to Keep your Remote Employee Productive During COVID 19. Amid the VUCA business environment, organizations around the world are trying to adapt to the change and fit into a work-from-home working format.

How to Keep your Remote Employee Productive During COVID 19

Differences in communication with your teams via project management, video calls, and chats can be complicated to handle. This can lead to employees’ low morale and affect the performance of your people. The management can think of many fruitful ways that can cater to the needs of the employees. Productive training and quizzes can be the best ways to indulge them to remain connected and boosted up. Working with the remote teams cannot be difficult if you follow the below-mentioned ways: Coaching is the key Coaching can lead to success. You as a leader, should identify the areas of improvement of your people and plan out an effective strategy. HRs Main Challenges and Their Role During COVID19 Outbreak. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world and disrupted the way people live, work, and do business.

HRs Main Challenges and Their Role During COVID19 Outbreak

People around the world are working from home to stay safe from the rising danger. The crisis is compelling every business to develop, adapt, or improve remote work policies and processes. If not handled well, there can be miscommunications, performance gaps, low morale,and negativity across the organization. In this scenario, human resources remain at the frontline and help the organization to move forward. It is the responsibility of HR professionals to keep employees on track and take up the leadership role. Below are a few ways the HR professionals can lead through COVID-19 crisis: Maintain regular communication. In-house vs. Outsourcing - Know Which Suits Best For Your Business. When talking about successful business operations, one cannot overlook the importance of hiring.

In-house vs. Outsourcing - Know Which Suits Best For Your Business

In-house employees are always considered more important than outsourcing. They help in expansion and growth of your business, while hr outsourcing is mostly project basis. When the project gets over you can cut ties with outsourced resources, but that cannot be done with in-house team members. A lot of businesses are always caught up between the idea – should be hire in-house employees or outsource? The idea varies depending on your budget and business needs.

The Future of Payroll Management System - Trends to Watch in 2020. 10 Essential Steps to an Ultimate HR Recruitment Process. Every new hire goes through various stages of recruitment process.

10 Essential Steps to an Ultimate HR Recruitment Process

Having a robust and dedicated HR team means that the manpower recruitment process becomes less complicated. Recruitment process can be a time consuming and cumbersome process. Right from advertising about the job opening to getting the right candidate on-board, it is a long process and needs expertise at every step. HR Planning and It's Role in Achieving Your Business Goals & Objectives. Most organizations would give a major credit of their success to proper HR planning.

HR Planning and It's Role in Achieving Your Business Goals & Objectives

There are various functions of human resource management that when carried out effectively have a positive impact on the growth and development of the organization. Managing employees means balancing their goals, aligning their objectives with the company’s mission and vision, keeping them engaged and motivated, making profits, gaining market shares, and gaining global recognition.

Here are different ways in which human resource planning can help in achieving your business goals. Aligning the organization’s mission and vision Often times, it is seen that employees and even leaders cannot align their goals with the company’s principles, culture, or mission and vision. 10 Essential Steps to an Ultimate HR Recruitment Process. HR Planning and It's Role in Achieving Your Business Goals & Objectives. Developing Effective Staffing Strategies That Actually Work in 2020. Staffing strategies refers to a strategy for hiring employees whether it is temporary employees or permanent employees aligned as per your business needs and requirements.

Developing Effective Staffing Strategies That Actually Work in 2020

It is a comprehensive process that defines and addresses staffing implications of strategic and operational plans. If you want to gain competitive advantage over your competitors you need to use strategies superior and more innovative to them. Staffing is important because it is because of an effective staffing plan that you look for people that are a suitable match for the job description on an available position. Being able to hire the right resource will be greatly beneficial for the organization.

You’ll not just be able to maximize the potential of that person, but also improve the overall performance and productivity of the organization. Top Reason Why HR Outsourcing Services is Must for Your Business. The human resource department is a crucial part of the organization.

Top Reason Why HR Outsourcing Services is Must for Your Business

It not just provides structure, but also helps in proper management. Right from employee recruitment to retirement, it is the HR department that takes care of it all. Importance Of Human Resources Management System For Your Business. If you’re a professional you must’ve heard the word HRMS a thousand times.

Importance Of Human Resources Management System For Your Business

But do you really know what it hrms, the benefits of hrms, importance of hrms, and significance of hrms?? True to say that an efficient HRMS encompasses the highest level of human resource management activities. HR Trends for 2020 - Future of Human Resource Management. As we step into the new decade there are some new trends that are likely to make their presence felt across the HR industry.

HR Trends for 2020 - Future of Human Resource Management

Industry experts believe that organizations will focus on embracing how to use HR technology to their advantage, strengthening workforce capacities, ensuring data security, improving employee experiences and a lot more. Given below are some of the emerging trends in HR technology for 2020. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Recruitment 2020 is the year of advancement and one of the new trends in HR is use of AI in recruitment.

AI driven solutions will provide innovation and convenience in various industries like banking, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, social media etc. Time saving Chatbots are known to be the best assistants. YOMA Technology - With technology playing a pivotal role in streamlining business processes lately, Our YOMA technology solutions are developed to provide technologically-driven, trustworthy solutions that help our clients grow at a faster pace.

YOMA Technology -

Our highly-integrated solutions help organizations stay at the top of their business, while the well-resourced services and software applications provide clients with real-time reports that enable them to make better decisions at work. Our services are constantly evolving to satisfy the growing requirements of our customers.

Our skilled professionals are continuously working in sync with our clients to deliver the best in class solutions to all their HR, management and staffing needs. Retailer App Since effective communication fosters good working ties amidst people, our retailer app facilitates clear communication between store owners, manufacturers, and distributors. Manage your business on the go with Proanto! To ease the business process of our clients across different industry verticals, we at YOMA have come up PROANTO. Love In Store - To bring together the best of both world’s – technology and people, Love in Store retail application has been created by the industry veterans.

It is a unique end to end top store management service that not only assists you in engaging retailers in your loyalty program but also facilitates class-leading in-store visibility. Love in Store is a powerful platform that helps businesses to create a closer and transparent relationship with the retailers, distributors, and consumers. HR Consulting & Services for All-size of Businesses in India - Yoma Group.

YOMA offers the most rewarding HR consulting and managed services to small, medium and large business enterprises across India. Backed by tech-friendly solutions and skilled employees, we allow businesses to succeed with effective management of employees. To determine the success of your business, the primary step is to go through the contribution made by the employees. Platform Solutions. We take pride in being one of the leading IT solutions providers in India. Our platform solutions come with the convenience of customization and an easy to use app gives our customers a competitive edge over the space of HR outsourcing, force management, customer engagement, and direct payout platforms.

We have a proven track record of providing the most efficient platform solutions that are technology-driven, user-friendly, and affordable. Employability Solutions. YOMA’s employability solutions are aimed at providing the best workforce to companies in different business niches. As a reputed HR outsourcing company, we understand the need for a skilled workforce in today’s competitive business scenario, and hence source and deploy candidates after thorough screening. Facility Management. Specialized Services We offer janitorial services, housekeeping, pantry, lawn and garden cleaning services along with pest control services for a safer, cleaner and healthier environment. Staffing. We offer quality staffing solution to our clients across India.

Employment Solutions. This segment at ‘YOMA’ provides an all-inclusive range of employment solutions that include temporary staffing, facility management along with payroll, compliance, and background verification services. We also work on building staff management, outsource HR, hire eligible employees, and train them in a manner that they can be highly productive for your company. YOMA Group - Leading Business Services Provider in Human Resource Management.