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‪björk: crystalline‬‏ Shanghai Restoration Project - Miss Shanghai. Gotan Project - Diferente. St Germain Sure Thing. Watcha Clan. New album RADIO BABEL Tear down the wall ! Watcha Clan jumps the barricade with its lastest album, Radio Babel. The biblical city of Babel and its infamous tower have received bad press over the centuries. Imagined as a looming structure built by children in which all residents spoke the same language, the omnipresent God decided to trick humans in order to make them scatter the word Babel is derived from the Hebrew balal, to “jumble.” Yet if we consider the tower as a prototype radio transmitter, as Marseille, France-based Watcha Clan does on its latest album, the sound of one world singing and dancing together makes perfect sense. Watcha Clan has always exhibited a visionary spiritual eclecticism in its sound, stretching from Gnawa trance and drum n bass to hip-hop, Balkan brass and Sephardic folk, with thriving bass-heavy pulsations countered by Sista K’s show-stopping vocals.

Derek Beres (NYC) Words – Beats - Postures Nouvel album RADIO BABEL Derek Beres (NYC) Words - Beats - Postures. Bola. Future Sound Of London - My Kingdom. Crystal Castles - Crimewave. Adam Freeland. Amon tobin. Filter Stream Select the types of content you would like to see. Nicasio, CA Bio & Contact Top Fans / View All Similar Artists Influenced By Search Myspace Start typing... Your search did not return any results. Photo from You're now in slide show mode. Hitting < pauses the slideshow and goes back. Press ESC to close. Close Press esc to close. Discover Listen to New Songs on Myspace Watch New Music Videos on Myspace Listen to New Playlists on Myspace Listen to New Albums on Myspace Listen to Popular Online Radio Stations Find New Artists & DJs on Myspace Discover features The New Old Spice Commercial, Momwow 50 Best Albums of 2013 on Cassette Danny Brown – Five Minutes to the Stage The Best Selfies of 2013: Beyonce, Kim K., Bieber, MObama Young Hollywood's New Year's Resolutions Veronica Mars is looking good Blind Piano Prodigy.

UNITE. Jungle Wonz - Time Marches On. Electro Deluxe - Hopeful. Clifford Gilberto Collection. Coldcut. Ex-art teacher Jonathan More and computer programmer Matt Black have been a team since the mid-eighties. Both Matt and Jonathan had been building their DJ reputation on the nascent rare groove / warehouse party scene. Jon had a show on the then pirate station Kiss FM and, they soon started the joint “Solid Steel” show (still running to this day). In 1987 the duo defined the term ‘remix’ on Eric B and Rakim’s “Paid in Full,” cutting and pasting Israeli singer Ofra Haza’s vocals in a notorious reworking which became a worldwide classic. Coldcut’s talent was recognized by a BPI “Producers Of the Year” award in 1990. The story of Ninja Tune is another whole chapter and, in the label’s twentieth year, is being told elsewhere. Coldcut are currently working on their new album with Dave “Switch” Taylor (currently best known for his Major Lazer project with Diplo) , as well as piecing together a sequel to that classic “Journeys By DJ” mix, this one provisionally entitled “Two Hours of Sanity”.

Eskmo. Hexstatic present. Bonobo. Transglobal Underground. Balkan Fanatik. EMIKA. Blockhead.