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Best yoga teacher training school in Rishikesh India

Yoga and Pregnancy – The First Trimester of Pregnancy – YogaTherapyFoundation. In this period, your body is changing and the hormones are fluctuating and your body feels different inside.

Yoga and Pregnancy – The First Trimester of Pregnancy – YogaTherapyFoundation

What is Tantra? – YogaTherapyFoundation. Tantra is a great Science and technical art of Hinduism.

What is Tantra? – YogaTherapyFoundation

The word Tantra has two words “Tanoti” (expansion) and rayati (liberation). Which means expansion of consciousness and freedom of energy. Tantra teaches us how to expand the mind and liberate the dormant potential energy which is called kundalini shakti. Yoga poses for muscle gain and improve immunity – YogaTherapyFoundation. Our bodies are made of muscles and we need to increase the strength and endurance of these muscles.

Yoga poses for muscle gain and improve immunity – YogaTherapyFoundation

While many of you may think it apt to consume medicines and protein shakes for muscle strength, yoga seems to be a great way to achieve that without any adverse effects on your body. You need to know the yoga postures that will help you to attain your goal. Vrikshasan This is popularly known as the tree pose. Stand with your feet apart. While standing in this locked position, fold your hands in prayer and raise them from in front of your chest to above your head.

Bhujangasan This is a bend-exercise. Sarvangasana. Sun Salutation for the Integration of Body, Mind and Breath – YogaTherapyFoundation. Sun salutation is also known as surya namaskar, or salute to the sun.

Sun Salutation for the Integration of Body, Mind and Breath – YogaTherapyFoundation

Yoga is a system of exercises that help to balance your body and mind. Yoga exercises also provide physical as well as mental relief for all age groups. It helps in gaining personal independence and developing the bodies’ ability. Yoga exercises will helps to develop your body’s strength, flexibility, balance and focus. Sun salutation is used as a warm up or body toning exercise that helps you to reinforce the body. Learning To Be Fit With the Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh – YogaTherapyFoundation. Getting trained at the foothills of the Himalayas can be an experience to remember for.

Learning To Be Fit With the Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh – YogaTherapyFoundation

The city of Rishikesh helps you in getting the training of your desire. If you have been having a desire for a longer period of getting proper training of yoga teacher with a valid certificate, then you have landed at the right place. The training center helps you in getting what you have been thriving for all your life. The courses offered at the training center helps you achieve the best results that are gettable only from the regular and traditional practices of yoga. The courses offered focuses on the application of the traditional Indian knowledge that has been made for the betterment of us. Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain – YogaTherapyFoundation. Yoga is an effective technique that helps you to cure different ailments.

Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain – YogaTherapyFoundation

Back pain is one such problem that is caused by many people irrespective of age these days. Bad posture, wrong sleeping position, too much stress, ligament damage, disc injury, etc.are such factors that contribute to the problem.This pain will be worst as the year’s pass. There are many best yoga exercises for back pain and these will surely help you to get rid of the problem. A few of the best yoga asanas are mentioned below that will provide you relief from back pain. TalasanaThis is also known as the Palm tree pose. Trikonasana Spread your feet about four feet apart. Health Benefits of Prenatal Yoga – YogaTherapyFoundation. Women these days are well aware of the benefits of Pre natal yoga and thus many women who are pregnant are eager to learn yoga for the better health of their child and also for themselves.

Health Benefits of Prenatal Yoga – YogaTherapyFoundation

It is important for pregnant women to maintain a good health and the practice of yoga helps them to get rid of fatigue and tension thereby promoting strength and flexibility. Practice of Yoga also helps in the better functioning of internal organs thus helping the process of digestion, blood circulation, respiration etc. Most importantly, the practice of prenatal yoga helps women in treating common problems that arise during pregnancy like back pain, leg-cramps, insomnia, etc. Back pain Most of the pregnant women face this problem as the weight of uterus gets increased because of the baby inside.

Relaxation Prenatal yoga exercises include breathing exercises which help pregnant women to stay calm and relaxed thus promoting the flow of oxygen. Balance Courses Offered : Like this: Like Loading... Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. How to Choose the Perfect Yoga Class For Your Type? When we first come in touch with yoga, we probably think it is about making different asanas on a mat.

How to Choose the Perfect Yoga Class For Your Type?

It happens easily that we bring our expectations to our first yoga class and if you end up going to a class that doesn’t fit your style or current mood you might probably think it is too boring or maybe too hard. If you were feeling for a physical challenge and wanted to sweat and ended up in a yin or restorative class you might have felt this was not for you.

Or if you were feeling for taking it gently and slowly and ended up being in an ashtanga class, you might have felt this was too hard or not something for you. Why you should become a Yoga Teacher? You have been practicing yoga on your own or under the guidance of a teacher for quite some time, or even years and now you feel confident about taking it to the next level.

Why you should become a Yoga Teacher?

The next level would be definitely to teach students about yoga and the way of living encompassing health and well-being it stands for. Becoming a yoga teacher could be the best career decision you could make, as it has its own benefits for you as an instructor too. Read on to find out how becoming a yoga teacher can benefit you. · Teaching a skill enhances your own mastery of it. 300 Hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.