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The website and services are yet to be launched and we will update our subscribers at every step of any development. yo2see will be a platform where you will be able to rent, buy, sell and post almost anything and everything!

Big Data. Have you ever been charged for a credit card service you didn’t opt for? Being an MBA student with a specialization in Marketing and the experience of having worked in a bank, I have never been as excited to write about any blog as this!

Have you ever been charged for a credit card service you didn’t opt for?

Why, you will know! The basic role of a marketer is to convert the desires of consumers to have their products or services into their essential needs. Simply put, a marketer will make sure to create a need for his products or services in the lives of his potential customers, which they otherwise may or may not need at all. Tricky, isn’t it? You can say Marketing thus is the game all about developing and changing the perception of a customer and the pivotal role to change customer’s perception towards any brand and the products and services they offer is played by Advertising!

Advertising impacts customers’ subconscious, and a constant exposure to advertisements over an array of media like digital platforms, newspapers, social media, television, and more seems to escalate the impact to new heights. Blockchain in Digital Advertising: The hype one can’t just ignore! Pause and notice, isn’t everything around you driven by Blockchain?

Blockchain in Digital Advertising: The hype one can’t just ignore!

If you still are unaware, let’s rewind a little and know what Blockchain technology is; before we know why there is so much hype all about it! Blockchain is an integrated system that records the information that is difficult or impossible to alter or hack otherwise! You may say it is a digital ledger of transactions that is disseminated in blocks across the network of computer systems. Yo2See Blog - A New Normal Workforce. What will be the future job outlook?

Yo2See Blog - A New Normal Workforce

The major question running in our minds in the current uncertain times prevailing globally as the COVID19 continues to change the world order. Past few months we have been through unlimited zoom calls and gearing up with Microsoft Teams while keeping social distancing in place. Needless to say, millions have already lost their jobs and the numbers continue to hover up in the near future as well. Talking about its impact on business, companies are now coming up with working from home option – which is turning out to be effective as employees are saving time on round-up trips from homes to offices. It not only has made them more productive but has also streamlined their work-life balance.

Unleashing the madness, the rise of Yo2See! Going Click and Mortar is the way forward: The current unprecedented times have changed the way businesses operate.

Unleashing the madness, the rise of Yo2See!

With everything streaming online: work, entertainment, socializing, and above all commerce; serving customers remotely is the new accepted human experience! In the past, services like e-commerce were used as a way of convenience by the customers. But that is not the case anymore. In current times with foot-traffic in brick and mortar service providers being as less as zero, going online is mandatory for businesses as well as the consumers. Survival of the fittest can never go old: Digitization of businesses as well as the way we live will be the only fulcrum leading economy and hopes foreword. It’s strange to even already agile start-ups like Zomato and Uber is not only closing their offices but also undergoing mass lay-offs as well.

Winning together: Embracing the Diversity, How the death of George Floyd. “My respect for human beings is based not on the color of man’s skin nor authority he may wield, but purely on merit.” – Nelson Mandela In recent gruesome event that took place in Minneapolis, George Floyd, a 46 year old Black man, was brutally killed by four White police officers of Minneapolis Police Department on 25th May 2020.

Winning together: Embracing the Diversity, How the death of George Floyd

It is imperative to press upon the color of the skin of the victim and the oppressor. It goes without denying that the white supremacy has been running at every level of the structural fabric in the western world. With centuries gone by in fighting against Black Slavery and White Supremacy, losing yet another life again to the evil forces blinded by colors shows not much has changed. In a video surfaced online, a white officer can be seen kneeling his knee on George Floyd’s neck for nearly 8 minutes, where George keeps on saying “I can’t breathe!” Floyd’s death has sparked protests – both peaceful and violent across the U.S. Makeup Artist, a Face Behind the Star. Gloablization of economy has not left fashion industry untouched and the products and services that it offers.

Makeup Artist, a Face Behind the Star

Even the fashion capital of the world, Paris, has successfully revamped today’s global fashion industry. Today, big fashion brands, global celebrity stylists, world-class cosmetic products have found their homes in almost every country of the world. If one would talk about global fashion events like Met Galla, Cannes, Milan Fashion Week, it won’t be wrong to say that these events have brought the global fashion industry together to celebrate art and craft revolving around beauty.

The glam-fam industry scene across the world – be it the tinsel town of movie stars or brides living their dream weddings – has seen an enormous rise in the opulent looks in a decade gone by. An Exigency of Immigration -Choose The Best Way. Going as basic as its definition, the motive of immigration, an act of settling in a foreign country, for people, is to capitalize better economic prospects, enjoy congenial tax laws and health facilities, capitalize better opportunities for future generations, and so on.

An Exigency of Immigration -Choose The Best Way

But that’s not all, in recent years as used to happen during the earlier global war crisis, we have seen people from many war-torn countries settling in foreign countries to save their lives. In both cases, one can say, government facilities are already in shape to monitor, control, and document the immigration of people from their home countries to foreign ones. Big Data: A key to drive Big Business in a digital era! Ever wondered what drives businesses?

Big Data: A key to drive Big Business in a digital era!

Oh, or maybe, have you ever given a thought about what has been driving businesses for all these years? The answer is simple: a timely processed data. Information derived from the organization’s database helps them to derive insightful decisions. The more insights one derives in a fast-paced and cost-effective manner from the data available, the greater are his chances to create a compelling Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for his organization. In short, if managed well, data can make you a Market Leader. But with time, the volume and complexities attached to data have surged astonishingly. Enters Big Data to save the day! Big data enables Data Scientists to harness valuable ways of analyzing, drilling, and mining huge volumes of complex data structures to derive meaningful information which otherwise is not possible to do with the help of traditional data-processing software.

Bad Experiences with Classified Websites. How would future vacations look like! - Corona impact in Tourism. Going by its literal meaning, vacation is a time period where one takes a short break from his daily life to get a relaxing getaway to some place nice; the far, the better.

How would future vacations look like! - Corona impact in Tourism

But have the current times changed the definition of vacation for us?