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Magazine Page Origami Bows | College Canvas. Thought the only way to recycle magazine pages is to shred them into a fun shape? Nope! With a few snips and a little attention to detail, your old magazines can make you tons of these nifty origami bows, which I found through my trusty friend How About Orange. They’re pretty versatile; you could go the traditional route and slap them on top of a gift (they’re flat, so they’re great if you need to stack or mail gifts!) , or just stick a few on your wall to jazz things up. Get your fingertips ready for some creasing, because this project is super cute, but it requires a gentle, yet precise hand. What you need: – 1 magazine page – scissors – ruler Any magazine page will work, but the more colorful the page, the more colorful your resulting bow will be. What to do: 1. Happy folding! Like this: Like Loading...

About Brenna McKinley I'm an undergraduate student at Marist College studying Communication with a concentration in Journalism. » Edit Your Life, Part 5: Your Wardrobe. Quick note: Every Wedneday is Simplicity Day on Zen Habits, and for the next few weeks, these posts will be a series called “Edit Your Life,” looking at ways to simplify different parts of your life. I’m a former newspaper editor, and one of the things I learned was to edit brutally (no sarcastic comments about why I don’t do that with my blog posts). Cut out everything that’s not necessary, and you’ve got a more meaningful story. I highly recommend editing your life. Today’s edit: Edit your wardrobe.

Take a look at your closet — is it stuffed full of clothes you don’t wear? If so, your wardrobe may be in need of editing. To edit your wardrobe, here are some simple steps: Pull out all the clothes from your closet. Personally, I simplified my wardrobe years ago. I still need to edit my wardrobe, though, on a regular basis. Simplify your wardrobe, and your life will be much simpler and stress-free. Related articles elsewhere: See also: No-Sew Fleece Octopus Tutorial - While She Naps. I picked up this craft booklet, circa 1966, a few months ago at a church rummage sale and got inspired to update one of its projects.

The yarn octopus has long been a classic toy to make for children, and I've transformed it into an even easier, and perhaps more cuddly, no-sew fleece octopus! According to my 8-year-old, her fleece octopus is "the cutest thing ever. " You'll need: -16" x 16" piece of fleece -styrofoam ball 3" in diameter -3/4" wide ribbon - felt scraps in white, gray, and black -embroidery floss -8" x 8" piece of quilting cotton for the bandana -string (not pictured) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Put the octopus on your head and smile! Sleeves, Necklines, Collars, and Dress Types | She's in Fashion. I’ve recently ventured into drafting patterns starting from my basic bodice and skirt sloper. The fit issues are minimal, since the sloper is made skin tight.

Design ease is added as you go along. I found these reference pictures useful for ideas on basic sleeves, necklines, collars, and dress types. These are from Vogue Sewing, circa 1982. Free Sewing Projects. Sock Monkey. Gosh… I am supposed to sew some thing for the Earth Month this April, but I can’t wait to sew these sock monkeys. My hands simply took over my head and see what I did after a few days and nights of sewing…. a house full of sock monkeys!!!! Do you love them? I have seen a lot of sock monkey photos hanging around friends’ photo albums in many photo sharing websites, so envy.

These sock monkeys are so cute and so adorable that I would want to hug one, I bet my kids would love to have them to accompany too when mommy is busy with works. Therefore, I went out to shop for some socks thinking that may be 4 to 5 pairs should be enough, I ended up with 20 pairs of colorful socks, simply can’t resist for not buying ;-).

I made a few prototypes and showed them to my parents, siblings and their families during a dinner. . …. The siblings are indeed loving each other, not only they are huggy to human, but they also hug each other, like this one. {Get full details on next page.} Pages: 1 2.