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Valentines Gift - Deck of Love Cards. NOTE: I have created a FAQ page here with additional information on products used and where to buy them or you can check out the dedicated website here.

Valentines Gift - Deck of Love Cards

Creating the Reasons Labels There are two templates available for purchase. This page HERE has all the information you need to make a decision regarding which is best for you. Option One - JPEG Download$4.99 - download high quality jpeg files to be used with a program of your choice Option Two - POWERPOINT Download$6.99 - download a PowerPoint presentation with placeholder text. Print ready. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWINGYou can see exactly what is included in the templates on this page here. Like a Candle in the Tin... A good weekend to diy. Everyday Mom Ideas: Scrap Paper Tree Centerpiece Tutorial (Featured guest blogger) Hi there! I'm Sharon from Two Girls Being Crafty, and I am so delighted to be today's guest blogger on Everyday Mom Ideas! Thank you so much, Julia, for having us.

My co-blogger, Tristin, and I create fun and inexpensive crafts that anyone could do. DIY Design Community « Keywords: firefly, summer, outdoor, Craft. My birthday is on June 17th, which, when you're a kid, is a pretty great day for a birthday.

DIY Design Community « Keywords: firefly, summer, outdoor, Craft

You never have to go to school, the activity options are endless, and your party can always include a squirt gun fight. Related Video: But, each year I also get another special, seasonal gift. Even now, among the good times with families and friends, I always see the first fireflies of the year on my birthday. OnTheGo Family First Aid Kit by KandisKorner. Matchbox Chest of Drawers. These little matchbox chest of drawers are great for keeping small treasures in or as storage for stamps, buttons or even bugs (for all the boys out there!)

Matchbox Chest of Drawers

You will need: Wire & Paper. DIY Paper Pinwheels. The incredibly sweet Jessica of In the Hushed Hours was kind enough to share this tutorial for DIY paper pinwheels.

DIY Paper Pinwheels

I love pinwheels. Pinwheels strung on a mobile? I might love those even more. Creative Kismet » Blog Archive » little guiding stars. Since the new year has started I’ve been trying to think of ways to be more kind to my self.

Creative Kismet » Blog Archive » little guiding stars


Paper Filigree Snowflake Gallery. I've switched over to using acid free paper and glue to make my paper filigree snowflake ornaments now. I figure there's no sense in putting this much work into something that might fall apart in a few years, and with practice, they're starting to get pretty enough that I'm planning to make quite a few of them. In my search for paper that will hold up over time, I was looking for archival quality paper, but there wasn't much available that wasn't too thick, or too yellow. I visited all sorts of art, craft, scrapbook, and office supply stores in my paper quest, but the pickings were pretty slim for archival paper in shades of silver and white, so I went with mostly acid free paper and will see how it holds up. Snowflake Cards.

Bath & Body

Crafts by Carolyn - Exploding Box. Vintage Book Planner Tutorial. I desperately needed a day planner. With so much going on I can no longer keep it all straight in my head ’cuz something’s always falling through the cracks. So on my way home from the morning school drive today, I went to the office supply store to shop for one. Nothing bulky, nothing leathery, don’t need pockets, grid paper, address book or all the bells and whistles, just a plain ol’ planner, but a spiral one for sure, so it will lay flat while I’m planning.

I chose a monthly planner that also has weekly pages. Perfect. Enter: A cute vintage book from my stash, one simple but pretty file folder and this simple tutorial! Find a cool vintage book close to the size and thickness of your planner and either a manila folder, decorative folder or heavy card stock. With a craft knife, gut your book. Save the pages for your craft projects. Trim away any extra scrap along the inside of the book cover, but careful not to cut through the cover itself.

Cut the folder about 1″ outside the fold line. How to make a Mini Scrapbook. How to make a staple-free matchbook notepad. In an effort to use up the damaged & small surplus of 2010 calendars I have on-hand, I've been experimenting with ways to repurpose them.

how to make a staple-free matchbook notepad.

These matchbook notepads were this week's project. They are easy to make .... and adorable ... and completely practical. I love you more than... Weblog. Altered matchboxes are easy and fun to make!


To view a step-by-step tutorial with photos for making these paper boxes, check out the Matchbox Valentines How Tuesday post on the Etsy Storque blog. These little boxes are approximately the size of standard, store-bought, 32-count matchboxes (1.5″ x 2″ x .5″). 9 Cool Things to Do With Old Books » Written Word. Bibliophiles and bookworms, English majors and lovers of literature: is it possible to have too many books?

9 Cool Things to Do With Old Books » Written Word

They accumulate so quickly! Every member of your family getting you the same three books you requested for Christmas. Seeing Don DeLillo marked half-off, knowing you dumped a half-caff latte on your copy of Underworld, and – even though only the first three pages are illegible – justifying its purchase. 15+ years of required reading lists stored in boxes in your basement, even though you can bet your bippy you will never willingly read the poetry of Robert Burns again.

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Clothing & Accessories. DIY - Wedding. Lichtenstein make-up. Se prendre pour les héroïnes de bande dessinée du célèbre artiste américain Roy Fox Lichtenstein, figure emblématique du mouvement pop art, il fallait oser.

Lichtenstein make-up

Même si le résultat final de cette réincarnation travaillée minutieusement au maquillage reste néanmoins bien différente que sur les planche de comics, la démarche artistique n’en reste pas moins originale. Mila’s Daydreams. Une excellente initiative de Adele Enersen, en provenance d’Helsinki avec ce projet intitulé « Mila’s Daydreams ».

Mila’s Daydreams

Pendant la durée de son congé maternité, elle met en scène et imagine quotidiennement les rêves de son bébé. L’ensemble est à découvrir dans la suite de l’article. Plastic Spoon Rose. Dahlia flower tutorial. DIY Projects - How to: wax paper and crayon fall leaves. So this last week i decided to quit ignoring the elephant in the room, and acknowledge that fall is... well basically at my door step. the leaves are starting to show a hint of change and with that change came my "NO!

NOT YET! " Crayon Hearts.