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Cryogenic Air Separation Plant Price | Nitrogen Plant | Liquid Oxygen Plant. The small-scale cryogenic air separation plant adopts a low-pressure process and extracts pure oxygen and pure nitrogen from the air by deep freezing and rectification. That is, the air is liquefied by the principle of turbo expander refrigeration cycle, according to the different boiling points of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. , The second rectification is carried out in the fractionation tower, so as to obtain 99.6% purity oxygen and 99.99% purity nitrogen. According to needs, some liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and medical oxygen can be produced by changing the operation. In addition, we also have industrial oxygen generators, PSA nitrogen generators, household oxygen generators, face mask making machines, meltblown production lines, PE glove making machines, etc.

Contact us now to know more details. 【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+8613613856800 Get a Free Quote Cryogenic Air Separation Plant Parameter: Industrial Air Separation Plant: Process Flow: Air Separation Method: Portable Oxygen Generator for Sale in Peru | YG PSA Oxygen Plants Price. The industrial portable oxygen generator, as the name implies, is the equipment used for the production of oxygen in industrial production. In China, the oxygen production equipment is generally composed of air compressors, pre-cooling devices, purification devices, air separation towers, etc. YG’s portable oxygen generator for sale in Peru, Mexico, Malaysia, the United States, and many other countries.

And it has been highly praised by customers. In addition, we also have industrial oxygen generators, household oxygen generators, and PSA nitrogen generators, please contact us for more information. 【Whatsapp/Wechat/Skype/Phone】+8613613856800 Get a Free Quote Technical Index: Compressed Air Pressure: 0.7-1.3MPa(7Bar-13Bar)Oxygen Capacity: 3 – 200Nm3/hOxygen Purity: 93%±2%Outlet Pressure: 0.5Mpa or per requirementDew Point: ≤-40℃Electrical Power:380V/3P/50HZ or Customized Product Specification: Portable Oxygen Generator for Sale: Industrial Oxygen Machine Features: Application of Oxygen: Woven Bag Production Line | YG PP Woven Bag Making Machine for Sale.

The woven bag is a widely used and relatively inexpensive packaging product. Its raw material is mainly polypropylene PP, which becomes a thread of a certain width after high-temperature melting, extrusion, and stretching, and then processed and cut by a loom to become our daily finished products. A woven bag production line is also a very good investment idea. In addition, YG Machinery has many other production lines, such as shoe cover-making machines, wet tissue machines, industrial oxygen generators, PSA nitrogen generators, home beer brewing machines, water bottle filling machines, and other large production lines.

If you have any interests or questions, please contact us. 【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+8613613856800 Get a Free Quote Woven Bag Making Machine Parameter: Classification of Woven Bags: The General Process of the Plastic Woven Bag Production Line: Use of Woven Bags in YG: Woven Bag Making Machine Price in YG Machinery: Rewinding Machine for Sale | Fabric Rewinder Price | Hot Paper Rewinder. The non-woven fabric rewinder is to make the non-woven fabric into a regular interruption and adhesion through a rewinding and perforating device, which is convenient for customers to use. This rewinding machine for sale in YG Machinery is suitable for cutting all kinds of spunlace non-woven, felt, cloth, leather, needle punched cloth, plastic film, kraft paper, and other products.

The equipment is equipped with a wide belt synchronous conveying device and two sets of gear-type infinitely variable speed adjusting tension devices to ensure the precise size of the finished product, and a set of positive and negative guide cloth conversion devices. This equipment can be used in conjunction with our company’s wet tissue machine and toilet paper production line to improve efficiency. Contact us now! Get a Free Quote Fabric Rewinder Machine Parameter: Performance and Characteristics: Before You Buy A Slitting Machine: Analysis of the Causes of Longitudinal Instability of the Rewinder:

Concrete Pile Cutter | Hydraulic Pile Breaker | Pile Breaker Factory Price. The hydraulic concrete pile cutter is currently the world’s most advanced equipment for removing pile heads. It uses multiple hydraulic cylinders to squeeze the pile body and simultaneously squeeze from different points on the same end surface to cut off the working principle of the pile head. It is simple, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Concrete pile cutter machine, also known as hydraulic pile breaker, vividly shows its working process: in the process of high-speed rail, highway, and building construction, in order to better meet the foundation pile and the ground concrete structure, the general height of the foundation pile must be extended 1-2 meters above the ground, the function of the pile cutter is to cut off the pile head concrete that protrudes from the ground while retaining the reinforced part.

In addition, YG Machinery also has concrete wall saws, diamond chain saws, hydraulic rock splitters, excavator rock splitters, wire saw machines, etc. Get a Free Quote. Home Beer Brewing Machine Price | YG Beer Brewing Equipment for Sale. Home beer brewing machine refers to equipment used to produce beer, which can be divided into beer brewing equipment, micro beer equipment, and small beer equipment. The beer brewing equipment for sale in YG Machinery is mainly suitable for hotels, bars, barbecues, and small and medium-sized breweries. Home-brewed beer refers to the beer brewed by oneself with micro-beer equipment. Because it is brewed by hand, not brewed by industrial production, it is called home-brewed beer. It is produced and produced by some large breweries. Get a Free Quote Beer Brewing Machine Parameters: Application of Beer Brewing Equipment: Beer equipment is an ideal choice for bars, hotels, barbecue towns, hot pot restaurants, beer gardens, shopping malls, and entertainment venues to produce beer for guests to enjoy directly.

Performance Advantages of Craft Beer Brewing Machine: The craft beer equipment is simple and easy to operate. The Production Process of Self-brewed Beer: Other Products in YG Machinery: Blast Hole Drilling Machine Manufacturer | Crawler DTH Drilling Factory. When using the blast hole drilling machine, you need to have the best equipment on the market. At YG Machinery, we are our own supplier and manufacturer, providing our customers with the best tools and equipment, including our blast hole drilling machine. In order to complete the perfect drilling of the work while keeping the work area efficient and completely safe, especially if working in the mine, you will need equipment that meets efficiency, reliability, and durability.

We only sell tools and equipment that our customers are safe and able to do their jobs normally. In addition, we also have a gasoline rock drill, hydraulic rock splitter, excavator rock splitter, and other machinery that can be used in the blasting project in progress. Request A Quote Blast Hole Drilling Machine Application Blast Hole Drilling Machine Working Principle The drill pipe is used to drive the pneumatic impactor to rotate together with the drill bit. Blast Hole Drilling Machine Maintenance Guide. 2021 Best Down the Hole Drilling Rig Price | DTH Drilling Rig Manufacturer. Down the hole drilling rig is to make the impactor dive into the hole in the process of rock drilling to reduce the energy loss caused by the transmission of the impact energy transmitted by the drill rod, thereby reducing the influence of the hole depth on the rock drilling efficiency.

DTH drilling rigs have always been the best-selling machinery of YG Machinery. In addition, there are rock drills, portable water well drilling rigs, backpack drilling rigs, trucked mounted water well drilling rigs, crawler drilling rigs, etc. Please contact us for the latest prices! 【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+8613613856800 Request A Quote Types of Down the Hole Drilling Rig for Sale Roll Column Down the hole drilling rig is an impact rotary drilling rig. Model: SKL-100T Applicable Rock: F=6-20 Opening Hole Diameter: 83-130mm Drilling Depth: 30m Walking Speed: 2.5km/h Climbing Angle: 300 Rotating Speed: 0-90r/min Max. FY Series Crawler DTH Drilling Rig: XYD Series Crawler DTH Drilling Rig. UV Light Disinfection Robot | UV Portable Disinfection Robot Hospital Price.

UV Light Disinfection Robot is an efficient and environmentally friendly disinfection product. As the most effective disinfection method for COVID-19, the robot had the obvious advantages of high efficiency, thoroughness, no drug resistance, and no secondary pollution. It is suitable for various complex scenarios. It can be used in hospitals, shopping mall centers, restaurants, subway cars, nursing homes, kindergartens, schools, and other places. The robot has the ability to move autonomously and can achieve a large Timed, fixed-point, multi-track mobile disinfection, and sterilization under the environment. Request A Quote UV Disinfection Robot Parameters: Features of Portable UV Light Disinfection Robot for Sale in YG: Why is UV Light Disinfection Robots Widely Used By Everyone?

Intelligent UV Sterilizing lamp, efficient, safe, and pollution-free: Intelligent inspection and sterilization system for large space (FL-UV ROB 1100 ): Professional optical design: Best Small Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale | YG Portable Drilling Rig Price. Small water well drilling rigs, small water well drilling machine or mini water well drilling rigs, portable water well drilling rigs, small water well drilling machine is a kind of water well drilling machine with small size and specially designed for home use, personnel use, farm use, agriculture use, and some other uses. The most outstanding features of the small water drilling machine are that they are portable to transport and carry, easy to operate, high in working efficiency, versatile and inexpensive, which is the best choice of small drilling projects.

Small water well drilling rigs for sale in YG Machinery with high quality and best price. This type of water drilling rig is more suitable for digging soft rock, such as soil and limestone. So please kindly tell me more about your requirements, such as the drilling depth, opening hole diameter, the geological conditions, your uses, etc… Then we can check if the model you choose meets your drilling requirements. Get a Free Quote. Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale | Deep Drilling Rigs Price. Tractor mounted water well drilling rigs, also known as the names, truck-mounted water well drilling rigs and trailer mounted water well drilling rigs, is a kind of water well drilling rigs with simple operation, convenient transportation, and high working efficiency. There are few types of tractor mounted water well drilling rigs for sale in YG Machinery. They can be widely used, such as, well drilling, geological survey and exploration, river embankment grouting hole drilling and direct grouting, road, and high-rise building foundation exploration, etc… Different models are suitable for different drilling projects.

So you can tell us your project type, drilling depth, and geological situation when you send us an inquiry, and we will propose the most suitable machine. 【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+8613613856800 Get a Free Quote XYC Series Truck-mounted Water Well Drilling Rigs for sale Technical Parameter of XYC-130A/180A/200A Drilling Rigs HY-500 Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig. Fog Cannon for Sale | Buy Water Fog Cannon | Fog Cannon Sprayer Price. Fog cannon, which can also be called dust control fog cannon, water fog cannon, spray cannon, fog cannon sprayer is a professional dust removal equipment.

The fog cannon dust suppression is used to manage mining dust, which has a good effect on construction site dust and fog management. A large amount of dust pollution will occur during road construction, mining, transportation, storage, and some other construction activities. It is necessary to use a dust control fog cannon to solve the dust problems during construction. There are so many kinds of fog cannon for sale in YG Machinery, you can choose the suitable model based on the horizontal range you want to achieve. Check the parameter below and send us an inquiry to get a quotation quickly. In addition, the fog cannon machine of YG Machinery can also be disinfected.

Get a Free Quote Different Models of Fog Cannon Dust Suppression Technical Parameter of Fog Cannon Machine: Uses of Fog Cannon Machine: The Working Principle of Fog Cannon: YG Pipe Shrinking Machine Manufacturer | Steel Tube Shrinking Machine. The pipe shrinking machine is a hydraulic automatic pipe end processing machine that controls the end surface of the pipe under normal conditions and is controlled by an integrated control touch screen. The mold can be expanded, shrank, bulged, and smashed. The pipe ends are processed and formed, and the manual, jog or automatic machining machine can be freely determined according to the user’s needs.

The fuel tank, the bed, the slider, the main cylinder, the mold core rod (optional), the limit cylinder, the compression cylinder main components such as clamping die and axial positioning cylinder, axial positioning angle iron. In addition, we also have a rebar straightening and cutting machine, rebar threading machine, steel bar cutting machine, rebar bending machine, steel hoop bending machine, rebar upsetting machine, beam bending machine, rebar derusting machine, hydraulic combined punching and shearing machine, and etc. Contact us now to know more. Get a Free Quote Working Principle: Curb and Gutter Machine Sale | Walk Behind Concrete Curb Machine Price. The curb and gutter machine is a fully automatic slip form paver that has only been used in various highway constructions in recent years. For a long time, in the field of curb construction of urban roads and high-grade highways, sand, stone, and cement have been prefabricated, and they have been manually installed or poured on site for paving.

In this way, the construction labor is intensive and the construction speed is slow. Now various construction sites have selected the concrete curb machine to replace manual construction. In addition, we also have some other road construction machinery, floor shot blaster, road making machine, road roller machine, asphalt crack filler machine, floor grinder, floor scarifier, asphalt recycling machine, trowel machine, and electric road sweeper machine.

Contact us now to know more about road construction machinery. 【Whatsapp/Wechat/Skype/Phone】+8613613856800 Get a Free Quote Parameter of YG-31 Concrete Curb Machine: 2020 is an extraordinary year. 2021 Concrete Sprayer Machine | Mortar Spraying Machine Factory Price. The concrete sprayer machine can use both pre-mixed and ready-mixed mortars at the same time. By changing the spray gun and screw pump, the air volume can be adjusted by using most ordinary mortars and special mortars to achieve multi-purpose use. Different materials can be used with different mixers to achieve the integration of mixing and spraying. It is suitable for reinforcement, leveling, painting, and pumping. It can be used for ordinary mortar plastering of interior and exterior walls, plastering plaster, thermal insulation mortar, bonding mortar, lime plastering, repairing plastering, face ash, sticking tiles, and filling mortar.

Concrete sprayer machines also called mortar spraying machines and stucco machines, in addition, YG Machinery also have some other construction machinery, such as shotcrete sprayer, fog cannon machine, hydroseeding machine, sandblasting machine, wheel washing machine, putty spraying machine. Contact us now to know more about machine details.

Electric Snow Blower for Sale | Small Snow Blower Tractor for Sale Factory. Core Drill Rig | YG Hydraulic Core Drill for Sale | Drilling Rig Factory Price. Core Drilling Machine for Sale | Portable Hydraulic Core Drill Machine Price. Mini Pile Driver for Sale | Low Price Pile Extractors | Pile Driver Companies. Hand-held Portable Pile Driver Price | Hole Digging Machine Manufacturer. Pile Drilling Machine | Screw Pile Driver | Piling Driving Rig Manufacturer. Hydraulic Pile Driver | Mini Pile Driver for Sale | Pile Driver Machine Price. YG Anchor Drilling Rig Manufacturer | Crawler Anchor Drill Machine Price. Truck Mounted Drill Rig for Sale | Tractor Mounted Drill Rig Factory Price. Hot Sale Crawler Drill Machine | Hydraulic Crawler Drill Rig Factory Price.

Disinfectant Door for Sale in Mongolia | Intelligent Disinfection Door Price. Gasoline Rock Drill Factory Price | YN27C Gas Powered Rock Drill for Sale. Pneumatic Rock Drill Manufacturer | YG Hand-held Air Leg Rock Drill Price. Hydraulic Rock Drill | Hydraulic Rock Drilling Machine with Factory Price. Water Well Drilling Rigs Machine for Sale | YG Drilling Rigs Manufacturer. YG Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig Manufacturer | Hot Drilling Rig Price. Small Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale | YG Hot Drilling Rigs Factory Price. Portable Water Well Drilling Rigs Price | Mobile Drilling Rigs Manufacturer.

Backpack Drill for Sale | Backpack Core Drill Price | Drill Rig Manufacturer. Blu Ray Anion Nano Spray Gun |Electric Disinfectant Sprayer Factory Price. COVID-19 YG Home&Car Handheld Nano Spray Disinfection Gun for Sale. Portable Sandblaster Machine | Mini Sandblaster | Wet Sandblasting Price. Walk Behind Roller | Double Drum Vibratory Roller Manufacturer Price. Trailer Mounted Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale | Hydraulic Rig Price.