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YFret’s marketing assistant for eCommerce was developed by an agile and innovative technology team, paired up with smart marketing minds who have managed some of the world’s largest brands.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions. Looking into the future of your business venture The future of any business lies in the digital space.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions

An online store is only the first step to attracting customers. Research shows that the e-commerce industry is growing at nearly 10 to 12% annually. Product Recommendation. Are you looking for new and interesting ways to attract customers to your e-commerce portals?

Product Recommendation

Though there are many traditional methods of marketing like Email notifications and Text notifications, you need to constantly adopt new marketing techniques to keep pace with the dynamic and fast-growing consumer base. It is important to follow data-driven marketing techniques so that you can be assured of reliable results. Web widgets are software plugins that can be installed on any type of website. A widget is nothing but a small piece of code that can be used to provide relevant content, such as sign-up for special offers, or promote a particular product. Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions. Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions. Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions.