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小さい胸が最高だってことを示す18の証拠. ジョン・マカフィー、自分の会社に自分の名前を使う権利があることの確認を求めてIntelを訴える. Fedcon 2009 Opening Ceremony Star Trek Animation. いい人は天国へ 悪い人は地獄へ. さらば、ぼくらが愛したFlickr. TEXT BY DAVID PIERCE TRANSLATION BY WIRED.jp_ST.

さらば、ぼくらが愛したFlickrビジネスサイト運営が捗る!WordPress厳選プラグイン10+1. Use Coffee Instead of Water in Your Batter for a Rich, Flavorful Cake. KFC: WiFi test. 電子書籍名言 TUMBLR — 商品を販売する広告よりも、その商品に興味がある人を集める広告のほうが、圧倒的に簡単なのである。 "猫とたわむれる気分"を楽しめる!? 猫のキャンディーセット発売. Sydney’s e-paper road signs are smart and energy efficient. Electronic paper signs that run on sunlight consume up to 99 percent less energy than their LCD counterparts, so it was only a matter of time before cities began using the technology to power road signs.

Sydney’s e-paper road signs are smart and energy efficient

The first to do so is Sydney, Australia, whose Road and Maritime Services recently installed Visionect’s e-paper signage across the city. The new eco-friendy wireless signs are connected to the Internet of Things and display changing road information, keeping drivers informed with relevant updates. They are solar powered and therefore 100 percent self-sustainable and not susceptible to problems such as power cuts. They use little power because they only connect to 3G at pre-scheduled ‘wake up’ times, when they receive new information via Visionect’s software. The signs are visible in bright sunlight — the electronic ink used is the same as that used in e-book readers and smart watches. What else could e-paper be used for? Website: Contact: AVerMedia AVT-C875 ポータブル・ビデオキャプチャーデバイス - 製品詳細. ■持ち運びに便利なコンパクトサイズ ポケットに収まるほどのコンパクトさで持ち運びにも便利。

AVerMedia AVT-C875 ポータブル・ビデオキャプチャーデバイス - 製品詳細

電源はUSBバスパワーに対応し、ACアダプターが不要です。 豊富な付属ケーブルでゲーム機・PC等のあらゆるハードと接続ができ、家庭用ゲーム機の録画をはじめ、PCゲームの録画やHDMI/コンポーネント接続による録画・ライブ配信など、用途に合わせて幅広くご利用いただけます。 ■用途で選べる2つの録画モードを搭載 コンパクトなボディにHDMI、AV IN端子(コンポーネント変換可能)と、音声入出力端子を搭載。 パススルー機能でHD録画時でも遅延ほぼゼロでゲームプレイが可能です。 Thin Ice Inc. Home - Slidenjoy. 6 Eco Burial Options for a Green Afterlife Nadine Jarvis pencil. Nadine Jarvis Nadine Jarvis has created the ultimate afterlife memento for authors and scribblers everywhere.

6 Eco Burial Options for a Green Afterlife Nadine Jarvis pencil

Coming in a flat wooden box, Jarvis creates a set of pencils from human ash ( a body yields on average around 240). The special container allows only one pencil to be withdrawn at a time. The pencil is sharpened on the side of the box, which holds the ash sharpenings. When the last pencil is used, the box becomes an urn, holding the remaining ashes. Life Gem And Vinyly Eternal Reefs. The Daily Undertaker, The Variety and Importance of Ritual. "My motivation for this project was my interest in the death and decomposition of materials and how the degradation of materials could be used to aid the grieving process.

The Daily Undertaker, The Variety and Importance of Ritual

" -Nadine Jarvis Designer Nadine Jarvis has produced some very thought provoking art work using cremated remains. But before you say, "Oh, I've seen those paintings and glass sculptures with the ashes mixed in", think again. Ms. Jarvis is operating on another level, exploring concepts of impermanence, decay and renewal, that are intended to make us examine our own ideas about death, and more importantly, help the grieving along their path.

She refers to her work as "an ongoing research project that looks to challenge our post mortem traditions and to offer proposals for alternate treatment for our deceased. " In her project RIP -Rest In Pieces, A ceramic urn is suspended from a tree. Feeder A bird feeder made from bird food and human ash. From Ms. Design for pencil set made from cremated human reamains. 政府、ビットコイン法規制へ - 不正利用防止狙い. 東京プリンスホテル、プール貸切とドン・ペリニヨン付きBBQのプラン販売. NTT東西の「フレッツ・ADSL」、新規受付を2016年6月末で終了、部品製造終了のため -INTERNET Watch. フレッツ・ADSL加入者向けに提供された「ADSLモデム-MN」 東日本電信電話株式会社(NTT東日本)および西日本電信電話株式会社(NTT西日本)は、ブロードバンドサービス「フレッツ・ADSL」の新規申し込みの受付を2016年6月30日をもって終了すると発表した。

NTT東西の「フレッツ・ADSL」、新規受付を2016年6月末で終了、部品製造終了のため -INTERNET Watch

すでに契約している利用者へのサービス提供は今後も継続する。 Intel CPUの10年分の進化を数値で徹底的に比較するとこうなる. YouTube’s Desktop Web Player Gets A New Look. Does YouTube look different to you today?

YouTube’s Desktop Web Player Gets A New Look

If you’re noticing that the YouTube player on the desktop seems to have a sleeker look-and-feel, then you’ve probably spotted the update YouTube has just rolled out. The company launched a new HTML5 video player for desktop users, which now features a transparent control bar that disappears when you’re not using it, as well as updated buttons and drop-down menus. The revamped player, spotted by the Google Operating System blog, has been in testing for around four months. With the changes and the disappearing controls, the YouTube player on the desktop now operates more like it does on mobile devices. However, as part of the update, the “Watch Later” button has been removed from the control bar. New player: top; Old player: below The updates, while minor in the grand scheme of things, come at a time when more people are watching YouTube on their phones than ever before.

Image credit: Google Operating System. 8/5はハンコの日。つい使ってみたくなるオリジナルハンコ10選. 2015年8月5日TEXT:編集部 今日、8月5日は「ハンコの日」。


最近では、多くのハンコ屋やネットショップでオリジナルハンコの作成サービスが利用できるようになった。 ビジネスシーンで少し個性のあるハンコを使うのはもちろん、企業のオフィス内でも、回覧チェックや伝言メモ、メッセージカードなどに可愛いオリジナルハンコを使ったりするケースが増えている。 今回はハンコの日にちなみ、思わず使ってみたくなるオリジナルハンコをまとめてご紹介したい。 ■顔や髪型のカスタマイズも。 URL: 顔のイラストと名前が入れられる、簡易オーダーの消しゴムハンコ。 ○問い合わせ まめじ GALLERY(ミンネ) URL: