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Revamping Web Security and Speed for Boosting Business Performance - Web Werks. Maintaining a position on top has been one of the persistent challenges for every organization.

Revamping Web Security and Speed for Boosting Business Performance - Web Werks

But it’s not easy to achieve heights in this technology-driven era, where users are constantly looking for new, innovative trend. Among the demands, the most dominant one that comes is the need for better web security and speed, and in this tech-savvy world, organizations it’s only wise for any enterprise to deliver what the consumers looks upon for. While security breeds trust, speed develops better user experience and building organization’s value, they need to consider these crucial aspects. Security According to a research firm, data breaches and DDoS attacks are among the major threats for businesses, which they come across on a daily basis. Use SSL for your web services. Speed Businesses have to face the ever-changing demands of customers. Migrate to a better web hosting solution. In conclusion, both web security and speed is vital for the performance on any business.

Is Data Center Ready for the IoT Deluge? - Web Werks. Technology has always surprised us with its remarkable evolution and IoT is one of the them.

Is Data Center Ready for the IoT Deluge? - Web Werks

As the Internet of Things (IoT) has stepped into the industry, we are experiencing what was at some point in time considered merely possible. Many organizations have adopted the IoT technology to improve operational productivity and this also includes several leading tech enterprises as well. Take for example Siemens, the biggest supplier of wind power solutions, has transformed its wind farms into smart, distributed machines. The organizations makes use of RTI messaging software, a technology that enables the operators to monitor the large amount of wind turbines remotely for real-time management and to fine-tune it to better cope up with the continued change in pattern of wind speed. Analytics and Data Storage Set to Promote Cloud Usage in 2017 - Web Werks. In a significantly competitive market, it’s difficult to maintain the momentum.

Analytics and Data Storage Set to Promote Cloud Usage in 2017 - Web Werks

The data center scenario is changing quickly and being able to adapt to these changes drives business development. Adopting new, innovative technology helps improve organizational productivity, and business continuity. Cloud adoption, on the other hand, is growing at a remarkable speed and as per a study, data analytics and storage in the cloud will soon increase at an unprecedented rate.

As per study, organizations are planning to budget around $1.30 million for cloud spending. In addition, enterprises with more than 1000 employees are budgeting to invest $10 million on cloud computing applications or even more in 2017. Experts say that by the end of 2018, most organizations will have their data and applications located on on-premise systems.

Small Organizations Are Remodeling its IT for Improved Productivity - Web Werks. To unleash productivity, small organizations need to think beyond the basic traditional IT and gain the power of latest, innovative data center solutions.

Small Organizations Are Remodeling its IT for Improved Productivity - Web Werks

Although many organization realize that improving IT will bring down their maintenance stress and give staff more time to focus on the productivity part, this is often considered as a project for the next financial year. For several organizations, IT remodeling has turned into an urgent priority. So what is the ideal and affordable approach to reaching the goal of modernizing IT for small and mid-sized businesses? Organizations need to address the limitations of aging IT ecosystem, bandwidth constraints and unprepared storage. What’s the best way to embrace the potentials of efficiency offered by the new style of IT? Well, firstly organizations need to look out for a data center service provider that can decipher your desired result into the comprehensive technologies accessible to help you meet your objectives. Is Cloud More Secure than On-Premise IT services? - Web Werks. And the debate over traditional IT services and public cloud solutions will never end.

Is Cloud More Secure than On-Premise IT services? - Web Werks

As the cloud market keeps growing stronger and potential to delivering advanced solution, organizations more inclined than ever to make use of cloud services. When it comes to cloud, not one but we can give a host of reasons why the technology is far better than the legacy IT services. Many market leaders have stepped up to emphasize the benefits of storing data and applications over cloud and are setting an example of it. Although cloud has proven its value in the digital world, yet there are some IT executive who don’t believe in implementing the improved version of technology.

This happens as a results of arguments around security and privacy issues that still remains to be a major concern. As you don’t own or control cloud servers, it builds up a notion that it is insecure because you can’t use the server as a fully dedicated one. Managed VPS Server Hosting India. Web Werks vps server hosting gives you complete access over your server environment at only a fraction of a cost to that of a dedicated server with endless functions of a control panel, Mail Servers, Managed backup and Firewall.

Managed VPS Server Hosting India

We help you to setup your vps web hosting on various operating systems which are Linux (CentOS, Fedora, Debian) and Windows. Our Virtual Private Servers are managed by our high-quality technical support and of course at competitive pricing. At Web Werks, we understand our customer needs to achieve their IT goals. Linux & Windows VPS Hosting in India. How is cloud file-sharing beneficial for businesses? - Web Werks. Cloud file-sharing is the process of sharing data and files over the internet between multiple users.

How is cloud file-sharing beneficial for businesses? - Web Werks

Some IT managers choose to go for flexible and convenient options of file-sharing that would be cost-effective plus time-efficient and this cloud solution just fits in rightly. Given the remote access feature of cloud, users can access their data from any device or location. Nowadays, technology has become the core requirement and efficient business tool. The Importance of M2M in the IoT - Web Werks. As the Internet of Things is developing rapidly, it is bringing more networking challenges for organizations in different ways.

The Importance of M2M in the IoT - Web Werks

Not only is it demanding for innovative edge and real-time analysis to power the large amount of devices across the globe, but it is also making organizations to concentrate more on how all of these connected devices actually work with one another. On the other hand, Machine-to-machine (M2M) is turning up as the driving force of Internet of Everything (IoE) and as the crucial element of IoT and Industrial IoT (IIoT). Although both the technologies are different, there’s been a confusion about IoT and M2M communication. Here we’ll highlight some facts and differences between the two majorly distinct technologies.

Will Cloud Still Remain a Green Technology? - Web Werks. According to a report from Greenpeace, cloud technology is growing greener given the increasing amount of data centers powered by renewable energy.

Will Cloud Still Remain a Green Technology? - Web Werks

Greenpeace has been seen as one of the toughest critics of the data center industry and getting a positive response on green technology from the environmental group is something big. The report says that IT industry has significantly improved the use of green energy by cloud platforms. The change is seen from leading cloud service providers as they are giving more importance to adopting renewable resources to power server farms. Beyond Carbon Credits Offsets In 2016, Greenpeace predicted that in a couple of years, the IT sector will consume nearly 12% of all electrical use and around 21% of that will come from data centers.

Cloud Computing Myths, Busted - Web Werks. Even though cloud solution has earned a remarkable prominence in the industry, there are still some myths around that overshadow the value of cloud.

Cloud Computing Myths, Busted - Web Werks

These myths are holding companies from deploying cloud solutions because they consider the technology to be a risky business. Let’s discuss some common myths and the truth behind it. Optimize Your Cloud Network Performance - Web Werks. Bandwidth quality and speed matters a lot when it comes to cloud migration. Moving data and applications to the cloud is considerably effortless procedure with proper planning, but the easy process can become a difficult task if you’ve failed to take into account the networking aspect.

Without proper network design and connection, cloud elasticity means nothing as the network needs to effectively manage the workload. IT managers need to recognize its users and traffic in order to make sure cloud apps deliver. As organizations take a step to optimize their networks to align it with their cloud platforms, they need to consider certain potential strategies. This consists of – WAN Optimization – WAN optimizations defines the bunch of approaches built to manage and accelerate the flow of data by lessening inefficiencies and redundancies in traffic.

Webwerks. Web Werks data center has won the Great Indian Workplace Award (GIWA) 2017 awarded at the Workplace Culture Summit 2017. The award was conducted by UBS Transformance, a leading provider of content driven, information rich business conferences, for recognizing organizations that build a friendly and engaging work environment for their employees to make them feel recognized. The winners were honored at the Workplace Culture Summit 2017, which was held in Mumbai on 25th April.

The sociability of Web Werks was measured through an employee survey that showed a tremendous employee feedback of 95% positive response. On-Premise vs. Cloud Solution: Which is more effective? - Web Werks. In the recent times, cloud has been trending a lot for all the good reasons. But the debate over on-premises IT and cloud solutions will never come to an end. Often organizations make a haste to move to the cloud environment assuming that it is a more cost-effective option for hosting applications.

But they fail to understand that not every application is meant to be stored on the cloud and migrating those application may cost you more than you think. Cloud vs. Need Smart Data Center in the era of IoT - Web Werks. Innovation is the new trend for the data center industry. With the emergence of new technologies, data centers need to evolve to support the demands and application deployments models such as IoT, cloud computing and other technologies set to become mainstream.

As businesses are growing, they are demanding more from data centers. So now, the main objective of data centers is to be ‘smart’, which is they need to make use of modern techniques such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provide valuable insights to businesses via automation tools and enhanced decision-making skills. Carrier-neutral colocation facilities According to reports, cloud data centers will be main market player in the industry that will bring the stream of demands from businesses for advanced data center services with scalable, reliable and secure IT services.

IoT demands remote tools With the growth of connected devices, data centers need to process the huge of amount of data efficiently. Cloud Computing Underpinning Digital Transformation - Web Werks. After all the efforts put in by tech leaders into making the impossible possible, which was connecting to the cloud technology and being able to access it from anywhere at anytime is.

Cloud is here and it will stay for years to come. Since its inception, cloud technology has evolved to a great extent and have significantly transformed B2B and B2C markets. If we rewind and take a look twenty back in time at the cloud landscape, we’d be able to see the massive progression and leaps technology has taken. Cloud computing is actually played a bigger role in influencing the economic aspects of businesses. Web Werks Data Centers are now SOC 1 Reports (Type1 and Type 2 ) Complied – ePRNews. Press Release ( - india - May 16, 2017 - Web Werks recently announced that it has successfully completed its annual Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16 Service Organization Control (SOC) 1 compliance for its data centers based in India and US. Conducted by independent auditors, the audit involved an analysis of policies, operating procedures and controls in regards to financial reporting of individual, concerning the validation of the company meeting its declared control objectives.

Web Werks Data Centers are now SOC 1 Reports (Type1 and Type 2 ) Complied – ePRNews. Cloud Security: Customer and Provider Share Responsibility - Web Werks. Cloud solutions have given a new perspective to the IT world by transforming the approach of managing data and business. Cloud has enabled organizations to streamline their business processes and work more efficiently in the field. Enterprise Need to Be Conscious About the Growing Security Threats - Web Werks. Despite of investing so much on data security, enterprises are still exposed to security threats. But data centers are assisting enterprises to incorporate latest, advanced security solutions in order to curb the increasing security risk factors.

Reality Checks: Cloud-based Backups and Disaster Recovery - Web Werks. Cloud solutions is the most hyped technology in the IT market now and the concept needs no introduction. Identifying the hidden costs of BYOD - Web Werks. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy has become the modern trend for performing official task more efficiently or perhaps as organizations believe that it is a great way to reduce IT cost. BYOD came into effect as a result to improve productivity and give a little push to employees for performing better as they get to do their work on the devices they admire. Difference between Basic and Intelligent Power Distribution Unit - Web Werks. Understanding data center power distribution units can be rather difficult for beginners and so, before we start discussing the main concept, we’ll explain what exactly the elements are all about.

A rack power distribution unit (PDUs) is a device used in IT infrastructures for disseminating power to server and other hardware stored within the facility. IT Need to Re-think its Application Management - Web Werks. A modern data center provides the groundwork for large as well small and mid-sized business strategies. While it’s rather easy to focus on hardware such as servers, storage, network, etc., which makes the IT run, applications on the other hand is largely overlooked. Bandwidth and Latency Must Factor Into Your Big Data Strategy.

When we discuss big data, network infrastructure comes as a vital factor and top priorities among enterprise executives. Big data networking issues such as latency and bandwidth are often ignored by many organizations, which can create problems with data transfer. Although its not an easy job to fix this, it’s better if organizations get things done quickly because more organizations will rely on the public internet for transmitting data and big amount of data from different locations. Is Security Concerns Abating Cloud Adoption? - Web Werks. Cloud technology have remained at a leading edge over a long period now not only in the IT world, but also in other business and non-profit sectors. The technology offers a range of unparalleled benefits that is encouraging more organizations to adopt it. Benefits of Using Data Center Maturity Model. Data Center Maturity Model is a self-assessment tool, designed by Green Grid, for determining the efficiency level of a data center and sustainability across every aspect.

It touches upon some of the major components of data center that counts cooling, power, storage, etc. The initial stage of data center is mainly based on the functional stability, which involves investments on the basic utility of an IT infrastructure required to keep the store up and available always. These basic utility includes servers, storage, security planning, and application support. Web Werks Data Centers Expands Footprints in Dubai.

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Benefits of Data Encryption in Cloud - Web Werks. Biggest Open Source Software Challenges for 2017 - Web Werks. Steps to securing customer data from damages. Why you should go for cloud hosting? Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan for Small Businesses is Inevitable - Web Werks. How is flash storage transforming business? – Priti Shetti – Medium. Why Outsourcing Security Services Makes Sense? - Web Werks. Cloud backup and disaster recovery considerations. Cloud backup and disaster recovery considerations. Cloud backup and disaster recovery considerations. Cloud backup and disaster recovery considerations. Cloud backup and disaster recovery considerations. Data Center Colocation for Business Disaster Recovery - Web Werks. Web Werks Data Center Hosted Internet Exchange Signs MOU With World's Leading Internet Exchange /PR Newswire India/ Colocation and Cloud Computing are Closely Associated. An Overview of Internet of Things Standards - Web Werks. Few Habits of Highly Effective Big Data Users - Web Werks.

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IoT devices are vulnerable, can be easily hacked - Web Werks. Executing Good Azure Cloud Governance - Web Werks. How Cloud Technology Reshapes Business Approaches – Medium. How Cloud Technology Reshapes Business Approaches – Priti Shetti – Medium. Few Cloud EMR Features You Can't Afford to Overlook - Web Werks. How is Businesses Driven By Mobile Cloud Computing? - Web Werks. How to Secure Your Data Center from the Fluctuation of Nature - Web Werks. Cloud Computing – Consumer vs Business Solutions. Importance of Backing Up Your Website - Web Werks. How data migration benefits both user and service provider? - Web Werks. Creating Business Case for Cloud Storage – Priti Shetti – Medium.

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