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5 Questions to Ask When You're Choosing a Technology Vendor - Web Werks. As companies spend their time in adding value to its business and increasing ROI by integrating new technologies with its operations, they often fail to look into the potentials of the technical suppliers that they have planned to team up with. You need your business to grow; you want to merge latest techniques with business processes to enhances performance; you have chosen you supplier, but is it the right choice?

Unfortunately, the companies that give in all their efforts to design perfect strategies, don’t prioritize evaluating technological partners. Vendors clearly understand the organization’s need to upgrade and uplift their technical aspect of the organization such as deploying web-based application, cloud services, eCommerce related services, etc. that can help increase efficiency. However, vendors smartly demonstrate their services and offerings, without actually understanding the clients’ requirements or market demands.

Have they partnered with other organizations before? Is it a good idea to build data center in cold regions? - Web Werks. Some of the leading data center service providers in the world such as Facebook and Google have built their data centers in the icy regions. And the answer behind this strategy is obvious – to cut-down power and cooling cost. Tony Kontzer, a Tech-Target contributor, stated that when it comes to data center design, cold is all the rage. As service providers are formulating strategies to become more energy efficient, they have opted to adopt green initiative and cold areas have made it to the forefront as an inclining location. Data center services are in the mainstream and we’re seeing a sudden and rapid growth in energy consumption.

Since the use of online medium has become substantially huge, data center will have to deal with the amount of data produced and the high temperature its generating by putting thousands of servers at work. With an intent to minimize energy consumption and increase cooling efficiency, IT professionals are planning out strategies that would fit right in. Flash Storage is the Future of Data Centers - Web Werks. Flash-based storage, which was primarily used as the storage technology for mobile devices such as smartphones, iPods, digital cameras, laptops, etc., has now stepped into enterprise sector, where it is significantly replacing traditional disk drives owing to its value added features and cost-to-performance ratio.

Despite that, hard-disk-drive will continue its existence in data centers considering its cost-effectiveness to store and access cold data, but organizations that fail to take flash storage into account for maintaining its active data will lag behind. Deploying these extremely sophisticated and high-performing storage equipment in data center has certainly become the latest IT trend, but for professionals, it means more than a market fad. Although flash is not a new thing in the technology world, yet data flash storage has currently turned out to become a crucial asset of the modern business. Benefits of all-flash IT infrastructure. Factors that Can Contribute in Enhancing Hybrid Cloud Benefits. Hybrid cloud hosting is a hot topic these days and as we know, the adoption rate is skyrocketing.

But the fact that remains unknown is that migrating data to the hybrid cloud is not as easy as it seems. Challenges and risks are just a part of the overall expedition. Many enterprises are agreeing that two cloud or more than that are better than one. Multiple reasons contribute to the increasing count of organizations extending their IT platforms across private and public clouds. Some of the major reasons include compliance and disaster recovery. If the growth continues to surge the market estimates will soon reach to $84.67 billion in 2019, predicts a research firm MarketsandMarkets. In addition, businesses must ensure to clear the operational and management obstacles before making most of the hybrid cloud services because the hurdles might hamper the solution from functioning to its full potential. Resource allocation Cost management. Converged Infrastructure for Data Center Modernization - Web Werks.

Transformation is a phase of every business, and organizations need to respond to the challenges of digitization, especially those dealing or relying mainly on technology such as data centers if they want to secure their position in the industry. The advancement in the digital world has changed the big picture of the market, and this kind of business disruption is expected to continue as long as organization persists implementing new technology solutions that enables them to modernize their business operations.

IDC foresee that the disruptive influence of digital evolution will hit mostly every business vertical in the market. While the evolution will continue to impact the organizations, CEOs will prefer involving transformation as a part of their growth and profit strategies, which will then function to attract IT investments from those that support digitization. Data Center Trends to Watch in 2017. 2016 turned out to be a year of challenges for data center professionals and this indicates that the coming time will be even challenging. Some of the trends such as the emergence of disruptive technologies, growth in computing power, optimized security standards etc., will continue.

IT infrastructures are experiencing considerable development and the new technologies are straining power and density. While data explosion will persist, here are a few predictions that we must watch in the near future. Installing new technologies In order to respond to the growing demands and to stay ahead in the competitive world, data center have to adopt newer and smarter technologies. Security challenges The rise of new technology is not only multiplying the usage of resources, but it is also posing as a risk factor that demands better security.

Internet of Things Internet of Things is the new buzzword and we must have heard it thousand times that by 2020, 25 Billion devices will be connected, globally. Best Practices for SOA Security - Web Werks. Security breaches is a common but potentially disruptive thing occurring within enterprises. While security remains a top concern among data centers and organizations, most have implemented robust data and information protection measures to keep their networks and systems secure. When it comes to SOA environment, security plays an equally essential role, though securing the SOA environment seems different than the conventional architectures. In addition to protecting systems, SOA security also provides a supplementary features that enables identifying the high-use and low-use services. Let’s discuss the best practices you need to follow while implementing SOA security. Goals and strategies Not only while integrating security, clarifying what and how things needs to be done in order to achieve the desired result is a parameter that can’t be overlooked.

Policies and procedures Determining goals and strategies is followed by setting the policies and procedure. Web Werks Receives Indian Government's Accreditation for Cloud Services. Mumbai, India, October 27,2016/ -- Web Werks recently announced its achievement of provisional accreditation from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) for the Government of India. The accreditation will now enable the TIER IV data center service provider to help Central Government organizations to leverage innovative and advanced cloud services. Initially, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) had projected to empanel a set of private cloud service providers for rendering government services with the intent to support the accelerating demand for computer resources from government organization.

This GI cloud initiative is termed as MeghRaj. Recently in September, MietY released the list of CSPs that successfully made it through the evaluation process that included Web Werks as one of them. About Web Werks Data Centers: For more information, visit: Media Contact: Priti Shetti Mumbai DC. Domain Extensions: Will the New TLDs Become Mainstream? Buying a new website is not easy these days, where most of the good domain names are already been taken. That's happening to all of us. We try purchasing a .com domain and it says that the name is not available. Sad, but true. Then we have to come up with something unique that will befit our business and represent our brand name and that's simply not easy.

Fortunately, there are some big changes happening in the field of domains that are likely to make domain registration a lot easier. Dot com was a leader back then Although there were multiple other options aside from dot com such as .net, .org, etc. people still wanted to go for .com domains, which was comparatively expensive to the alternatives. Now buying the domain of your choice is expensive as well as most of them are taken and you'll have to wear your creative hat to come up with a creative name that could cost you low or shell out bucks to purchase the domain name you desire. Web Hosting and New TLDs. Understanding Hybrid Cloud Hosting - Web Werks. Hybrid, the word refers to the blend of two or more things. Here it’s about the combination of two or more cloud technologies, that ultimately result into futuristic Hybrid cloud hosting.

It’s a hybrid cloud when the user stores its mission-critical data in a private cloud while its applications use SAS(software-as-service) cloud offered on public cloud. In Public cloud environment, the resources are shared whereas in Private cloud environment, it’s a privately owned network, operated for a specific organization. And when both is combined, it becomes hybrid cloud environment. Hybrid cloud leverages the benefits of public, private and other community cloud technologies to create a unique and more valuable computing environment with enhanced features.

Cost-efficient: The amazing blend of cloud technologies makes hybrid cloud suitable for all kinds of enterprises- small, medium or large. Ways to Protect Your Business Data - Web Werks. India's approach towards Cloud business market - Web Werks. India is one among the fastest developing countries in the world. The nation has witnessed IT boom in recent years and reaping its benefits. The country has many IT cities and it’s the favorite choice for many corporate to invest their IT resource here.

Many MNCs which are not physically present in India are picking engineers from here to manage their IT jobs. Amidst all other sectors growing in this developing sub-continent, Cloud computing technology too is emerging fast. In fact, data centers in India are competing at a parallel pace with the developed western nations. Many big IT giants like Oracle, Google and Microsoft have considered India to be a highly significant market with explosive potential for cloud business. Today the traditional hosting solutions are replaced by cloud computing.

One of the key reasons for this growth is that the telecom and IT moguls in India are making huge investments in data centers and cloud technology. Secure Payment Gateway and Ecommerce Sites in India. With the booming eCommerce market, the use of payment gateway has moved upward as well. There are multiple options available to make online payments, but customers look out for ways that can promote secure online transaction and protect sensitive data transmitted through the payment gateway. Let's learn more about online payment gateway in India and how eCommerce sites are using it for securing online transactions. What is Payment Gateway? A payment gateway is a software that encrypts customers' sensitive and confidential information and passes the details between an online store and a bank, which helps in accomplishing the online transactions safely in real time. In simple words, a payment gateway is a process that ensures to secure customers' credit/debit card details when they use it for doing online transactions.

The software authorizes the online financial transactions for maintaining a safe network for both the retailers and the customers. How does it work? Work Area Recovery Services | Web Werks. At a certain point, we can say that disasters are inevitable, but a strategic disaster recovery plan is all what you need to shield your organization from the severe aftermath. But what about personnel? If your entire business operations come to a halt, it can potentially influences your business revenue. In the event of disaster, IT managers must have a dynamic plan ready to get their employees back to work in order to maintain business stability and avoid capital loss.

Work area recovery is an advanced level of disaster recovery that promotes normal workspace even during an unexpected downtime. The primary concern of work area recovery center is to regain the momentum by providing physical space, access models and the ideal environment to continue business operations and recover normalcy. Web Werks, Your Ultimate Work Area Recovery Partner What’s In For You? DR Consulting Services Total DR For More details, please CONTACT US.

Right Strategies Can Help Future-Proof Your Data Center. As an IT operator, you must at some point in time, felt that your IT strategies aren't just enough. IT managers are always buried under the pressure of innovating its existing technologies to meet the demands of the future effectively We do realize the crucial part the technical world plays to upkeep a competitive edge in the market and promote business growth. In spite of this, many are still fighting to match pace with the evolving landscape and successfully achieve their business goals, based on their current IT strategies. Reassessing data center strategy There are certain instances that make organizations reconsider their strategy one of which is when they experience service disruption, they may think of improving and implementing a different infrastructure strategies to prevent such future interruptions. Next comes the tension generated when businesses gets confused in aligning the traditional data center strategy with the new business.

Modernization is the key. Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Comparison - Web Werks. Web hosting service is an integral part of business as it’s very important to keep a parallel pace of your physical business with the virtual environment through online activities. This is only possible with the best IT management web hosting services provider. VPS short for Virtual Private Server is one of the web hosting solutions, usually recommended for beginners by the IT experts for its cost efficiency.

Virtual Private Server can be understood as sharing a part of server with other websites hosted on the same server in the controlled and secured environment of a Data Center. Once user have chosen VPS as the hosting solution, he has to choose between Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS. ASP and SQL Support: Windows excellently supports ASP and ASP.NET and it also supports SQL and MS Access, comparatively Linux doesn’t support it that well.

Control Panels: Linux is compatible with both Plesk as well as cPanel while Windows does not support cPanel, it only functions with Plesk. Managed Cisco Firewall Services | Web Werks. Awards and Accreditations | Web Werks. Remote Infrastructure Management solutions, Secure Managed IT Services | Web Werks. Data Centers Contributing For Cloud Expansion - Web Werks. What is DaaS and What are its Benefits? - Web Werks. Total Infrastructure Outsourcing Trends 2016 - Web Werks. Future of Data Center in India by Priti Shetti. Why CIO's Prefer Outsourcing Data Centers? - Web Werks. Is IoT a Game Changer in India? - Web Werks. Reasons Why Your Data Centers Need Biometrics Security - Web Werks. Is Cloud Computing Reforming The Manufacturing Industry? How Data Security Can Help Build Customer Trust? - Web Werks.

Is hyperconverged infrastructure equivalent to the public cloud? - Web Werks. Tips for Successful ERP Data Migration. Olympics 2016 and Cloud Computing – What has changed? - Web Werks. Content Delivery Network Services | Web Werks. Global Traffic Director Services | Web Werks. How Internet of Things is Influencing Daily Lives? Enterprise Storage Servers. Web Server Clustering. Business Email Hosting Solutions and Email Server Hosting by Web Werks. Best Practices For Data Center's Physical Security. MS Exchange on Dedicated Web Servers - Web Werks. Build vs. Lease Data Center: Which Is The Better Option? - Web Werks. Are Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Inaccessible For SMBs? - Web Werks. How to design a resilient WAN Infrastructure for the Cloud? - Web Werks. Untitled. Web Werks - Journal. Innovating Data Centers Can Help Build Clientele Base - Web Werks. Cloud Computing Trends Driving Healthcare - Web Werks. What is Cloud Load-Balancing and what are its Benefits? - Web Werks.

Will Containers Overtake Virtualization in Web Hosting? - Web Werks. Web Hosting News - Web Hosting Provider Web Werks Achieves Key Data Center Certification. Email and Database Migration Services | Web Werks. Affordable VPS Hosting India | Managed VPS Server Hosting India | Web Werks. How You Can Gain Direct and Secure Access by Using Cloud Enablement? - Web Werks.

Hosted Virtual Collaboration System: Few Things to Consider - Web Werks. Why Should You Avoid Free Web Hosting Services like WordPress and Tumblr - Web Werks. Renewable Energy Resources Empowering Green Data Centers - Web Werks. Dedicated Server Hosting India | Best Dedicated Servers in India. What are the advantages of cloud storage for businesses? - Web Werks. How to Consolidate Small Business From Cyber Threat? - Web Werks. Installing the ideal UPS equipment in your cloud environment. Understanding the Language of Website Hosting: A Beginners’ Guide - Web Werks. Lowest Cost Guarantee on Web Werks Hosting Solutions - Web Werks. Cloud Solutions: Advanced Storage Technologies can Change Your Business - Web Werks. Is Reseller Hosting the Right Option for Making Profits? by Priti Shetti. How Much Bandwidth You Need For Hosting Servers? - Web Werks. Why should your data centers need Water Storage and Conservation? - Web Werks.

The Need for Security Analytics Tools for Enterprises by Priti Shetti. Deployment of Fire Suppression System in the Data Center - Web Werks. Preventing unplanned data center downtime - Web Werks. Southbound vs. Northbound SDN: What are the differences? - Web Werks. Reinforcing Security Features for Next-Gen Cloud by Priti Shetti. Green Web Hosting: Save Environment and Bring an Impact - Web Werks. Linux: An evolving trend that is high on demand by Priti Shetti. Why Businesses Need A Solid Work Area Recovery? - Web Werks.

Data Centers Need To Acquire New IT Skill Sets for Cloud Migration by Priti Shetti. An Overview of Cloud Reseller Hosting - Web Werks. Renewable Energy Resources Empowering Green Data Centers - Web Werks. Cloud-based CRM Solutions: Helping Small Sized Businesses - Web Werks. Myths You Probably Don’t Know About Hyperconverged Infrastructure. by Priti Shetti. 5 Interesting Technology Innovation That Could Reform IT Scenario - Web Werks. The Core Value of Enterprise Content Management Systems - Web Werks. The Models of New Data Center Design - Web Werks. The Models of New Data Center Design - Web Werks. Hybrid Cloud Hosting and Its Market Value. by Priti Shetti. A Bad Web Host Can Be Risky For Your Business - Web Werks. How to keep zombie servers from data centers? - Web Werks.

Cloud are there! But Make Sure they are Raining for You. - Web Werks. Things You Need To Know About DDoS Attacks by Priti Shetti. Things You Need To Know About DDoS Attacks by Priti Shetti. Save 20% off on all Dedicated Servers. Cloud Email Hosting - A better understanding. Multiple bandwidth carriers is a must in Data Centers. Why ? When to utilize and to refrain from Disaster Recovery as a Service. Best Practices for Using Virtualization to muster Legacy Applications. Web Werks Unveils its wide range of Cloud Hosting Platform. Evolution of WebWerks - 1996 to 2015. Achieving 99.99% Server and Network Uptime. cPanel - VPS or Plesk as a control panel on a vps or a dedicated server. 7 Main factors before setting up an eCommerce site in India.

5 proven tips for choosing best data centers for small business. What is a connection knot between the latest smart hosting servers and their traditional servers.