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Ferrogeopolymagnetic Shivalingam

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Elaborate ancient temples house 'very little' on their insides. What is typically found on the inside of these temples are geopolymer statues and lingams. Any modifications that are made from future architects brought seating, electrical fixtures and bathroom, which were commonly not included in the origional structure. – yeshmelord


Courtyards and open areas, unshielded from the weathering of time, have been remarkably well preserved throughout their 800-1200 year lifespan. This courtyard centers on a Shivalingam, the murti, or primay focus. – yeshmelord


Some lingams are absolutely huge! This one standing nearly 23 feet tall with a diameter of over 11 feet. – yeshmelord


Some big, some small, the lingam crops up in relief carvings in extensive number of ancient facilities. Often depicted in a side profile, as to be able to see the CYLANDER, the SPOUT and BASE or from the Sanskrit terms: Lingam, Yoni and Brahman – yeshmelord


Some Lingam can be increadibly intricate, with details that only be viewable when in its inactive state. – yeshmelord

Shiva Lingam - Meaning and the myths. The Sanskrit word ‘ Lingam’ means symbol.

To further familiarize yourself with a Lingam, please consider reading up on the community Wikipedia article, which is frequently updated. – yeshmelord

Thus the literal meaning of Shiva Lingam is the symbol of Shiva. The Supreme Shiva doesn’t have a form and every form is his form. The Shiva Lingam represents him, the Supreme Shiva¸ who is formless. The way when we see a smoke, we infer the presence of fire, the moment we see Shiva Lingam we immediately visualize the existence of the Supreme Shiva. It has been a common myth that Shiva Lingam represents male genital organs. Rkgawpoh.

As you can see, there is no lack of available lingam that could be in a temple at a time. But also notice how uniform these lingam are, and that there is no seating, as they were intended to be used actively (instead of passively, like a television). Active lingams require human interaction to function. – yeshmelord
Here is a clear view of an inactive lingam, unshielded, outside of a temple complex. – yeshmelord

AMAZING! Ferrofluid + Glow Sticks.

To consider how a ferromagnetic lingam is activated, we must first understand what ferromagnetic fluid is, and how it interacts with magnetic fields. – yeshmelord


This is a 2D "slice" outpot from a ferromagnetic lingam. These outputs are not simulated, but rather were created by pressing ferrofluid between 2 pieces of glass, while being subject to a magnetic field. This is a real output, not simulated. Please also notice the similarity to the Sanskrit language. – yeshmelord


Magnetic fields have the ability to remotely influence polarity based on a the following formula: magnetic field magnitude B = (permeability of free space) multiplied by (current magnitude) μ0I divided by 2 pi multiplied by (distance) 2π r or mathmatically written: B = μ0I / 2π r – yeshmelord
These are the ingredients that were commonly used in the ancient era to produce ferromagnetic fluids. This is, in much the same way, how we produce ferrofluid today. – yeshmelord
Zoomed in to the pico scale, we can see that microscopic ferrious particles (iron or magentite) are nested inside surfractant while allowing free motion inside a lubricant, like oil. – yeshmelord
This is a profile cutout of the "spikes" that are commonly shown whilst ferrofluid is under the subject field of a magnetic source. – yeshmelord


This is the sanskrit word "OM" commonly written ॐ - please notice how this very similar to the output of the actual ferromagnetic particles from the previous 2D slice. – yeshmelord


This is a real expariment that demonstrates how the ferromagnetic particles adhere to the amgnetic surface, in fact, this is very much how an activated shivalingam would appear. Notice how the inner chrome lingam is fully encased in ferrofluid. – yeshmelord
Hints of ferromagnetic lingams are not just out of the Indian Subcontient, this is an example of an activated ferromagnetic lingam from Rome, Italy – yeshmelord
This is the result of a magnetic field impacting ferrofluid, in much the same configuration as the aforementioned "spikey" activated lingam. – yeshmelord

Ferrofluid is an exhibition where users interact in a variety of fun ways with ferrofluid; a substance that becomes magnetized in magnetic fields.

This is a demonstration of how using modern technology, we can simulate the output of ferromagnetic particles interacting with a magnet. This helps us to rapdly generate outputs that will overall allow us better understanding of what activated lingams are displaying. – yeshmelord
Hindu traditions have maintained that lingams are sacred, and a muri, of the God Shiva, and have for centuries, maintained the structures as best as time would allow. This is a lingam that has been decorated with rolled lotus petals in the configuration that is very remenascant of a ferromagnetic activation. – yeshmelord


This is a closeup of an activated ferromagnetic lingam, please take note on the size and spacing of the spikes and troughs, and their roughly rounded hexagonal shaping. – yeshmelord


This is a picture of a buddah, please consider the paticular way that the hair was carved, much in the same say that the spiked output of a ferromagnetic lingam would be displayed. – yeshmelord


Nearly every buddah has this type of hair atop the head portion of the statue, no matter how large or small the depiction might be. – yeshmelord


It is also curious how sophisicated the archeticture of the surrounding temple complex, indicating a high level of technological advancement. Which also would include the lingam, as the lingams were a part of the origional constuction of the complex. – yeshmelord
All good technology comes with an instuction manual, and the lingam is no different. Instructions are frequently found in places that are accessible to humans. This one such example provides details on how the lingam is supposed to be used. – yeshmelord
More instructions, but more importantly we can see the lingam cylander being surrounded by ferromagnetic fluid that has to be activated by a user. This device would otherwise remian inert, awaiting the next user. – yeshmelord
Not every lingam is depicted in such a way where one can see both the unactivated and activated forms, a testimate to the expertise from the creator of the device on how to demonstrate its use using a medium that would also survive a similar amount of time. Lingams made of geopolymers, and it would only make sense to make instructions made of similar lasting geopolymers. – yeshmelord
Make sure to bring a vessal for your ferromagnetic fluid, elsewise there will be no way to activate the lingam of your choosing. What better way to do this than with a vessel with a handle? – yeshmelord

Image result for panchavarnaswamy templ.

Its important to see that instructions are often including a tree, with frequent refrences of "plucking" as if there is something to be obtained from using a ferromagneic lingam. – yeshmelord
Not every cylindrical depiction is a lingam, but its curious just the vast amount of shapes sizes and quanity of cylandersa appear thoughout the ancient world. – yeshmelord
Its almost as if they were trying their best to SHOW, instead of tell. – yeshmelord
This is a an expariment showing that ferromagnetic particles will maintain their form, but will overall begin to fade into the yoni, to be dispensed finally back into a vessal at the end of the spout (which could then be repeated ad nausum). – yeshmelord


Knowing that the ferromagnetic particles will fully emcompass the cylandar itself, it starts to become apparent that the shape/size/decoration of the exterior of the lingam doesn't make a difference to its function. – yeshmelord

Srd9zhdk. Omphalos at Delphi (Roman copy)

Its not whats on the outside that matters, inside the lingam is what matters. SInce they're geopolymer (meaning man-made rock) - they can be engineered to have magnets inpreginated inside of them - to eventually influence ferromagnetic particles when applied. The exterior of the lingam serves a dual purpose of being a protective buffer and the surface of the device. – yeshmelord
Another cutting of the inside of a lingam cylander. – yeshmelord
Inside of every origional lingam (as in, not a replica) is impregnated with a magnet of some kind. – yeshmelord
Another lingam impregnated with a magnetic source. – yeshmelord
The level of detail and consistancy of lingams indicate a process of manufacturing. This type of lingam is often called a Shaligrama – yeshmelord
Alignment is important to the operation, with Sanskrit texts indicating that they're best used when the spout of the Yoni is facing eastward. Therefore lingam often come with directional indicators that allow the user to correctly align the device before operation. – yeshmelord
This is a Shri Yantra Shivalingam, with many guidelines to ensure accurate alignment if the lingam is ever moved (accidently or otherwise). – yeshmelord
The Yoni, aside from the cylander itself, is also a critical component, and evidence of Yoni exist on every continent of Earth, with carbon dating methods placing them inside a similar span of time. – yeshmelord


This is an ancient Chinese yoni, missing a lingam stone – yeshmelord


This yoni, without a lingam cylander, was found in Southern Mexico's Yucatan pennusula. – yeshmelord
This is an ancient Egyptain steele of how to create ferromagnetic fluid, and how it operates on, in their native tongue, a HOTEP – yeshmelord


Egyptian HOTEP (lingam) operation. – yeshmelord


It seems clear that the lingam is an interface, granting the user access to "a tree of life" or some other such undetermined function. Since the language of the lingam is without a Rosetta stone, it is unlikey we'll be able to determine its primary function until we gain better understanding of its output. – yeshmelord