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Yeppar-Augment Reality Company

Yeppar is India based augmented reality company provides AR solutions worldwide through its unique app called Yeppar App. You can opt this app for augmentation in various fields like education, real estate, smart packaging etc. call us or request for a free demo. You can also visit our website for more information about our services.

Virtual Conference Platform. Virtual Showroom. MR Business Solutions. In the era of augmented reality and virtual reality, the way of acts has been drastically changed.

MR Business Solutions

Working culture in every dimension of business is now moving towards revolutions and everybody wants advanced solutions towards improvements and process development to their business. Microsoft has recently launched its advanced equipment based on augmented reality called Microsoft Hololens. The device is enabled to produce mixed reality content in term of holograms and it is now used by most of the top brands to improve their product research and development. Virtual Try on Solutions.

Yeppar | Augmented Reality Education

Augmented Reality in Real Estate. Virtual career fairs. Virtual Try on Solutions. MR in Automobile Industry. Augmented Reality Restaurants. Augmented Rreality in Education. Virtual Reality in Tourism. Virtual Showroom Solutions. Virtual Reality Solution. Virtual Reality Technology empowered a human to encounter anything, anyplace, whenever.

Virtual Reality Solution

It is absolutely a virtual world where you feel the earth around reasonably. Head mounted show with earphones and hand controllers to offer a completely immersive affair. Virtual Reality solutions empowering each business aspect towards perfection with its capability to deliver the immersive content. Best Virtual Events 2020. Virtual Reality Tourism Solutions. Virtual Showroom Platform. Virtual Reality Solution. Augmented Reality in Automotive Industry. Augmented Reality Restaurants. Augmented Reality for Marketing. Virtual Event Platform. Virtual Showroom Solutions. Augmented Reality Training. Mixed Reality Automobile. Mixed Reality Business Solutions. Augmented Reality in Education. Augmented Reality in Automotive. Augmented Reality for Marketing. Virtual Jewellery Try-On Solution. Virtual Reality Events. Augmented Reality Event. Health & Safety Training By Yeppar APP. Virtual Showroom Solutions. Virtual Reality Solution. Augmented Reality for Marketing.

Virtual Reality Meeting. Mixed Reality Real Estate. Virtual Showroom Platform. Augmented Reality for Marketing. Virtual Reality Solutions. Virtual Reality Events. Virtual Reality Showroom. Try Paint on Walls App. VR Tourism Solutions Provider Company. Virtual Reality Events. AR Company for Education & Classroom. Virtual Event Solutions. Virtual Reality Showroom Solutions. Augmented Reality Ads in India. Augmented Reality Real Estate App. Augmented Reality in Automobiles. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality Training. Virtual Reality Events Platform. Virtual 3D Showroom. Virtual Reality Showroom. VR Tourism Solutions. Virtual Reality Showroom solutions. Fascinating Virtual Showrooms. Augmented Reality in Automobile Industry in India. Mixed Reality Business Solution Provider. Augmented Reality Automotive Industry.

Mixed Reality Business Solution Provider. Augmented Reality Restaurant Apps. Food industry adopting newer recipe trends to increase customer footfall however customer retention is also a big challenge for restaurant marketing.

Augmented Reality Restaurant Apps

Doesn’t matter how tasty food you are serving, but the way you are delighting your customer is most important to retain your existing customer. There can be a lot of trends to follow for restaurant marketing. But following latest and interactive trends are always paid in term of customer satisfaction and engagement. Augmented reality in restaurants is getting popularized amongst the industry as it is creating curiosity and customer engagement. Assume if customers are visiting your restaurant, and holding menu card to select their dish and surprisingly they can see live demo of their recipe or the preparation of it then it will definitely push the curiosity in customer mind to enjoy more. Entertainment for customers while waiting for their order will be more delighting for them. Virtual Reality Solution Provider. Virtual Reality Solution Provider. Augmented Reality for Brands & Marketing.

Augmented Reality Company. Mixed Reality Business Solution Provider. Virtual Reality Solution Provider. Augmented Reality in Manufacturing. Augmented Reality Real Estate App and Marketing in India. Augmented Reality Print Media. Engaging Virtual Event Platform. Engaging Virtual Event Platform. How Does Industry 4.0 Benefits A Business? No matter what industry you are in, there is one term that is constantly pulling your attention that is Industry 4.0.

How Does Industry 4.0 Benefits A Business?

But what does it mean? What are its use cases? Where can we apply this concept? In order to understand the answers to all these questions, let us first learn about what really is Industry 4.0. What is Industry 4.0? The need of real–time insights about various production units, processes, and human resource is indispensable for any business. Basic Terminology in Industry 4.0 Now that we are aware of what industry 4.0 is, before moving forward to its use cases and benefits, let us first get familiar with some terms surrounding Industry 4.0. Computer Vision: Computer Vision in the smart manufacturing can be referred as the eyes of Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 Use Cases There are many ways in which businesses can achieve their desired manufacturing efficiencies by connected machines and equipment. Internet of Things (IOT), Making Humans Lives Easier & Convenient. Opinion: What General People Think of Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality has been expanding its footprint gradually across the globe by venturing in several new dimensions.

Opinion: What General People Think of Virtual Reality

There are multiple VR conferences held every year where different headsets are introduced and researches are being carried out to understand the public sentiment towards this next-level technology. Virtual Reality is termed as the most immersive of all the ‘reality’ technologies while, as evident, it requires wearing a headset that generates a 360-degree simulation. The basic idea is to make the user feel that he is in the digital environment but in reality, he is not. A bit downgraded form of VR is AR (Augmented Reality) which inserts some digital elements in the physical world to make it more colorful and interesting. How Mixed Reality (MR) Works?- Yeppar. Mixed Reality is a relatively new term in the world of simulation as the other two phenomenons – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – have made quite a name for themselves in the technical biz.

How Mixed Reality (MR) Works?- Yeppar

Mixed Reality is the integration of virtual and real environments where both co-exist simultaneously. It can be also termed as ‘Hybrid Reality’ as it enables a user to experience the virtual and real environments at the same time frame seamlessly. However, a lot of people are confused regarding, “How Mixed Reality works?” So, here we have tried to explain the functioning of this technology. Augmented Reality in Poster Design & Print Media. Augmented Reality has enhanced interaction with the users in a never-seen-before manner in the print and publication industry.

Augmented Reality in Poster Design & Print Media

This technology has acted as a booster for the publishing market and subsequent target audience. It helps the publishers in several ways, the most effective being multi-channel communication. Augmented Reality posters facilitate the amalgamation of traditional style with contemporary material in order to benefit the business and bring in new revenue options. Currently, we live in an era where information equates to gold or even more and hence the immersive AR features take the experience to a whole new level by accentuating interactivity many folds.

Today, conventional offline media can be converted into digital publications with the help of Augmented Reality. Not just private publication houses but also the government-owned publication machinery have acknowledged the contribution of Augmented Reality. Mixed Reality Headset Units Available in Indian Market. Mixed Reality is the amalgamation of physical and digital space upto a certain extent in order to achieve desired results.

Mixed Reality Headset Units Available in Indian Market

It acts as an umbrella technology which integrates Augmented Reality (partially digital environment) and Virtual Reality (fully digital environment) to extract favorable outputs in 3d form rather than the 2d space. Mixed Reality headsets are not much different from the VR headset and attract almost identical price. The MR applications include training, sales and project development in the small and medium scale business. Augmented Reality Mobile Application Company. Augmented Reality Brands. Augmented Reality (AR) has begun to make inroads into the Indian market in a plethora of industries.

Augmented Reality Brands

As everyone is aware, in the simplest possible terms, AR adds additional things like colors, filters, and flavors to our real word to make it even more interactive. The most commonly used example of AR is the Snapchat app, which is used by billions across the globe. However, Augmented Reality Benefits are well diversified across various industries such as Print media, Real Estate, Automobile, Education, Manufacturing and Training Solutions and Businesses.

So, in this piece, we will categorically speak about the various benefits and advantages of Augmented Reality in the aforementioned industries. Internet of Things (IOT): Making Humans Lives Easier & Convenient. The digital revolution is led jointly by Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) in order to implement the various digital agendas across the globe.

Internet of Things (IOT): Making Humans Lives Easier & Convenient

The data provided through IoT aids in monitoring each and every asset of the business from anywhere and anytime. Going down the memory lane around two decades back, it was in 1999 when Kevin Ashton discovered the term ‘Internet of Things’. The original idea was that physical things can be connected to a network for human convenience.

In simple language, it was conceived that if computers can automatically sense the surroundings around them and gather facts and provide output accordingly, without any sort of human intervention and the need to feed them data manually every time, it could change the world we live and function drastically. Let’s consider a simple example of IoT in reference to how it has made human lives easier and convenient. Augmented Reality (AR) solutions - Yeppar. A powerful tool for the training industry-Mixed Reality by Yeppar. Training domain is a crucial part of any organization, Best product is directly proportionate to efficient training.

A good organization should have the proper learning and development program for their employees to get better results while in production, hence big organization always invest in the better training modules for their employees to get better productivity. Now come to the point how the training modules can be interactive? So that an employee can get best out of it. In the country like India, the industries are still following the veteran strategy to provide the training to the employees. Wherein PPTs are the best mode of communication altogether less practical training, especially engineering and maintenance departments are way behind of interactive training modules. In the meanwhile there are lots of interactive technologies has been introduced worldwide to make the things easier while in learning and development towards better understanding and deliverance. How VR can help people saving lives? – Yeppar — Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality. Virtual Reality created its impression as a mode of entertainment, especially for kids games and movies.

However, it now turns as a crucial part by individually creating its space in human life, so many tasks of human lives performed by VR nowadays shows its capability to deliver significant outcomes. For last few decades, sophisticated amazing techniques have given an advantage to the experts to peer into the human body before any kind of surgery, reducing risk factors and assist them to proceed for a complicated procedure. Recently we have come to know about one of the complicated case aroused when Paisleigh and Paislyn Martinez, born together on 10 Feb, 17 in Minnesota. Both the baby girls were attached to each other from their lower chest to their belly buttons. Daniel Saltzman- Pediatric surgery chief at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital has taken the responsibility to get this surgery done.

Virtual Reality Solutions. Resaons to Use Augmented Reality in Education. View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as... Include... Application of Augmented Reality. Benefits of Augmented Reality in Businesses – Yeppar — Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality.

You must have watched science fiction movies in 90s and wonder how it is possible. But now all those technologies have came into reality these days. In the last few years, Augmented reality technology have attracted lots of attention mostly among the tech savvy and developers and the credit of all these goes to Pokemon Go. Augmented Reality Introduction. Augmented Reality in Education PowerPoint Presentation - ID:7969608. Top Benefits of Augmented Reality in Architecture & Real Estate.

The Last few years have seen a tremendous rise in the usage of augmented reality in different fields, the reason being its ability to allow a user to view fabricated real-world scenarios by infusing their minds with computer-generated visuals such as audio, video, images etc. Augmented reality solutions have revolutionized multiple sectors such as an automobile, education, tourism, business and many more. Augmented reality Magazines: An extra layer of content. What experiences can a magazine, showcasing a trailer of upcoming Bollywood movie can give to the reader?

What, if mere a snapshot of Prime Minister giving an impulsive speech to the people of our country come alive at one ‘click’. The mere thought erodes the past stereotypes linked with the print magazine. Transforming the learning process through Augmented Reality. Learning has never been as engaging as it is now. Augmented reality a much-talked technology, having started its success saga with some of the most ravishing AR based games, has gone that extra mile in transforming the education sector.

Augmented Reality Technology for Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation - ID:7960389. Impact of Virtual Reality Technology in The Current World. Innovative Wedding card Ideas with Yeppar - Augmented Reality Cards. Wedding cards blow the triumphant of a big day cherished and waited by two people, who are going to tie indigenous knot. Having said that, it becomes more than important to have the most impressive and pristine styled wedding cards to begin the saga for the matches made in heaven.

Make Your Branding Campaign More Effective with AR. This year has surely witnessed some unique and unbelievable AR apps that have surprised the folks to a great extent. But, surely, it’s not the end. Increase Dining Delight with Augmented Reality in Restaurant Menu. Have you been to a new cuisine restaurant lately? Are the blemishing names in menu card leaving you puzzled? Wondering what to order?