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Housing crisis deepens in Detroit. Ten years since the Mack Avenue fire By Debra Watson and with photographs by Mary Moore 21 June 2003 It has been a decade since Leroy Lyons and Shereese Williams lost their seven children in a tragic house fire on Detroit’s East Side.

Housing crisis deepens in Detroit

Six decades in Detroit: How abandonment, racial tensions and financial missteps bankrupted the city. It was called a city of magic, and many believed the best was yet to come.

Six decades in Detroit: How abandonment, racial tensions and financial missteps bankrupted the city

For a week in July 1951, Detroit put down its tools to reflect on its magnificence. The city that in four decades transformed from an unremarkable Midwestern community into a prosperous urban powerhouse was celebrating its 250th birthday. A million people lined Woodward for a parade. A musical written for the occasion, “City of Freedom,” ran for 11 days.

The city marked the anniversary by creating the Detroit Historical Museum and launching a fundraising drive for Cobo Hall. “The magic of Detroit is the way it sprang apparently full grown, fully prepared, into a world-wide metropolitan eminence, virtually overnight, after two centuries of somnolent obscurity,” John C. Detroit was something new and hopeful. But as Mayor Albert Cobo lit a cake with 250 candles and sent balloons into the summer sky, Detroit was already in decline. They weren’t. $500 Houses Not Selling In Detroit – But Suburbs Are Booming. This month, thousands of homes will be auctioned off in Wayne County, Mich., starting at $500.

$500 Houses Not Selling In Detroit – But Suburbs Are Booming

But so far, people aren’t buying. The majority of these are in Detroit and not exactly a hot commodity. While the county has seen a boom in housing this year, it’s happening 20 or 30 minutes out of the city, which famously declared bankruptcy just months ago. Housing is booming in the suburbs, where foreclosures are more easily absorbed by the market and homebuyers are looking to invest. "Detroit is a split personality, because where there's activity, it's in the suburbs," David Blitzer, chairman of the S&P index committee, told CNN Money "It's not in the center city," Since the recession, housing prices in Detroit are down 36 percent, and still 28 percent below pre-recession levels, according to the most recent Case-Schiller index. Detroit Home Prices and Home Values. Race relations shape Detroit's narrative. For Detroit, a Crisis Born of Bad Decisions and False Hope.

DETROIT — This city was already sinking under hundreds of millions of dollars in bills that it could not pay when a municipal auditor brought in a veteran financial consultant to dig through the books.

For Detroit, a Crisis Born of Bad Decisions and False Hope

A seasoned turnaround man and former actuary with Ford Motor Co., he was stunned by what he found: an additional $7.2 billion in retiree health costs that had never been reported, or even tallied up. “The city must take some drastic steps,” the consultant, John Boyle, warned the City Council in delivering his report at a public meeting in 2005. Among the options he suggested was filing for bankruptcy. “I thought all hell would break loose — I thought the flag would finally be raised,” Mr. Boyle recalled in an interview last week. Some factors were out of the city’s control.

But recent findings from a state-appointed review team and interviews with past and present city officials also suggest a city that over the years was remarkably badly run. Photo Mr. Detroit is a shocking example of "white flight." News Team “We moved away because of the crime.”

Detroit is a shocking example of "white flight."

“We moved away because of the noise.” “We moved because our kids got attacked at the schools.” These are some of the excuses you hear from millions of middle class white people who have moved, sometimes multiple times, to get away from black neighbors. They are terrified to simply say that they fled the neighborhood to get away from black people. Detroit, Michigan is a giant monument to white flight. 1) In 2000, Detroit ranked as the United States’ eleventh most populous city, with 951,270 residents. 2) The city population dropped from its peak in 1950 with a population of 1,849,568 to 871,121 in 2006. 3) Detroit is usually listed as 82% black. Marilyn Salenger: ‘White flight’ and Detroit’s decline. By Marilyn Salenger July 21, 2013 Marilyn Salenger is president of Strategic Communications Services and a former correspondent and news anchor for several CBS stations.

Marilyn Salenger: ‘White flight’ and Detroit’s decline

An almost palpable sadness has swept across the country at the news that the city of Detroit has filed for bankruptcy. While the possibility of this had been discussed, the reality of what was once the fourth-largest city in the United States sinking to such depths is disheartening, a moment people will remember for years to come. To understand that the decline and bankruptcy represent so much more than dollars and cents requires a step back to a time that many would prefer to forget but remains unforgettable. In the late 1960s,racial tensions engulfed parts of our country, at the cost of lost lives and abject destruction. It was the beginning of the ending we are now seeing for a city that once stood tall with head held high. My home town of Gary, Ind. White flight took hold and left a lasting imprint.

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