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Festive Lobotomy. At least after a lobotomy you don't remember how much better life used to be.

Festive Lobotomy

Still unhappy? Try these: Shop and Ship. "Get Your Censor On," Comic Strips Everyone Should See. Google Art Project. Animals Make Art: Photos. The Book Cover Archive. Tangled Up In Blue. Star Wars vs Star Trek: An Objective Analysis. Creepy Ads of the Week. Wild Animal (The Simple Dog Goes for a Joy Ride) My simple-minded dog recently went on an unplanned adventure.

Wild Animal (The Simple Dog Goes for a Joy Ride)

Because the simple dog is so very simple, her adventure was alarming and horrible for everyone involved. Even in her normal, familiar environment, the simple dog exists in a state of almost constant confusion. She also appears to have very little control over what she is doing or why she is doing it. For example, the other day, she was standing in the middle of the room just staring vacantly. Then she started turning in circles like she was preparing to lie down. But instead of completing a few rotations and then lying down like a normal dog, she got stuck in the repetitive motion and couldn't stop turning slowly in place.

She is definitely not the type of animal that would thrive in the wild. Unfortunately, she managed to escape one day while we were out walking, and she very nearly became a wild animal. In the park where we were walking, there is a large horse statue. Stereomood – emotional internet radio - music for my mood and activities. Drums On Fire - James Asher And Sivamani. Mahaleela - Various Artists. Paintings by René Magritte. Thomerama - Paulo Brabo. The Chronology of Hercule Poirot. The Chronology of Hercule Poirot by Brad Mengel based on the biography by Anne Hart All cases are by Agatha Christie, unless stated otherwise.

The Chronology of Hercule Poirot

"Cases in Commas" denote a short story CASES IN CAPS denote novels 1864 Hercule Poirot and his twin bother Achille are born (Two points here: 1) There is some debate as to whether Achille is real or not, I am in favour of him being real; 2) A number of dates have been put forward for the birth of Poirot 1839 - 44, 1849- 54, 1864, 1884. 1864 The Holmes Family on their second continental tour visit the Poirots, who may be related through the Vernets (Suggested by the passage in THE LABOURS OF HERCULES where Poirot's friend Dr Burton is wondering how Poirot got his name "Thinking of an imaginary conversation. Circa 1893 Poirot Joins either the French or Belgian Secret Service 1901 "Did Sherlock Holmes Meet Hercule-? " 1904 Hercule Poirot joins the Belgian Police and immediately becomes involved in the Abercrombie Case with Inspector Japp. 1939 "Yellow Iris" Aspiral Clocks.

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MAKE BELIEFS COMIX! Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages. How do writers choose pen names? Alison Potter (or, if you prefer, Ali Knight) Photograph: Rankin Photography/Hodder & Stoughton One of the fun things about being a novelist is inventing names for your characters.

How do writers choose pen names?

You can let your imagination run free, stripped of caution and compromise. But what happens when you have to choose a pen name? Suddenly, it's personal and heartfelt, challenging your identity and family history. Last year I had a meeting with a publisher at Hodder who wanted to buy my debut thriller. We may spend our lives escaping our parents and their influence, carving out our own identities, but our name is given to us and most of us never change it. But we live in an age of search engines, algorithms and crowded markets; it's a fight to be seen.

Age and class are nebulous things, but they are powerful. And there's another problem. So I set about finding a pen name. I had the most trouble with a new Christian name, it felt like I was cutting out the guts of who I was. Zeitgeist: The Movie. Zeitgeist: The Movie is a 2007 documentary-style film by Peter Joseph.

Zeitgeist: The Movie

It presents a number of conspiracy theory-based ideas, such as the Christ myth theory, conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks in 2001, and argues that bankers manipulate the media and international monetary system. [citation needed] Released online on June 18, 2007, at, it became popular among conspiracy theorists.[1][2][3] Some critics have questioned the accuracy of its claims and the quality of its arguments, describing it as "agitprop" and "propaganda. "[4][5][6] Production history[edit] Zeitgeist: The Movie originated as an art project. Synopsis[edit] Horusleft and Jesus right, both presented in the film as "solar messiahs. " The film opens with animated abstract visualizations, film and stock footage, a cartoon and audio quotes about spirituality by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, followed by clips of war, explosions, and the September 11 attacks. Part I: The Greatest Story Ever Told[edit] Endaro Mahanubavulu Kadari Gopalnath Carnatic Fusion. - the encyclopedia of painting.