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Bionic_arduino_class4.pdf (application/pdf Object) Arduino Help Table of Contents- aHTtoc. Bookmark this on Delicious Recommend to StumbleUpon (And for more Good Stuff: Arduino Programming Course and Electronics: components and principles) Looking for write-ups of how to do specific things with an Arduino?

Arduino Help Table of Contents- aHTtoc

Looking for information on things you might connect to your Arduino? You've come to the right place! This isn't only about how to do things. This material assumes you have a working Arduino playing nicely with the big computer you're using to program the Arduino. Established Arduino Users... Help "show the world" how widely adopted the Arduino is! Table of Contents, Arduino "How To's": (The "Projects" listings are further down this page.) Oops. Level Zero How To's: (Really introductory information) "You light up my life "Thank you for your input The Big Three: Voltage/ Resistance/ Current.

Switch contact bounce: A nuisance for which we sometimes have to make allowance. Level 1 How To's: Analog distance sensor: Interfacing an Arduino to an analog sensor. Please consider Flattr? But! Bionic Arduino – Introduction to Microcontrollers with Arduino « Bionic Arduino is a set of four 3-hour classes in November 2007 hosted by Machine Project and taught by Tod E.

Bionic Arduino – Introduction to Microcontrollers with Arduino «

Kurt. It is an introduction to microcontroller programming and interfacing with the real world using the Arduino physical computing platform. It focuses on building new physical senses and making motion with the building blocks of robotics, using Arduino as a platform. In the class, participants are shown and experiment with the Arduino’s capabilities and learn the basics of common microcontroller interfacing, such as: digital output to control lights and LEDs, digital input to read switches and buttons, analog output to control motor position or LED brightness, and analog input to read sensor inputs.

The class assumes no previous electronics knowledge, though it does assume a little programming knowledge. Class description at Machine Project Class Notes Arduino Sketches Used in Class Processing Sketches Used in Class Parts Suppliers, New Parts Suppliers, Surplus. ARDUINO_NOTEBOOKv6.pdf (application/pdf Object) Arduino Resources « Alex Zivanovic. Presentations and Documents tagged arduino. Online: Arduino Archives. My older son recently started school and needed his own desk for doing homework.

Online: Arduino Archives

I wanted to make something nicer than a simple tabletop with legs, and realized that I could also build in a bit of fun for when the homework is finished. Both my boys and I still had space travel on our minds from our summer trip to Kennedy Space Center. For this desk project, I decided to go with a NASA theme. I researched the Apollo Program as well as NASA's Mission Control Center, and designed my own console roughly based on those. I say "roughly" because the actual Mission Control does more monitoring than controlling, and isn't awash in the whiz-bang rocket noises young kids appreciate.

The desk resides under my son's loft bed (which I also built), and stays closed until the homework is finished: When playtime begins, the lid flips up to reveal the Mission Control console: As I mentioned in the video, I painted the underside of the lid with magnetic primer. External resources for Arduino - Wikiid.