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Science and Technology Studies

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Electronic Data Center : Eurobarometers Data. What do I do on this page?

Electronic Data Center : Eurobarometers Data

This page provides links to the Electronic Data Center's holdings of Eurobarometer studies. Before using this page, you are advised to first visit our series description page to learn about the study series and the topics covered in each study. To Download a Study: Under each study number, you will see a link to a codebook (in PDF format unless noted otherwise) and SPSS (ready to use) data file. Occasionally, there will also be further appendices or questionnaires (also in PDF unless noted otherwise). Right-click on the appropriate link. Eurobarometer 63.1: Science and Technology, Social Values, and Services of General Interest, January-February 2005 - ICPSR Dataverse - Odum Institute Dataverse Network.

STS: Program in Science, Technology, and Society. “MIT is where science and society meet.” – Former MIT President Susan Hockfield Scholars in the Program in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) conduct research at that meeting point, from the history of science and technology to anthropology, sociology, and literature.

STS: Program in Science, Technology, and Society

Scholars in STS ask “How do changes in science and technology affect what it means to be human?” And, conversely, “How do science and technology express human values?” Anthropology - Faculty and Staff. Jean Jackson Jean Jackson began teaching anthropology at MIT in 1972.

Anthropology - Faculty and Staff

She has carried out fieldwork in Mexico, Guatemala, and, from 1968 to the present, in Colombia, initially in the Central Northwest Amazon. In addition to her work on indigenous mobilizing in Colombia, with a focus on the role of the State and NGOs, she has also conducted ethnographic research in an inpatient chronic pain center, and published articles and essays about mind/body coordination. Philosophy faculty. MIT philosophy: people: faculty philosophy faculty| affiliated faculty | faculty bibliographies | Richard Cartwright, 1925-2010 philosophy faculty Sylvain Bromberger, professor emeritus philosophy of language, philosophy of science Alex Byrne, professor and chair.

philosophy faculty

STS: Faculty. The UCLA Center for Society and Genetics. People – The UCLA Center for Society and Genetics. Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard. STS Program » People » Faculty Affiliates.