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Yatherm Scientific: Laboratory Scientific Equipment Manufactures Suppliers

Ultra Low Temperature Freezers -80°C, -60°C & -110°C Manufacturer. Ultra Low Temperature Freezers -20°c, -40 °C , -60 °C, -80 °C , -86 °C & -110 °C Yatherm laboratory ultra low temperature freezers are designed to protect samples, culture, and media for storage of bone graft, stem cells, plasma, virus, and many biological samples with advanced features like low power consumption and speedy temperature pull down.

Ultra Low Temperature Freezers -80°C, -60°C & -110°C Manufacturer

These freezers come in horizontal and vertical designs as per the requirement of customer specifications. We manufacture all types of laboratory freezers, ultra-low freezers, chest freezer & Blast freezers. we offer a wide range of operating temperatures to our client for the storage of perishable goods. Ultra freezers are used to store the biological & chemical material for long time storage purpose which has nothing to do with cooling.

CO2 INCUBATOR – ABOUT, BENEFITS & WHERE TO BUY - Author Bench. Blood Plasma Freezer -40°C Manufacturer Supplier & exporter in India. Blood Plasma Freezer is used to maintain and preserve plasma without affecting its original quality. -20 / -40ºC plasma freezer for safe and constant freezing of plasma bags with a high-performance digital display and temperature controller.

Blood Plasma Freezer -40°C Manufacturer Supplier & exporter in India

The special plasma clamp design, large heat exchange area, makes this plasma freezer reliable. The colorful display of the touch screen system software makes operations easy to use. Plasma freezer, with special racks for storing plasma and blood samples, all protected with a certified freezer. Yatherm Scientific plasma freezers not only have a good price, but they also give you the security that the stored samples will be kept in the best conditions of temperature and sanitation. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer -40°C, -60°C -80°C, -110°C Manufacturer. Ultra Low Temperature Freezers -20°c, -40 °C , -60 °C, -80 °C , -86 °C & -110 °C Yatherm laboratory ultra-low temperature freezers are designed to protect samples, culture, and media for storage of bone graft, stem cells, plasma, virus, and many biological samples with advanced features like low power consumption and speedy temperature pull down.

Ultra Low Temperature Freezer -40°C, -60°C -80°C, -110°C Manufacturer

Tube Furnace Ensures Heating Goes Well. Industrial and laboratory furnaces are extremely specialized devices which are meant for extremely high temperature works.

Tube Furnace Ensures Heating Goes Well

Tube furnace is an extremely effective and innovate type of heating equipment that can work in 800 °C to 1800 °C temperature range. Considering that they are devices are supposed to stand up to very high temperatures, they are built with best materials and to very tight tolerances. These are devices meant for usage in inorganic chemistry work like syntheses and purification of different inorganic compounds. Most common design of this tube heating device is a cylinder-shaped cavity around which the heating coils are wrapped to ensure equivalent heat distribution. Transport experiments are also done using furnaces with two separate heating zones. Safety in heating equipment: Considering the extreme temperatures, these devices are dealing with, safety become a paramount concern. Mixing Things Well With Dissolution Test Apparatus - Author Bench.

Vacuum Freeze Dryer. The Freeze Dryer (Lyophilizer) is a device that allows the drying of materials without the need to heat them.

Vacuum Freeze Dryer

The physical principle involved in lyophilization is sublimation, which is the direct passage from the solid to the gaseous state, without passing through the liquid state. For the process to take place, the frozen product is dried under vacuum, without thawing. How does the freeze-drying process work? In general, lyophilization is a process that consists of removing water (and other solvents) from a sample, through the sublimation process, which is the transition from a solid to a gaseous state, without going through a liquid state. This process allows preserving the organoleptic characteristics, such as color, brightness, light, odor, texture and flavor, as well as the original shape of the product. In principle, to start lyophilization, the sample must be completely frozen. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BIOSAFETY CABINET AND CLEAN CABINET? – Yatherm Scientific.

How Clean Cupboards and Biosafety Cupboards Work: Clean cabinets, also known as ultra-clean workbenches, are widely used in industries such as biology, medicine, health, electronics, precision instruments, and measuring devices.


Ensures a sterile, dust-free and clean operating environment. The structure and principle of operation of the clean cabinet: the main components include the cabinet, the operating table, the front panel, the fan, the static pressure cell, the filter, the lighting, the germicidal lamp and the like. The external gas flows through the blower zone and the work area gas is positively pressurized to ensure that it is not contaminated by external gases. The clean cabinet can be divided into a horizontal laminar flow and a vertical laminar flow according to the flow direction of the gas. BIOSAFETY CABINETS: ABOUT, PROPERTIES AND CHARACTERISTICS - Author Bench. Horizontal Autoclave and Steam Sterilizer Features & Uses. Laboratory Vacuum Drying Oven Manufacturer Supplier & Exporter in India. Laboratory Vacuum Drying Oven & Industrial Vacuum Tray Dryer.

Laboratory Vacuum Drying Oven Manufacturer Supplier & Exporter in India

Vacuum Oven. Muffle Furnace 1100°C 1200°C 1400°C 1800°C. Laboratory bacteriological Incubator-Bio-Oxygen Demand Incubator. Laboratory Incubator/ BOD incubator/ Bacteriological Incubator A laboratory incubator is a kind of heated, insulated box primarily designed to create and maintain microbiological or cell cultures.

Laboratory bacteriological Incubator-Bio-Oxygen Demand Incubator

The main job of these lab incubators is to maintain the optimal humidity, temperature as well as gaseous content of the atmosphere inside. It is common to find a programmable timer in most of the incubators. Professionals are free to set any time through this feature to cycle through different humidity and temperatures levels. Yatherm medical incubators are available in different sizes ranging from the table-top units to the cupboard-sized large systems. Blood Bank Refrigerators Preservation is A Precaution. We need to acknowledge the importance of blood preservation and how much life-giving it can be if kept under the right condition and supervision.

Blood Bank Refrigerators Preservation is A Precaution

Nowadays we have revolutionised the whole medical industry we have found cures to diseases that use the kill masses of population and one of the key factor in recognising and curing of those diseases goes to identification of different groups of bloods and with the advent and continuous up-gradation of technology not just we can transplant the whole bodies blood but we can actually keep the blood outside of body for emergencies in which a lot of blood of the patient is lost or maybe he is just diagnosed with severe disease in which he can’t really produce the healthy amount of blood, but now due to refrigeration and preservation of blood we can save thousands of lives.

And we do it every day due to blood bank refrigerators which though is just a piece of equipment to keep the blood, yet it is very crucial for human survival in emergencies. Laboratory Incubator. What Makes A Vertical Autoclave The Obvious Choice For Sterilizing? Test Sieves Comes in Different Shapes And Sizes. Test Sieves are known as device used for screening medium which has multiple openings of same size and is mounted on the rigid frame.

Test Sieves Comes in Different Shapes And Sizes

In simple words test Sieves can be understood as a metal cloth covering which is used to separate other materials. And these Test Sieves comes in different shapes and sizes. International Standards ASTM/BSS/ISO Brass, Steel Test Sieves & Seed Screens Manufacture. Yatherm manufactures is the company which is of ASTM standard sieves which has connections with NABL laboratory in Delhi, India. The company has been serving customers for many years and has very efficient service. Our company Yatherm Scientific is certified for ISO, CE AD GMP. Applications · Using Grain Analysis purpose. Blood Bank Refrigerator. Cleanroom Static and Dynamic Pass Box. If you have been meaning to transport or transfer items in and out of a cleanroom, but haven’t gotten hold of the perfect equipment yet, you are in for a treat. That’s exactly what a pass box is meant for. And guess what, you can not only use it in a laboratory, or say a hospital, but a pass box can come in really handy in a pharmaceutical or light-industrial environment.

For starters, it offers full protection against airborne cross-contamination. Buying a BioSafety Cabinet. Summary: Your personnel and lab environment could fall prey to accidental contamination. However, you can easily nip the problem in the bud with a biosafety cabinet. Like it or not, but laboratory operations do expose you to different biohazards time and again. In fact, the very same biohazards, if not taken care of in a timely manner, could lead to some serious repercussions. Therefore, it is imperative that you get hold of a biosafety cabinet at the earliest and ensure that your facility isn’t unknowingly exposed to harmful and deadly outcomes.

Air Showers Keeping Interiors Clean With Fresh Air. Air Showers Keeping Interiors Clean With Fresh Air Air showers are enclosed chambers or cabinets used as an entryway to separate normal environment areas to the area of controlled or extremely clean environments area. once you enter the area of air shower it uses air pressure to sterilise all the contaminated particles either left on the coveralls that a person is wearing or any particular product or material or literally anything that is going to be used in room of clean environment, because not even single contaminated particle can enter the air of cleanroom otherwise the whole environment will be contaminated. Air showers are extremely useful for the places where very crucial experiments either for medicine or for other reasons are taking place which requires a clean and controlled environment for the experiment to take place properly. How does Air shower work? Measures of safety. Laboratory Vacuum Drying Oven Manufacturer Supplier & Exporter in India.

Tube Furnace. Biological Safety Cabinet. Biological Safety Cabinet Manufacturer India. Yatherm Bio-safety cabinets II is a steel cabinet covered from all five sides. This cabinet is specially designed to save the user from all kinds of biological hazards. Our Biological Safety cabinets are equipped with HEPA filters and Pre filters to provide filtered air. UV-VIS SPECTROPHOTOMETER: ABOUT, WORKING PRINCIPLE & USAGE AREAS - Author Bench. Blood Bank Refrigerator Manufacturer Supplier India.

Blood Storage Cabinet/ Blood Bank refrigerator/ 4°C Blood Bags Storage Cabinet Blood bank or Laboratory refrigerators are very necessary equipment, as they allow various fluids and chemicals to be kept in good condition, usually at very low temperatures. The lower the temperature, the lower chemical and biological activity. We have ±2 to ±8 °C medical refrigerators and ±2 to ±4 ° C blood bank refrigerators. Used in medical industry, hospitals, blood banks, sanitary and epidemiological stations, for the storage of pharmaceutical, biological products and vaccines, among others.

LABORATORY TEST SIEVE – ABOUT, ADVANTAGES & WHERE TO BUY – Yatherm Scientific. Cleanroom Air Shower. Laboratory Muffle Furnace Manufacturers. Lab Hot Air Oven Manufacturers India. Humidity Test Chamber in India: LABORATORY MUFFLE FURNACE- ABOUT, USE & HOW TO BUY. AIR SHOWER CABIN - ABOUT, APPLICATIONS & FUNCTIONING - Author Bench. LAMINAR AIR FLOW HOOD: HOW TO WORK & PURPOSE. How Does A Laminar Air Flow Work? The laminar air flow hoods are electro-mechanical equipment used to maintain sterile conditions.

The proper functioning of these equipment is evaluated by applying tests and assigning a rating. Laboratory Muffle Furnace. Read Below to Find All The Types of Pass Box And Its Features - Author Bench. Know About The Working of a Muffle Furnace, Its Features and Characteristics – Yatherm Scientific. Know All About the Laboratory Hot Air Oven And Its Characteristics - Ovens are also known as dry heat sterilizer as dry heating is one of the methods of sterilization. The temperature at which the dry heat sterilization works is within the range of 171 degrees C to 224 degrees C. Static Pass Box Manufacturers. Horizontal & Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet. Laboratory Muffle Furnace. UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Supplier India.

Double Beam/Single beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer. Hot Air Oven Instrument and its Utility in Multiple Industries. Laminar Air Flow Chamber for Hospitals and Industries. Dynamic Pass Box and Static Pass Box—A Quick Comparison - Author Bench. Music. Hot Air Oven – Working Principle Along With its Amazing Benefits. Hot air oven is equipment that is highly prized for being used in pharmaceutical laboratories as well as other material testing labs. The regularly improving awareness about the dry sterilization process among professionals associated with laboratories and research centers, the demand of laboratory hot air oven has been increased in the last few years.

Discuss the Principle Here On Which It Actually Works A gravity air convention found in an electrically heated chamber is primarily responsible for the working principle of the laboratory ovens. The heat created in the chamber is a result of the installation of various advanced components in the machine. The presence of temperature preset function, PT 100 sensors, PID controlled, automatic control unit and two jacket designs make sure that the machine works in the optimum possible way by allowing it to get the normal temperature back when the material testing is done.

Yatherm Scientific — Look into Your Industry Requirements before Buying... Humidity Test Chamber in India: Know Everything about Laminar Air Flow Cabinet and Their Each Variant. Summary: Laminar air flow cabinets are a must have item for most of laboratory and research centers. Laboratory Hot Air Oven – Different Types and Applications - Author Bench.

Manufacturer and Supplier of Vertical Autoclave. Laboratory Hot Air Hot Air Oven. Unstirred Water Bath. Yatherm Scientific Offers ICH Q1A Compliance Stability Test Chambers - Author Bench. Fluid Warmer Cabinet Explained Well – Yatherm Scientific. Install a Pass Box to Prevent the Contaminated Air in Your Clean Room. Dissolution Testing Apparatus.