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Freeze Dryer Usage in Food Preservation. Food preservation is one of the most widespread uses of freeze dryer equipment.

Freeze Dryer Usage in Food Preservation

The food materials that has undergone this kind of preservation process can be stored for longer durations and also remains free from any harmful effects of artificial preservatives or sweeteners. For any person who is starting to learn food preservation, Yatherm freeze dryer is simple and easy to use machine that can deliver great results with minimal investment in financial terms and efforts involved. Below are a few of the most important considerations that must be observed when a freeze dryer is to be used for food preservation. Do not mix meat with any other kind of food. Meat should always be freeze dried on its own. Read more about Air Shower and Hot Air Oven by Yatherm scientific manufacturer of scientific equipment. Necessary Safety Precautions for Yatherm Freeze Dryer - Author Bench. LABORATORY SIEVE SHAKER: WHAT IS IT & BEST PLACE TO BUY - yathermscientific’s diary.

Agitators are fundamental laboratory equipment for carrying out a series of procedures.


Depending on the segment in which the laboratory operates and the processes performed, the definition of which type of agitator will be most useful is made. In the case of laboratories that do soil analysis and handling pharmacies, for example, the Sieve Shaker is a fundamental item. Frequently used in laboratories for the manufacture of medicines or by those who study the soil, granulometric sieves are indispensable objects for the analysis and granulometric control of specific products.

FREEZE DRYER: WHAT IS IT, USES, WORK & WHERE TO BUY? The freeze dryer (Lyophilizer) is a device that allows the drying of materials without the need to heat them.


The physical principle involved in lyophilization is sublimation, which is the direct passage from the solid to the gaseous state, without passing through the liquid state. For the process to take place, the frozen product is dried under vacuum, without thawing. The Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer is the equipment capable of promoting lyophilization, causing the water in a product to be removed, without losing its properties. It has a component that makes it possible to allocate the materials that will be subjected to the procedure, in addition to a tool that reduces the pressure around the product to be dried. Gassed Incubator Manufacturer. Yatherm Scientific CO2 incubators (Cell Culture Incubator or IVF & tissue Incubator) are in reliable air jacketed & water-jacketed technology with effortless control to facilitates the creation of successful cell cultures, provides optimal protection for your cell, culture, bacteria cultures, IVF & tissue culture & media growers with high levels of precision, better insulation performance, safety and ease of use and lower running costs.

Gassed Incubator Manufacturer

Biological contamination is a serious issue for every cell culture, bacteria cultures, IVF & tissue culture laboratory. With implications for the reliability of the resulting data, it is vital that the occurrence of contamination is kept to an absolute minimum.

Sanitation Tunnel Manufacturer

Decontamination and Sanitation Tunnel for Mass Disinfection of People. Yatherm. Muffle Furnance in India: BIOLOGICAL SAFETY CABINET: USE, DISINFECTION AND WORK. Biological Safety Cabinet (CSB), commonly known as biosafety cabins (cabinet), are part of a group of teams aimed at improving the general conditions under which a wide variety of activities are carried out in clinical and research laboratories in the area of public health.


These activities range from routine processes for the identification of microorganisms to specialized research activities. Likewise, they are also known by various names such as "biosafety cabinets", "laminar flow hoods" and "purifiers", among others, the term "laminar flow" is also commonly used to identify them. The equipment is what guarantees the existence of controlled environments, essential for activities that, due to their characteristics, are potentially dangerous for the health of man and the environment.

On the other hand, some of the cabins protect the state of the products or crops under investigation. Tube furnace- Helps in Purification of Inorganic and Organic Substances. 1200°C, 1500°C, 1700°C Tube Furnace Manufacturer Supplier India. Atmospheric Single zone, Multi-zone, Vertical, Horizontal, Split type & Rotary Tube Furnace Yatherm is a leading manufacturer of the high-quality furnace in India.

1200°C, 1500°C, 1700°C Tube Furnace Manufacturer Supplier India

A tube furnace is our finest and advanced product with various options. We have a wide range of tube furnaces which includes a single zone to multi-zone with vertical to rotary tube furnace. Yatherm Scientific produces a split tube furnace from 800 °C to 1800 °C temperature range. A tube furnace is also known as a vacuum tube furnace or atmospheric tube furnace. Tube furnaces are atmospheric furnaces designed with vacuuming and gas purging facilities. Manufacturers Laboratory Equipment Company in India. Laboratory Humidity Test Chamber - Laboratory Humidity Test Chamber. Laboratory Ultra-Low Temperature Deep Freezers – Yatherm Scientific.

Deep freezers are test hardware used to safeguard and store nourishment, medicinal gadgets, blood tests, prescriptions and infusions, and so forth for quite a while.

Laboratory Ultra-Low Temperature Deep Freezers – Yatherm Scientific

There are numerous sorts of freezers, for example, cooler dryer, ultra-low deep freezer, deep freezer vertical and some more. These units are accessible in various sizes and shapes, now and again planned with minimized outlines and some of the time with standard outlines. Feature and Application · Costs Temperature Regulatory · Utilizing Italy microcomputer control framework, high exactness sensor for control, show and cautioning; · Inside temperature extend in — 40 to — 80ºC, computerized show. · Chip based temperature control framework.

Safety Features: Yatherm Scientific — Test Room for Step-Less Regulation of Temperature... Humidity Test Chamber in India: Cooling and Deep Freezing Appliances for Research and Laboratories. Cooling and solidifying apparatuses for research and labs must meet greatly elevated expectations.

Humidity Test Chamber in India: Cooling and Deep Freezing Appliances for Research and Laboratories

With exactness electronic control and temperature settings to the degree precisely, Yatherm research center apparatuses guarantee astoundingly consistent temperatures.