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Best Middle East SEO Agencies - iBaroody LLC. Middle East SEO Experts and SEO History The Growing Great Power of Google in the Middle East By: Aziz Baroody from iBaroody LLC The Internet today in Lebanon and the Middle East is about equivalent to what the Internet was in the United States in 2003 in terms of speed. Internet Speed dictates the Internet user’s growth that is happening right now in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East. From 1992 to 2004, 50 million websites existed online. Since 2003 I was already in the business of web design & development in the USA. I saw firsthand how Google changed the world and everything we knew about marketing with it!

Today in Lebanon, anywhere you look you see people everywhere using their PC’s, Macs, Laptops, iPads, iPhones, or any Smartphone to access the World Wide Web the Internet. I would say half of the people in Lebanon will live online nine years from now; at least half of the population of Lebanon will spend a minimum of two to three hours a day doing whatever they do online. Best Viral Video Marketing Company In Lebanon. We are sure while surfing the internet you may have come across instances where a single video, or a funny meme is bombarding you from all different channels – YouTube, BuzzFeed, Vimeo, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram or any other channel that you may be following.

These are called viral videos! As one might imagine, the huge surge in their popularity is the result of domino effect. I liked a video, I share it with hundreds of my friends, most of them re-share, which is then shared again by their friends. This creates an ‘exponential’ domino effect, and within a day, the video is a hit and is present everywhere. Remember that blue-gold dress? But do these videos become viral because they are great and people can’t help but share them or is this ‘virality’ orchestrated? Well, you may be surprised but it’s the latter!

A single viral video can benefit you beyond measure. There is no point in creating a video that goes viral but is unrelated to your brand. iBaroody understands this. Programming Companies in Lebanon, Programming Services. Behind the success of any good software, application or website comes the services and skills of a talented development team.

Applications are more than just tools for a business to attract more clients. They need to be functional, responsive, and innovative. Whether you are building a website or creating a piece of software for your own company’s processes, the quality of your programming is integral. From the smallest function in a website to the main purpose of your software, every single development project in a company should work to provide a better service to your customers, first and foremost. Above all else, web development is about creating things that work well. When going down the road of alpha builds, bug tests, and final versions, you want a development team by your side that has the experience, the attention to detail, and the patience necessary to see a website, software or application through all the way to release day.

Advertising Companies Lebanon & Marketing Companies | iBaroody. Internet Marketing Lebanon Vs. Advertising Companies & Media For any Business in Lebanon Company Advertising and Online Marketing Campaigns and Strategies How to promote your Site to seriously succeed profit and use the entire Internet to grow? Everything there is about Internet Marketing is summed up by iBaroody into 8 parts: In order of Importance: I- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) The Science behind ranking sites and pages High in the Google Search results to generate free traffic. SEO as of 2016 is a 400 BILLION Dollars Industry per year SEO includes 60% of everything you know about Internet Marketing (Online Marketing) SEO is 4 Major Sections that must be worked at the same time. A. II- SEM: Search Engine Marketing. III- SMM Social Media Marketing (Using Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn) accounts and profiles to generate traffic and to send the traffic to a company’s site to conduct business.

All emails reach junk mail not inboxes. TV Stations: Proof Example: Example: 4 Tricks to Improve Your Business’s Internet Marketing. Marketing on the internet is as complex as walking inside a 5 KM long maze. There are endless options, softwares, strategies, tactics to choose from. New social media platforms and tools are being launched regularly. Google and Facebook are updating their algorithms with ever more speed to ensure great user experiences inside their products.

To top this, more and more companies are increasing their spending on digital media, leading to extremely high competition. Are there any simple tricks one can implement to actually improve one’s internet marketing in Lebanon? Well, if we go back to the basics, there are some simple ways which can help you navigate complex strategies and tools. 1. Content creation is the single most important activity that underlines any internet marketing activity. 2. Yes, there are several social media platforms out there. The trick here might sound counterintuitive but it is to focus on only 1 or 2 social media platforms to connect with your users. 3. 4. 5. 5 Best Software Project Management Strategies. Developing a software involves a multitude of tasks. In fact, a software development project is a cumulative of multiple small projects. When all these sub-projects are well coordinated and implemented as per plan, the complete software turns out to be efficient. Lack of coordination and planning results in multiple flaws such as delay in completion, overshooting budgets, confusion among the team of developers and ultimately, an inefficient end product.

So, the efficient software agencies Lebanon use the best project management strategies. Foresee and plan Start with taking a helicopter view of the project. The helicopter view helps you understand the overall picture of the software development project. Identify the challenges that you are likely to face in the process of development. Build the right kind of team The developers ultimately decide the outcome of the project. Set out policies Prepare a phase-wise plan The entire software development project needs to be planned. A Brief Guide to SEO Services Offered by Marketing Companies. If there is one sector in online marketing that has seen tremendous changes, it’s the rapidly evolving field of Search Engine Optimization. For beginners, SEO is the art and science of optimizing a website so that it shows higher in search results.

Understanding the common SEO services provided by regular digital marketing companies will help you navigate the sector better so that you can actually get better results. SEO has many different aspects and grey areas and therefore, the chances of hiring the wrong agency are very high. Onsite SEO Onsite SEO revolves around fixing elements “on” the website itself. Offsite SEO (Linkbuilding) The most important aspect of Offsite SEO is the art of building backlinks to the website.

Keyword Research An often ignored area by many agencies, keyword research is absolutely paramount and having the right keyword strategy can make or break your SEO campaigns. Content Creation. Software Development Companies Lebanon, Software Firms Lebanon | iBaroody. iBaroody LLC is a Web Solutions Company based in Lebanon, USA and Canada. Created in 2002, it has spread its business to other parts of the Middle East and has almost become a sensation in this region.

We provides vast range of services that includes, among other things, graphic design, multimedia, website content writing, software development, application development, web development, web TV services, web hosting, etc. Software development is a comprehensive process of computer programming, testing, documenting and bug fixing. It involves maintenance of these applications during software life cycle for achieving the desired objective of the software. We at iBaroody have a team of extremely experienced professionals in several design languages like Java, C language, C++, etc. We have our own existing software which we use for every single of our projects. The methodologies involved in the development of software should always be holistic. About Our Programmers & Approach. Here’s How to Design Your First Web Page. Okay, so everything was going good, and “slow” until we got hit by the World Wide Web (WWW/ or simply ‘internet’) and Bang!

Everything is crazy fast now. Today, almost every business has a website. Two things have happened – 1. Websites have become crucial for the survival of businesses. No longer it’s a display asset. 2. Knowledge is power in today’s world. In this blog, by popular demand, and with industry insight from Lebanon web design companies, we are introducing you to some of the basic concepts of web designing and development. HTML and CSS HTML is a language of the web and you should learn it if you want to build a web page or a complete website.HTML is constantly improving as a direct result of the number of developers and creators involved. CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are two things that mark the foundation of any website.

Note: CSS should not be written inside of HTML. Understanding basic HTML terms Elements. How Design is a Key Building Block of a Successful Marketing Strategy. “Sell The Sizzle, NOT The Steak!” If the crux of marketing is to be said in one line, it is this. To put simply – to be successful in selling your products you have to focus on selling the benefits, not the features. To put this in to a practical perspective, nobody cares how much you work you put in a product, all that matters is what is delivered. Though good quality of a product demands good amount of time, effort and energy spent on it, sadly, this is overlooked by consumers in wake of limitless options available. To survive in such a time, you need a good marketing strategy. A marketing strategy that focuses and capitalizes on the simple fact that People general buy on emotion and justify later with facts!

Now, where is design in all of this? Ensures Consistency Design has the power to grant a holographic consistency to your brand and its extensions in different forms, if used correctly. Raise Awareness Marketing campaigns are one essential for raising awareness. Gives individuality.