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Hey!!! My name is Yasmine Assif. I'm working as a Senior executive in a leading media company in Beirut – Lebanon. my hobbies are shopping and blogging, I love to write about Business, SEO, Technology, Education and more......

Best Software Development Company in Lebanon - iBaroody LLC. iBaroody LLC : Top Class Advertising and Marketing Agency in Lebanon. Hiring the Right Marketing and Advertising Agency for Your Business is the Biggest Differentiator between Companies that Win and the Ones that Lose!

iBaroody LLC : Top Class Advertising and Marketing Agency in Lebanon

When hiring a company fo advertising, it becomes necessary for the company to have a good track record. The reason for this is, for a subjective thing such as advertising, the only metric of success is popularity and increase in revenue. Top Class SEO Service in Lebanon From iBaroody LLC. Search Engine Optimization Lebanon – Arabic SEO Services – Are you ready to take your Site / Online Business to another level?

Top Class SEO Service in Lebanon From iBaroody LLC

– Are you Ready to beat your competition in the Search Engines? – Are you ready for serious Traffic, solid links and Higher Page Rank? iBaroody LLC - Best Search Engine Optimization Company in Lebanon. E-Business And CC Processing Services in Lebanon. Specialized Data Bases Integration Services in Lebanon. Hire the best Data Base integration service in Lebanon to take your website to the next level!

Specialized Data Bases Integration Services in Lebanon

Internet websites have changed drastically over the few years. Primary reason for this has been the increasing computing power of PCs and increasingly available fast internet. Websites of today are hundred times more capable in terms of functionality they offer as compared to websites of the yester year. One of the most important reasons of such drastic growth is the addition of services such as DataBase integration and application integration. DataBase Integration Services have empowered the websites to become fully operational platforms that can be used as standalone softwares or full frontal interaction platforms. Websites such as e-commerce rely heavily on database integration systems. The addition of information from a database can make your website an efficient and powerful resource.

8 Different Types Of Marketing That Companies Take Part In. As it happens, marketing refers to any communication between a company and its target consumer audience that is undertaken solely to enhance the value of the company, be it via an increase in its brand value or via an increase in the sales of its products and/or services.

8 Different Types Of Marketing That Companies Take Part In

As such, marketing aims at creating a positive change in the target audience’s mind and behavior, one in regards to the company doing the marketing itself. Needless to say, one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand just how important marketing is for businesses and companies in order to stay ahead of the competition. But while people do understand the importance of marketing, they are not fully aware of the different types of marketing tactics and strategies that companies take part in. So on that note, here are 8 different types of marketing strategies that you should know about: 1. Web Design Company in Beirut, Lebanon - iBaroody LLC. Web Design Stats and Internet Demand Growth: 1992 – 2004 50 Million Websites existed!

Web Design Company in Beirut, Lebanon - iBaroody LLC

2004 – 2007 100 Million Websites 2007 – 2009 350 Million Websites 2009 – 2013 700 Million Websites 2013 to Present Over 1 BILLION websites are online This Number is guaranteed to grow by 25% each and every year for the next 10 years! Mobile Applications are history and with RESPONSIVE technology thanks to Google websites are the future to access the World Wide Web from all Browsers including Mobile! Stage 1: Get Serious about Web Design To Benefit, get Business, Profit, Compete and Ultimately Succeed Online You have to Own the Highest Level Website Possible today with CMS, CRM, Systems, Software, all Functions & Features customized for your Business & Market . Web Development Company in Beirut, Lebanon - iBaroody LLC. iBaroody is rated as one of the best Web development companies in Lebanon.

Web Development Company in Beirut, Lebanon - iBaroody LLC

We specialize in website design and development and have worked for more than 1300 clients coming from different industries all across the world. Established in 2002, we are a website design and web development company trusted by hundreds of established businesses worldwide. We have been deemed as one of the best web development firms in Lebanon. This is not it, multiple accolades have been given to our office for web development in Beirut for the consistent high quality work we have done over the years.

iPhone Applications Development Service. 4 Ways How Digitization Has Impacted Advertising. Digitization has impacted everything which includes advertising as well.

4 Ways How Digitization Has Impacted Advertising

People know a great add when they see one, but it is also important that it reaches the right people at the right time, and this is a precise art. Digitization has provided a whole lot of new ways for adds to reach people. To make sure, you reach the right set of people, you need to be in contact with the right advertising companies in Lebanon. These companies have proper knowledge and channels to propel your ads to the right people at the right time. Let’s have a look at different marketing channels used by some of the best advertising companies in Lebanon, and how these channels can benefit your business. 1. Between the years 2012 to 2014, smartphone consumption has grown to over Ooyalla’s Global Video Index.

Mobile do not give this liberty, when on phone, people focus on what they are watching which makes it a great medium for video advertising. 2. A Brief Guide to SEO Services Offered by Marketing Companies. If there is one sector in online marketing that has seen tremendous changes, it’s the rapidly evolving field of Search Engine Optimization.

A Brief Guide to SEO Services Offered by Marketing Companies

For beginners, SEO is the art and science of optimizing a website so that it shows higher in search results. Understanding the common SEO services provided by regular digital marketing companies will help you navigate the sector better so that you can actually get better results. SEO has many different aspects and grey areas and therefore, the chances of hiring the wrong agency are very high. Onsite SEO Onsite SEO revolves around fixing elements “on” the website itself. Best Software Project Management Strategies by iBaroody LLC. Developing a software involves a multitude of tasks.

Best Software Project Management Strategies by iBaroody LLC

In fact, a software development project is a cumulative of multiple small projects. When all these sub-projects are well coordinated and implemented as per plan, the complete software turns out to be efficient. Lack of coordination and planning results in multiple flaws such as delay in completion, overshooting budgets, confusion among the team of developers and ultimately, an inefficient end product. So, the efficient software agencies Lebanon use the best project management strategies. Foresee and plan Start with taking a helicopter view of the project. Web Designers Companies Lebanon, Lebanese Web Designers.

Web design is an integral service that controls the speed at which websites load, the way they behave on different devices, the way they showcase and display their content, and so much more.

Web Designers Companies Lebanon, Lebanese Web Designers

That’s why it’s so important to get in touch with expert Lebanon web designers if you plan on building your own website. As proud experts in Lebanon, web design is our greatest passion, and we at iBaroody can not only assist you in constructing a responsive, sophisticated, and practical web design; we’ll be there every step of the way, from consultation to the crafting of the design itself. No matter what ideas your have or what questions may arrive, we’ll be there to help you with implementation and problem solving.

How to Integrate your Brand into All Aspects of your Company? We keep hearing the term ‘brand’ everywhere from board meetings to our televisions sets and find it smeared across the internet. Almost anyone who runs a business, or is involved in one, at any level, uses this word more frequently than others. Yet when we see, there are only few companies in the world that have managed to earn loyal customers, and only a select few have even been able to make fans out of their customers. The rest tumble down the hill of mediocrity and below. Why? Search Engine Optimization Lebanon. In a world where “Google it” has become a valid phrase, understanding and implementing a qualitative brand of search engine optimization in Lebanon has become a priority to any and every online company.

The fact is that there are way too many websites out there – and most of them are filled with scams, spam, and dangerous content. To weed out the good – and pull out all the best – from the rest, Google and other search engines have long implemented a regularly-evolving set of algorithms that sifts through every website and promotes the ones that are the most relevant to any given search. While that’s great news for people looking things up online, the businesses being looked up have little hope to defend themselves from Google’s strict algorithms without professional help. Without the help of an expert, you’d be hard-pressed to figure out how exactly to optimize your website to work with those algorithms on your own.

Thorough On-Page SEO. Web Development Companies Lebanon. If web design is the skin and color, then web development is the bones and structure of a website. A website is so much more than what meets the eye, and here at iBaroody, we’re putting you in touch with a team of Lebanese web developers who can take your company and built the perfect website to accurately represent it. Want to Start Your Real Estate Business in Lebanon? Get a Professional website First: Business Articles. Lebanon –the city of skyscrapers has become the perfect getaway for luxurious vacations in the world. People from all over the world flock to this city of wealth in search of work, pleasure and whatnot! Whether you’re an outsider or a national, if you want to start a business in Dubai – Tourism and Real estate are the best options. In this article, we’re focusing on the first step of starting a real estate business in Lebanon – Getting a professional website!

Business Solutions & Business Applications – iBaroody.

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Web Design | Graphic Design Company in Dubai. The Best Software Development Company in Lebanon. iBaroody LLC – Web Design Company in Lebanon. Best Web Design Companies in Lebanon. Best SEO Company in Lebanon - iBaroody LLC. Causes of Sensitive Teeth - Receding Gums, Teeth Grinding. Translation Services in Lebanon: Writing Services Translate Legal Documents Arabic. Website Content Writing: Copywriting in Lebanon. Marketing Campaigns in Lebanon: Beirut. Project Management: Services for Online Businesses Software Design large complex projects. iBaroody LLC always assigns one project manager for any size project. Business Strategy : Business Strategies Information.

Ibaroody. SEO Services SEO Companies, Agencies Lebanon, Beirut, Dubai, Jeddah, UAE, SEO Company Middle East. iBaroody: Software Development Companies Lebanon Dubai KSA UAE, Jeddah, Qatar Software developers. Web Development Web Developers Companies in Lebanon Dubai Jeddah Qatar Kuwait: Website development in Riyadh. Web Designers Companies in Lebanon, Dubai, USA, KSA, Jeddah, Qatar Riyadh, Middle East Oman. Highly Experienced Web Dev Company. Resume, References. iBaroody a 40+ full time employees Company, originally started in the USA with an American business background, and incorporated history, serving just over 1300 different clients since 2002.

Web Design Lebanon SEO Web Designers Software Web Development SEO Companies Dubai Jeddah Qatar Websites.