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Custom eLearning Interactivities using Articulate Storyline 360 Bouncing interactivity.

Importance of social learning in empowering collaborative learning at workplace

How to Write an eLearning RFP (Request for Proposal) For Hiring a Vendor? Contact Center Training, Customer Service Skills Training. Course Overview: Wouldn’t it be nice If you ever called a business and the call was picked up in less than 2 rings with a friendly voice answering and taking care of your need without having gone through the voice mail system nor being routing to different departments….Well, here’s what a well-trained contact center can do for your business.

Contact Center Training, Customer Service Skills Training

For many people, the term Contact Center relates to sales calls and telemarketers. There are so many avenues that a contact center can be of assistance within a company that do not pertain to sales calls. Customers want a well-educated agent when they contact a business. They want to know that the person answering their questions knows what they are talking about. A contact center (also referred to as a customer interaction center or e-contact center) can provide customer support, information technology support, and much more. Team Building Through Chemistry, Online Corporate Training Course. Teams are unavoidable in any business, and so is the chemistry between its member(s); I, for one, would bank on it especially in a new setting, wherein chemistry always came naturally.

Team Building Through Chemistry, Online Corporate Training Course

When you first went to grad school, I am sure it was ‘chemistry’ that you looked for during the orientation, and it is probably due to that chemistry why you have those select few that you still communicate with. My first day at the faculty offices reminded me of the chemistry that I was looking for, and of course, is the reason I still exchange mail with my past colleagues. In terms of a mission critical project, it is the notion of project chemistry that is the key to capturing some of the relational and behavioral dimensions resulting in a chemistry such as that between Ethan Hunt & Benji, in addition to others, and thereby affecting mission accomplishment.

Therefore, the key to successful team building is paying attention to the vitality of chemistry between team members. E-Learning for Corporate Training. Going online is rampant these days, and people have started to rely on the efficacy of the internet even for performing routine tasks.

E-Learning for Corporate Training

Internet has become one of the heavily used things in our time, and indeed it is a handy tool! This is all the more true as far as the arena of corporate training is concerned. Some of the Key Plus Points of ‘Online’ Corporate Training Expediency: The ‘ease of use’ is the primary pragmatic plus point of e-learning corporate training; here the participants can use the training modules at any time, in line with their own requirement. Moreover, all employees can undergo the same training course materials irrespective of their places of residence, whether national or international; this ensures uniformity in training.

Cyber Security Training and Certification eLearning Course. This 12-unit course developed by the Read Academy, KSA incorporates a thorough overview of Cyber Security.

Cyber Security Training and Certification eLearning Course

Behind every successful coder there is a successful de-coder – yes, that’s why hackers win. While Cryptology remains the science of studying & breaking the secrecy of the encryption processes etc, it the ‘motivation’ of the cyberpunks that is quintessential to the win best depicted in the Oscar winner ‘The Imitation Game”. Welcome to the world of virtual reality wherein every organization is responsible for ensuring Cyber Security. The ability to protect its information systems from impairment or even theft is essential to success. Implementing effective security measures will not only offer liability protection; it will also increase efficiency and productivity.

Introduction To Articulate Storyline 360 - A Quick Overview. Custom e-Learning Services. Retail Management Training eLearning Course - Preparing For Retail Management. Course Overview: This four-unit course developed by the Australian Retail College (ARC) incorporates an innovative curriculum designed to prepare you for a Retail Management role.

Retail Management Training eLearning Course - Preparing For Retail Management

A job in Retail Management offers many challenges and opportunities for professional development. This course can equip you with the necessary skills and expertise to achieve success in one of the largest, evolving industries in the world. The course is offered in an online platform similar to an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes and projects that give you the opportunity to gain new knowledge, learn new skills and demonstrate these through the completion of online assessment and skill evidence. Those who successfully complete this course will be able to incorporate their learning into their current workplace and be formally recognised with a Certificate of Completion endorsed by the Australian Retail College. What does the course cover?

One stop-shop for Retail Courses – Swift Elearning Services partners with Australian Retail College (ARC) to bring you the best of content in Retail Management. Custom Volume Control – Articulate Storyline 3 or Articulate Storyline 360. Partnership Sustainable Development with READ Academy on Skill Development. Hiring content writer at Swift elearning Services in hyderabad india. Instructional Designer Job Description: Coordinate with clients to understand inputs for their e-learning requirementsStrong creative and ability to create learning objectives and course outlinesDevelop a storyboard and/or scriptDesign and develop interactive courseware for customer trainingEnsure integrity of task analyses, training requirements, training hierarchies, instruction materials, and evaluation plansAll instructional design processes and projectsLead all phases of instruction developmentExcellent written and oral skills in EnglishSelf-motivatedCapability to understand various technical and non-technical topics Education: Any Graduate – Engineering/Arts and Science/Journalism/Mass communication Desired Candidate Profile: Excellent Communication skills with all levelsSelf StarterFast LearnerGood Attitude Key Skills: Instructional Design / Instructional Writing/ Content Writing / Storyboarding.

Hiring content writer at Swift elearning Services in hyderabad india

Job Ready Skills Certification Program - SwiftHCM. E Learning Service Providers. Boost Your Productivity with Custom made Storyline Templates. Using Custom Made GUI Design to Personalize E-Learning. This eLearning templates library helps you develop state-of-the-art eLearning courses with minimum graphic expertise. Just three steps to unburden the big task – Download, Customize and Publish. Convert Powerpoint to eLearning. Adobe Captivate is a one-stop solution for all the rapid, responsive and interactive eLearning requirements.

Convert Powerpoint to eLearning

In this blog we will go through the process of converting PowerPoint presentations (instructor-led training PPT deck) into interactive and engaging e-learning courses using the Html5 authoring tool Adobe captivate 2017. Step 1: Open the PowerPoint presentation that you want to convert into eLearning course. Step 2: Articulate Storyline 360 Text to Speech Feature. In Articulate Storyline 360, a new feature is introduced which is “Text-to-Speech”.

Articulate Storyline 360 Text to Speech Feature

This feature is helpful in two ways: To keep the project cost low, machine generated audio can be used. Just need to add the audio text or the Closed Captions, and machine generated audio is ready.In an eLearning project, the standard process to record the human voice is once the project is fully approved by the client. Articulate Storyline Engage Interactions to Your Course. Gamification in e learning. Mobile e Learning Solutions.

Blended Learning Solutions. Convert Legacy E-learning Courses to HTML5. eLearning content Translation and Localization services. eLearning is more effective when delivered in the learner’s native language.

eLearning content Translation and Localization services

Rapid eLearning Development. Learning Management System Solutions. eLearning Solutions providers. Custom eLearning services.