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Re:PocketMod - новый бумажный органайзер. PocketPomodoro.pdf - Документы Google. Pocket Pomodoro - Jane Dallaway. Data loving developer/ leader/ product shaper, life-long learner, dog owner, crafter, 30yearsagotoday tweeter, photographer, reader, brightonbloggers administrator, occasional gardener and even more occasional snowboarder This blog contains random thoughts on random subjects — sometimes about stuff I've made (via craft or code), sometimes my rants and ramblings about a miscellany of things, and sometimes more personal, reflective pieces.

Pocket Pomodoro - Jane Dallaway

Email: jane @ Twitter: @janedallaway Flickr: janed Instagram: janed I use toodledo to manage my todo list, and this works fine, except that it means I have my browser open all the time and don't really plan my days too well being a bit more reactive than proactive. A few weeks ago I stumbled across a tweet from Craig Murphy linking to the ebook version of a (very well written) Pomodoro manual (Pomodoro being a time mangement system). Pomodairo-1.9.air - pomodairo - Pomodairo v1.9 - An Air application for working with the Pomodoro technique. Pomotodo.apk - pomotodo - v1.0.1 - PomoTodo. Pomodoro & Toodledo.